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Easy Sudoku for 10/May/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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REALLY? 16 minutes in and no one here...
10/May/17 12:17 AM
G'day DoA & all those who visit later - oh, and Good mAen too!
10/May/17 12:38 AM
DoA, and all to follow!


Can you solve the puzzle by replacing letters with numbers so that the equation holds true?
Hint: N=2


Answers to my ''There she goes with numbers again'' inbox, please.
10/May/17 12:39 AM
And, Joyce, too!
10/May/17 12:41 AM
I am off to wrangle with changing from one dentist to another.....some confusion as to whether the new guy takes our insurance.
10/May/17 12:43 AM
Gorgeous photo, but I'm looking for spring/summer; fall can wait! Hi, Kathy!
10/May/17 12:44 AM
Solve 8->1, then 9!
10/May/17 12:45 AM
10/May/17 2:00 AM
10/May/17 2:08 AM
Lovely rows of trees.
10/May/17 3:31 AM
Happy Tuesday day off!
10/May/17 4:38 AM
The country towns like Glenn Innis that have cold winters always lovely autumn colours. Love this photo. Poplars at their peak.
10/May/17 4:41 AM
Chemo yesterday. Haemoglobin is up so I am now only mildly anaemic. Unfortunately the cancer markers have also gone up. Not what I wanted to hear. Made it till 3 am before the nausea caused me to get up. I have now done all the puzzles.
10/May/17 4:45 AM
Good mAen, good people. Well, I enjoyed sleeping in my bed last night instead of the recliner but didn't enjoy waking up to discover my brace had slipped allowing my knee to stretch more than was comfortable. It's been hurting today.
10/May/17 5:45 AM
On the plus side I lost the rubber tip on one of my borrowed, unpadded wooden crutches while I was out running errands. That led to a trip to CareLink and the happy discovery that a brand new pair of padded aluminum crutches would only cost me $22 with my insurance plan.

Oh, my goodness. More...
10/May/17 5:54 AM
10/May/17 6:03 AM
Morning all, you are so right June ,the poplars do put on a good show.
Sorry you have had bad news June, hopefully this lot of treatment will turn it around.
10/May/17 6:07 AM
Plum, please be careful , even doing all they tell you to do doesn't mean it will be completely healed.
10/May/17 6:13 AM
Thanks, Amelia. I am trying very hard to get better without getting worse first. I know that it may still have to come to surgery, and I don't want to add to the severity of the injury by being injudicious. Plus, I don't like pain.
10/May/17 8:28 AM
Look how close we are to 22.
10/May/17 8:28 AM
10/May/17 8:29 AM
Sit and recline a bit.
10/May/17 8:29 AM
Last Christmas I got Burl a nifty little side table where he could set snacks and drinks next to his recliner. I'm really glad I got him that table. It's now next to MY recliner holding all my essentials.
10/May/17 8:39 AM
Indian giver!
10/May/17 10:21 AM
Essentials? Like a good book, a good light and a glass of wine?
10/May/17 12:42 PM
Think I'll go to bed . Night all.
10/May/17 12:43 PM
Here is the answer to Monday's poozle. We had nine responses, with very few lapses. Most appreciated the themed nature of the poozle.
The clever nine were Sarah, Kathy, Joyce, Hal, Judy, lonewoof, Peter, Plum and Amelia.
RED More...
10/May/17 1:50 PM
oops, I may be missing an essential or two. I'll need to remedy that.
10/May/17 4:47 PM
1:37 Good afternoon one and all!
10/May/17 6:10 PM
1:56. Good evening everyone.
10/May/17 8:36 PM
He gets the table back when my knee is up to walking without crutches, so I'm only borrowing it.
10/May/17 11:31 PM
'The Clever Nine' sounds like a fine fraternity to be in. Shall we all get tattoos?
10/May/17 11:34 PM
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