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Easy Sudoku for 10/May/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hope your day is, too!
10/May/18 12:11 AM
Shiela....and all to follow
10/May/18 12:12 AM
Finally got my finals marked, gave out grades, went into hiding, started vacation (unpaid).
10/May/18 12:14 AM
There are sometimes trade-offs in life, Wolf.
10/May/18 12:17 AM
Good Morning
10/May/18 12:20 AM
Have been to the doctors, given blood, and got a shot. The fun never ends.
10/May/18 12:23 AM
10/May/18 12:26 AM
Yesterday, different doctor, I now can be out of my cast, at least part time. It feels good to have some hand movement, not so much all of the exercises.
10/May/18 12:27 AM
TftD: Why do the Alphabet song and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star have the same tune?

OK, stop singing and read on...
10/May/18 12:29 AM
As far as Arachnid's puzzle goes...I flat out-Googled 5 of them. 3 of them I guessed at, then Googled to confirm (I'm counting those as correct ), *1 I misread, I'm counting that wrong, so, my score was 37.
*On contemplation, you do not REMOVE an object from the throat with a laryngoscope. Although, I was impressed that I knew how to spell that.
10/May/18 12:36 AM
Oh, thanks a lot, Hal. Now that little ditty is stuck in my head.
10/May/18 12:38 AM
Happy Wednesday!
Linda: Lovely Antarctica photo
Still waiting for HalT's explanation (besides the same melody?)
10/May/18 1:32 AM
10/May/18 1:40 AM
Probably the same reason, Aileen, that so many TV advertisements now are re-using the melodies we loved as teens and twenties!
10/May/18 2:09 AM
Good afternoon to all! I've been a little under the weather, but I'm feeling better today.
10/May/18 2:40 AM
Wolf - I am extremely jealous. I still have three weeks of school before my unpaid vacation kicks in.
CG - sorry you have been ailing.
10/May/18 2:59 AM
When I first started teaching, I was offered the choice of 10 monthly checks, skipping the two summer months, or 12 monthly checks, & decided to take less month by month so I could continue to be paid through the summer.
10/May/18 4:08 AM
Morning all,made me shiver looking at that photo.
My iPad has spat the dummy and won't connect to the internet, it won't even let me turn it off to reset it.grrr
10/May/18 7:36 AM
CG I hope the improvement continues
10/May/18 10:02 AM
What a slow day. I don't remember ever still having a chance at 22 this late at night.
10/May/18 3:15 PM
10/May/18 3:15 PM
10/May/18 3:16 PM
Be time for me to head off to bed soon.
10/May/18 3:18 PM
& a CP, ... just because.
10/May/18 3:18 PM
Thanks to the following who sent in answers to the quiz. Judy, Kathy, Joyce, Amelia and Wombat. I know from comments that at least 2 others had a go. Must have given some enjoyment to a few
10/May/18 6:50 PM
We're off to Charlotte, NC this morning. Then to Jefferson City Missouri tomorrow for grand-daughter's graduation from high school on Sunday.
Will check-in when I have time.
10/May/18 10:06 PM
1:26. Good evening everyone. I'm on much later than normal, it's been a big day then I had band rehearsal, which I've only just got back from.
10/May/18 10:10 PM
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