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Easy Sudoku for 10/June/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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10/Jun/13 3:59 AM
I beat HalT!
10/Jun/13 4:00 AM
Bother, next week, I'll be in a lot of doctors' offices. Not for me but Monday and Wednesday for my dad and Thursday for my hubby! Well this week I'm going to have an antsy hubby. He's been ordered to not exercise! At least until the big infection on his shin has healed and he's had the spleen-aneurysm removed.
10/Jun/13 4:02 AM

I tried to do some farm work, but the sky sprang a huge leak. It's not really safe operating a chainsaw in a thunderstorm.
10/Jun/13 4:06 AM
Shosho... if your hubby gets antsy, explain what will happen to him if he disobeys Doctor's orders. That's a really nasty problem he has!
10/Jun/13 4:08 AM
Hmmm, chainsaw... thunderstorm... Another 'Lefty'.
10/Jun/13 4:12 AM
HalT, this lefty wants to know what you have against lefties? I'm seeing a little bias here.
10/Jun/13 4:35 AM
Now, now, Serena. Settle down.
Nothing against lefties. Actually, I find it interesting how many of our presidents were (or may have been) left handed.
10/Jun/13 4:56 AM
It's OK, HalT. I'm very careful now, ever since I tore up most of the fingers on my left hand with my circular saw.
10/Jun/13 5:20 AM
shift only has 20mins to go then I have two days off!!! Cant wait.....may next week be better work wise.....to be truthful nights like the last two makes me appreciate the quiet ones
10/Jun/13 5:41 AM
Here here, Serena. This Lefty is with you. We don't get no respect. Everything is designed to be easy for a right hander to use, and Leftys have to figure out how to make due.
10/Jun/13 5:58 AM
Ah yes, Heidi. I remember that. It was what, 3-4 years ago?
10/Jun/13 6:02 AM
Keith, please check your email.
10/Jun/13 6:04 AM
I've still got 75 minutes until my shift ends. But it's time to sign off. I have multiple things to do before I leave. Cya Later.
10/Jun/13 6:14 AM
Hubby is so concerned about the state of his muscles! As if they'll turn to flab in a week or so! Or well hopefully the surgeon will be able to do it lapriscopically and he'll get back to his bike riding!
10/Jun/13 6:31 AM
I've had a left-handed son and now a left-handed grandie to teach how to write!
10/Jun/13 6:33 AM
Re NSA, The Bill of Rights:
Fourth Amendment – Protection from unreasonable search and seizure.
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable More...
10/Jun/13 6:36 AM
The NRA is adament about defending the second ammendment but where is the organization to defend the 5th amendment?
10/Jun/13 6:38 AM
CG - Thanks for the update on Rob and Kathy.
10/Jun/13 6:47 AM
My daughter is left-handed. I have night-mares remembering the time she decided to learn to knit. I came close to leaving home.
10/Jun/13 7:23 AM
2:39, my head's really fuzzy this morning! Good morning all.
10/Jun/13 7:26 AM
I don't remember how I learned to crochet, but I always thing that it would be easy to teach someone of the opposite hand. Just face them and have them copy you exactly. Of course, I'm probably over simplifying things.
10/Jun/13 7:37 AM
I just finished planting some day lilies that were given me. I'm sure I've mentioned that plants aren't my thing. I do okay with invasive things for the most part. I have a nice garden full of bee balm that I never planted. It was given to me and died before I got around to plant it. It decided to plant itself and in the right place.
10/Jun/13 7:40 AM
A couple exceptions to the invasive rule are daisies and mint. I've heard you cant get rid of either of those and the take over. We successfully eliminated our mint plants without trying and I have unsuccessfully tried to plant daisies several years running.
10/Jun/13 7:41 AM
Free gave me two indoor ivy plants for Mother's day that have seen better days and I swear I am following the directions. So far my greatest success stories are spider plants and those came close to being eliminated. I may have neglected them for the first year of my daughter's life. But on the plus side, she made it.
10/Jun/13 7:44 AM
Good mAen, good people. I had a great day at church today.
10/Jun/13 7:45 AM
I'm rambling because I'm processing some news and not thinking about it helps me to think. Nothing tragic, so don't freak. I'm thinking it might be time for us to move. We'll see.
10/Jun/13 7:46 AM
Hi, Serena! Our garden woes are: (1) actually getting it planted in dirt, (2) remembering to water, (3) woodchucks, (4) gravelly/rocky soil, (5) weeds. Our number one garden woe used to be goats, but no longer. 'Almost' miss them terribly, but hope that a successful growing season will hold off the impulse to keep livestock again for at least another year.
10/Jun/13 7:49 AM

Announcing: South Florida Sudoku Brunch! Sunday, June 23, in Hollywood, Florida. Restaurant and time to be determined. Let me know if you can join Nal and Tami and me!
10/Jun/13 7:49 AM
I haven't moved for 25 years, which is why I almost might welcome it. I mean, everyone else is doing it, right?
10/Jun/13 7:52 AM
Hello, dear Jane! I can't. Wish I could.
10/Jun/13 7:53 AM
So, Serena, if a move was in store for you, would it be long distance or somewhat local?
10/Jun/13 7:54 AM
I mean move into a different house ... as much as I am a fixture in front of the computer some days, I do move from here to the kitchen to the laundry room to the car to the bedroom to the church to the store and to the library. Lately I've been moving to the clothes line and to the garden.
10/Jun/13 7:59 AM
I guess I broke the site. Sorry. I just was SO excited to see that I got in before Mr Cee posted the answers, so I still had time to submit mine. I guess I'll go move around the house getting stuff ready for the upcoming week and I'll try to check back if I can. Bye.
10/Jun/13 8:02 AM
Time is up I have to go to Owasso {yes that is a town} I have somethings to give my sister before she goes back to Texas tomorrow.
10/Jun/13 8:03 AM
watche a movie this afternoon, it wasn't too bad.
10/Jun/13 8:04 AM
10/Jun/13 8:04 AM
The weather predictore are say ing we will be in the high 90's this next week. I don't like!
10/Jun/13 8:05 AM
Look like I have FF today
10/Jun/13 8:06 AM
one more
10/Jun/13 8:06 AM
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