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Easy Sudoku for 10/July/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Celebrate coming back with a TOPP!
10/Jul/12 1:46 AM
TM (who is behaving nicely these days, thank you!) tucked me in when he got up at o dawn 30 this morning to head off to build the building. I was awakened a short time later by the sound of my name being quietly repeated (think Sheldon:Penny! Penny! Penny!). I ignored him, thinking he had found More...
10/Jul/12 1:56 AM
Have I scared everyone off? I know Sue is packing. Hopefully it is cooler there today. It is here.
10/Jul/12 1:57 AM
Just snuck to see what was going on. Have Little B today and Monday-Friday for the next 6 weeks!
10/Jul/12 2:14 AM
What is she holding in her hands? I can't figure it out.
10/Jul/12 2:21 AM
Thanks for the birthday wishes!
10/Jul/12 2:38 AM
Happy Monday!
I have #1 and #3 of Kathy's quiz figured out, but still scratching my head over #2 and #4...
10/Jul/12 2:39 AM
LizBaby, Grass-hopper & Carmel!
10/Jul/12 2:56 AM
10/Jul/12 3:07 AM
That's the sleep fairy.
10/Jul/12 3:07 AM
I know her wand is broken.....
10/Jul/12 3:08 AM
..... because she sure didn't bring me any sleep tonight.
10/Jul/12 3:08 AM
Ohhh - it's called jet lag?
10/Jul/12 3:09 AM
A ef sounds completely wrong to me. I would definitely say an (e)f.
10/Jul/12 3:12 AM
For me, it's all about what sounds right to my ear. I think this is a situation where what sounds right is what you should go with, even if it goes against the accepted rule.
10/Jul/12 3:18 AM
You should have major jet lag trying to adjust from the UK to Australia. I've heard about so many tricks to fight jet lag, and in my experience, NONE of them work. You just have to put up with it until your body adjusts to the new time zone.

Grass-hopper, Carmel, and Lizbaby4.
10/Jul/12 3:25 AM
Little tasks are being accomplished.
New shower curtain hung. I was trying to make this one last until we moved, but some how, I have not a clue as how, my little darlings can destroy a shower curtian in no time.
Just purchased a cheap one and hope it last until we get out of here.
10/Jul/12 3:37 AM
Made those phone calls that I have been putting off forever, well, maybe a few weeks. Now, the girls have their birthday party planned, only a month late.
10/Jul/12 3:39 AM
Hope you get over your jet lag soon, CP! Fortunately, I've never suffered from jet lag. Of course, I've never traveled to the opposite side of the world, either! The biggest time change I've dealt with is six hours (East coast U.S. to Europe).
10/Jul/12 3:41 AM
Loved the girl's insurance math. Sent a nice letter for K, that we owe $5??.??. Well, that is not right, check-ups are free. So called them up and she said, yes, I sent in a claim for $5??.??, they (as in insurance) payed $1??.?? and I owe nothing.
I know I suck at numbers, but I like this ladies math skills, they remind me of my own.
10/Jul/12 3:42 AM
Was not so lucky, with M's policy. Apparently, she does not exist on our dental plan. So need to make another phone call, which they will not talk to me, because I am not the policy holder, I am just the mother. So a task I can pass along to you know who.
10/Jul/12 3:44 AM
Now, to hunt Arial or Ariel, things, which one sees all the time, until I need it and now, cannot find one Ariel. Lots of princess stuff, but K wants just Ariel.
M wants airplanes, so that has been a little easier. Oh, should get out my cyber invitations. I really dislike cyber invitations, but that is what I get for putting things off. I know better.
10/Jul/12 3:47 AM
The longest trip I've ever taken (flying, that is, not driving) was 23 hours: from Richmond, VA to Washington, DC, to New York, to Miami, FL to Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires to Montevideo to meet up with Jaime on a business trip. I got awfully tired, but there was only one change of time zones. More...
10/Jul/12 3:48 AM
Oops! Forgot about the change of planes in Sao Paulo!
10/Jul/12 3:49 AM
Thied to use the auger on the tractor to dig some post holes. The ground is so dry and hard that we couldn't get it more than an inch deep. Until we get a good rain, we can't do any real work here.
10/Jul/12 4:28 AM
Borrow some rain from the UK, Heidi - they have more than they want!
10/Jul/12 4:33 AM
Yes, I'm still here.
10/Jul/12 4:34 AM
Been wreeking havoc on Amazon.com
10/Jul/12 4:34 AM
Restocking my Kindle library.
10/Jul/12 4:35 AM
Didn't blow the budget, I don't pay more than $4 per book.
10/Jul/12 4:36 AM
10/Jul/12 5:13 AM
Good afternoon to all! Bad luck. I think that she is holding a shredded tire. Been there and done that!
10/Jul/12 5:25 AM
CP, what in the world are you doing on the site? You're not catching babies, so go to bed!
10/Jul/12 5:26 AM
Karen, with all the furniture/fixture shopping you have been doing, are you selling your home fully furnished?
10/Jul/12 5:28 AM
Not catching babies, not catching Z's either!!
10/Jul/12 5:29 AM
All that rain in England may have been Andy Murray's downfall, as after they closed the roof at Wimbleton, Federer dominated. C'est la vie.
10/Jul/12 5:30 AM
Too bad Cath. Jet lag always catches up to almost everyone. Hope you get over it soon.
10/Jul/12 5:31 AM
Not raining here, but overcast, and managed to sit outside until 2100hrs sipping red wine with good friends - what could be better on a July evening
10/Jul/12 5:35 AM
Hi Greg how are you doing?
10/Jul/12 5:36 AM
CP, you are getting sleeeepy
Your eye lids are drooping
Your jet lag is gone!!! (oops quietly)
10/Jul/12 5:37 AM
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