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Easy Sudoku for 10/September/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all! Cloudy and cool today! Hope you had a great weekend!
10/Sep/07 12:02 AM
Am I first?
What a disinguished looking dog!
10/Sep/07 12:02 AM
Nope, Stella beat me to it! Morning, Stella.

10/Sep/07 12:03 AM
that's distinguished....
10/Sep/07 12:04 AM
Good Maen Rainy day in northern Ohio. Flah flood warning. Nice Dog.
10/Sep/07 12:10 AM
Good Cowboy~! - Good Dog -
10/Sep/07 12:11 AM
Good morning Kathy and Fishing Guy!
Cowboy must have been going to a formal affair! Nice picture!
10/Sep/07 12:12 AM
Quiet morning here! Your rain from Ohio must have pushed its way here. It's pouring now.
10/Sep/07 12:15 AM
I wish your rain would push it's way here. Very dry. Doing the hose thing again
I talked to my SIL in San Diego yesterday. She said it's been 100°+ there. And her power went out, so no AC! She has my deepest sympathy...
10/Sep/07 12:33 AM
Looks like they're ready to "tie one on!"
10/Sep/07 12:36 AM
Cloudy and supposed to be rainy next few days--but I love the cooler weather
10/Sep/07 12:46 AM
'Tis afternoon across the pond
The world awaits the magic wand
The one that writes of ewes and lambs
And of those fearsome bleating rams
The day plods on; it's lost its fizz
We wonder where dear Rayray is
10/Sep/07 12:47 AM
The caption on this photo says: ""In memory of our dear friend, Cowboy"" Cowboy looks as if he was a perfect Rottie. His human family must miss him terribly.
10/Sep/07 12:50 AM
Heck yah... 6 minutes... :-D

Good one though..
10/Sep/07 12:50 AM
all. It's off to church with the top down on another beautiful morning in So. Oregon. Some day I'll post a pic of the Jag.

Bringing a close to this year’s concert season at the Britt Festivals Pavilion, my U-tube is featuring the final performers (possibly their More...
10/Sep/07 1:06 AM
everyone...another beautiful day....
Linda and I are going on a motorcycle ride with friends today.
Enjoy your day, whatever part of it you have left.
10/Sep/07 1:35 AM
3:03 Not so bad for the wee small hours when I should be in bed.
If he's a cowboy, wheres his hat?
10/Sep/07 1:48 AM
Elsie - he probably left it at the party at Keith's!
10/Sep/07 1:53 AM
10/Sep/07 1:53 AM
Along with his boa and tiara
10/Sep/07 1:54 AM
What a handsome picture!

We have a beautiful day here. It is perfect for a motorcycle ride! Sunny, in the 70's (F) with a gentle breeze.

Here is wishing everyone a great day!
10/Sep/07 2:56 AM
Joke for Today:

John the farmer was in the fertilized egg business. He had several hundred young layers (hens), called "pullets", and ten roosters, whose job it was to fertilize the eggs (for you city folks).

The farmer kept records and any rooster that didn't perform More...
10/Sep/07 2:56 AM
The party at Keith's struggles on. Everybody is welcome to join in and bring a friend. The trained seal act was moved via YouTube to my page. There wasn't room for them plus the 32 clowns in their mini-cooper.
10/Sep/07 2:59 AM

Good Dog, Cowboy, you didn't look like a cowboy, rather like a serious businessman (But may be you acted like one )
10/Sep/07 3:39 AM
Everyone over to Keith's! Wear boots and bring a mop...
10/Sep/07 3:48 AM
Handsome man, handsome dog.
San Diego's heat wave broke on Thursday, we're back to normal temperatures. Thank goodness!
10/Sep/07 3:52 AM

I am at Keith's party in spirit; but I am on cooking duty (as I have explained) and for a while am tied up roasting duck, making tarts, and assembling sushi.
I'll arrive at the party eventually - with my flock of sheep and some goodies; of course.
10/Sep/07 4:17 AM
Kathy should the mop be brought before or after Rayray brings her sheep. Or, maybe wen can convince her to leave the sheep outside and just bring in the Duck, Tarts & Sushi!
10/Sep/07 5:42 AM
"wen" s/b we

PS: That is after she has cooked the Ducks - otherwise the Sushi will become duck food. Also, ducks are very messy and the mop would definitely be in use & they can fly and get on the Chocolate Castle. I wonder if the dragon can handle the ducks. hmmm
10/Sep/07 5:47 AM
well it was a good day for my it was nearly a shutout at 34-7 they played the Browns who are our rivals so the win always feels good.
Mama~sorry about your Eagles...it was very close I saw the tail end of the game....next week
10/Sep/07 6:43 AM

I must point out that I am an 'Adam' and not another 'Eve'. I am not sure whether you are making a genuine mistake or whether you are jokingly gender-bending.
I have just completed my orange & ginger sauce and it is the best yet. I bought the fillet duck breasts in More...
10/Sep/07 6:43 AM
Yum! Can't wait, Rayray! I would love to have your recipe for orange & ginger sauce. I'm planning to roast some ducks next weekend and would like to try something different. I had been making a sour orange sauce, but the tree where I was snitching my sour oranges has been chopped down! More...
10/Sep/07 7:17 AM
10/Sep/07 7:20 AM
10/Sep/07 7:40 AM
Sorry about that Rayray. I do recall in some of the banter, that you were definetly identified as an "Adam".

It was an error - typing without thinking - just like talking without thinking can lead to problems. Some of us tend to do it more than others.

Sounds More...
10/Sep/07 8:33 AM
Miztricia1, you have no idea how great that joke is to me! Sydney's just finished an APEC conference!!
10/Sep/07 8:50 AM
How was it Kate, any problem for you?
10/Sep/07 9:03 AM
Rayray, your recipe sounds fantastic, but I may opt to visit you and 'lick the bowl' after you have finished
10/Sep/07 9:09 AM
Thanks Eve, no worries - just puzzled.
I have posted a recipe on the recipe board.
Jane asked for it and you might enjoy it too.
It is delicious.
10/Sep/07 9:09 AM
You would be welcome to a full portion. Just give me notice so I have time to go to France for the duck. It is horrendously costly here in UK. I shall kill the fatted duck for your visit !!!
10/Sep/07 9:11 AM
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