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Easy Sudoku for 11/December/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Becky, if you get the chance, try to see Oliver!
I loved it but then I'm a Dickens fan and loved the book and also the fact that the subject matter could translate into a musical because life was certainly no song for people like that in the 19th century.
It's got quiet on this site.
11/Dec/07 6:03 PM
I have spent about 2 hours writing a poem to post. It was quite a good one.
However, as I was preparing to post it, it simply disappeared into cyberspace. It seems I may not be able to write more poems for you if this goes on.
11/Dec/07 6:12 PM
Eve, thank you for that story.

I am very much enjoying todays talks about the amazing things which have happened to people.
It is also amazinhg how many stories there are just from this chat page.
More please....
11/Dec/07 6:17 PM

Noise last night kept me awake:
as returning sheep disturbed my sleep.
They BAAed a lot, for heaven’s sake,
as o’er my bed they dared to leap.

So they frolicked through the night,
while telling of their holiday.
The tales spun out ’til morning More...
11/Dec/07 7:02 PM
This poem was stolen by a hacker immediaty upon trying to first post it. I have managed to write it again
11/Dec/07 7:03 PM
hi there that dont look like a dog....
11/Dec/07 7:04 PM
what wongerful news for you and Carly
a Merry Christmas it will be
11/Dec/07 7:12 PM
Many years ago, Mary, the mother of a dear friend of mine passed away with cancer. When she died, her son's wife was pregnant with what would have been her first grandchild. After the baby was born, the new mother was in the nursery at the hospital bathing bubs when the radio in the corner suddenly More...
11/Dec/07 7:16 PM
Back again - think I overdid it with the double shift yesterday, feeling very ordinary today. (And they had the cheek to ring and ask if I'd work an extra night shift tonight!!!!). I was saved by the teenager, who took the call as I was out, and said "no, I don't think she'd want to do that, More...
11/Dec/07 7:48 PM
C.G. ,liked your poem. Merry and a To you. Cheers.
11/Dec/07 8:05 PM
you sound like you resemble that avatar
what a perceptive 16 yo
and I am sure he looked resplendant in his formal gear
11/Dec/07 8:17 PM
just dropping in to let you know I've updated my
to Delta Goodrem with
O Come All Ye Faithful.

11/Dec/07 8:22 PM
oh no not Delta ...............
11/Dec/07 8:49 PM
hmmm. 9.23pm and all is quite..

11/Dec/07 9:25 PM
Here are my answers Eve
1. Wrapping paper or gift bags?
all my pressies are wrapped in either purple paper with silver ribbons and bows, or silver paper with purple ribbons and bows.

2. Real tree or artificial?
I have an artificial purple tree

3. When do you put up the More...
11/Dec/07 9:55 PM
Now just to let you all know how silly I really am-
1 Sound of Music
seen it once

2 Grease
seen it more times than I can count

3 Rocky Horror Show
seen it more times than I can count, own it on dvd, also seen it on stage 3 times

4 Mary Poppins
seen it 5 More...
11/Dec/07 10:14 PM
It seems I had nearly forgotten it was someone's birthday today.

hope your day has been Fantastic!
11/Dec/07 11:40 PM
It sure looks like Christmas around here...better hurry and finish my cleaning...and baking and decorating...Best wishes to you all for a lovely day...
12/Dec/07 2:55 AM
Birthday Greetings to Lindy from Townsville and Suzy from Oz. I hope both of you have an absolutely wonderful day! Happy Birthday!
13/Dec/07 1:31 PM
14/Dec/07 4:00 AM
09/Oct/12 6:44 AM
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