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Easy Sudoku for 11/December/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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11/Dec/16 12:50 AM
11/Dec/16 12:55 AM
⛄️ snow is coming - but went shopping last night ! So can be housebound and enjoy putting up my village and watch it fall
11/Dec/16 1:15 AM
I can only hope the threat of snow doesn't affect your area like it does mine, Mymare. Shopping before a predicted snow here can be a nightmare. I keep a stockpile of goods in the house during the winter so I can avoid the panic.
11/Dec/16 1:28 AM
Another fun puzzle from Wombat yesterday. If you haven't, give it a try! One little discrepancy, but, you'll figure it out! I, for one, am very happy Wombat takes the time to produce these for us. No short task, I'm sure.
11/Dec/16 1:39 AM
Warm heart, though!
11/Dec/16 1:46 AM
A really BIG to our puzzle-people! We don't always get to do them, but we are really glad to have the opportunity!
11/Dec/16 1:48 AM
(Snagged for Shosho!)
11/Dec/16 1:49 AM
11/Dec/16 3:00 AM
Happy Saturday!
Trying a new recipe for chili that will be used for the appetizer (chili in mini cornbread cups) for tomorrow's Christmas party.
11/Dec/16 3:11 AM
Good morning to all! If I'm not mistaken, Nicki is (was) Linda's (Minnesota) dog.
11/Dec/16 3:24 AM
Good Maen, good people. Restless pets stole my sleep last night so I found time to do Wombats puzzle. I think I got them all correct.
11/Dec/16 3:28 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
11/Dec/16 4:10 AM
Thanks, Shiela!!! Here's flying your way!
11/Dec/16 4:10 AM
Greg, the picture on Linda's page shows an all brown dog named Addy. Doesn't look that Addy has any trouble 'getting in'.
11/Dec/16 5:06 AM
Morning all, you can come in if you have wiped your feet.😬
11/Dec/16 6:22 AM
Have to go looking for Wombat's puzzle.
11/Dec/16 6:23 AM
11/Dec/16 6:46 AM
Not much going on here except snow, so I posted a video about Lake Effect Snow on my page and added some photos to my flickr photostream. I thought there was a way to link directly from there to my Sudokuland photo gallery or vice versa. Evidently not. So here's a link:

11/Dec/16 7:18 AM
Came back at a good time.
11/Dec/16 7:43 AM
11/Dec/16 7:43 AM
11/Dec/16 7:43 AM
Plum, on your page below your Flickr picture there's a blue link to that same picture on Flickr. From there, you can get to the rest of your photostream.
11/Dec/16 7:53 AM
Good morning all.
11/Dec/16 8:00 AM
Further down in Linda's gallery, there are pictures of Nikki ... not the same dog as in today's picture.
11/Dec/16 8:07 AM
Well, at least I remembered Linda had a dog named Nikki. I wonder if it's still around?
11/Dec/16 8:59 AM
Happy birthday Amelia. May you enjoy this one and many more.

Thank you for doing the puzzle. We have 9 responses so far, and they are all fully correct. Nine is an equal record for responses to this type of puzzle. One more would make it a record and the first time into double figures. There is still a full day to post a response
11/Dec/16 9:46 AM
My son and one of my grandsons is visiting from Brisbane today. The grandson, who is 15 is well over six feet tall and still growing. I'm not sure where he gets his tall genes from, certainly not from me.
11/Dec/16 9:51 AM
Target, Wombat?
11/Dec/16 10:14 AM
...and that explains Lake Effect snow - thanks, Plum! But for some of us farther east bordering Lake Ontario, lake effect snow is ALWAYS a factor since Lake Ontario never totally freezes.
11/Dec/16 10:20 AM
A very late greeting to all who've come visiting as well as for any who wander by later.
11/Dec/16 10:23 AM
Joyce - You're right that lake effect snow develops off all five of the Great Lakes. Lake Michigan never completely freezes, either. But the lakewater temps do reach a point at which they are not warm enough to release as much moisture into the atmosphere so the lake effect snow machine is usually much more active in November/December/January.
11/Dec/16 10:29 AM
Then in spring the opposite effect happens, to the delight of fruit and wine lovers everywhere. The frigid lakes take so long to warm up in spring that they ameliorate or cool down those early warm days. Fruit trees and vines tend to bud and bloom later in this 'lake effect spring slowdown area,' More...
11/Dec/16 10:34 AM
Another benefit for farmers is that killing frosts are somewhat buffered in the fall, so early frosts are less likely to ruin crops. I may have another week of extended tomato season at my home than my mother-in-law has, just 20 minutes away.
11/Dec/16 10:37 AM
You live around here and you quickly learn the term 'micro-climate.'
11/Dec/16 10:37 AM
There. I've brought us closer to the bottom of the page for everyone's bopping and topping pleasure. For my reward, I shall enjoy a few caramel TimTams, made in Australia, thank-you, and imported into the USA by Pepperidge Farms. For my cp I thank CP for teaching me how to enjoy a TimTam Slam!
11/Dec/16 10:40 AM
Debby, mymare, Shiela, Jane, Kathy, Julie - I have uploaded a few pictures of our meetups. Everyone else - I have added a few photos of places I've enjoyed traveling.
11/Dec/16 10:47 AM
Tim Tams!!! Holy Hokanoonies Bat Man! I haven't had one of those since our trip to NZ 12 year ago. I'm gonna haunt our local purveyor of Pepperidge Farms 'till they're mine. Something will have to go by the wayside so's I can maintain my near girlish figure.
11/Dec/16 11:14 AM
JEB, the internet can satisfy your desire if your local grocery stores do not.
11/Dec/16 12:58 PM

I have an afternoon at home by myself. Decided to have a look at Wombats puzzle. Lets see how I go....

11/Dec/16 1:15 PM
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