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Easy Sudoku for 11/December/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
11/Dec/18 12:00 AM
2:06. 'Morning, Wolf and everyone!
11/Dec/18 12:27 AM
2:09 Very slow with each of them tonight.
Margaret River is a very popular south/western winery town and a popular surfing place.
11/Dec/18 12:37 AM
Good Maen, good people. I shall post now before I get to sudoku page distractions. I was 'here' yesterday, too, but did not post. Sorry.
11/Dec/18 1:26 AM
I'm feeling better. Not anywhere near 100% but noticeably along on the road to recovery. My post-surgical follow-up appointment is in 2-1/2 days.
11/Dec/18 1:28 AM
Get ready for a good party day!

Happy Birthday, Amelia!
Happy Birthday, Arachnid!
11/Dec/18 1:42 AM
Is this a misty late summer sunrise? We always get misty mornings in September (late summer/early autumn) when the chill air settles over the warm water.
11/Dec/18 1:44 AM
cp - well, here is my luck AND shosho's. We can share.
11/Dec/18 1:45 AM
11/Dec/18 1:48 AM
Ahhh - the BEST birthday-rememberer: it is HER DAY today:


Have a fine day of celebrating!
11/Dec/18 2:36 AM
Birthday wishes to you too, Arachnid -

11/Dec/18 2:37 AM
Amelia and Arachnid
If i can make Beer o'clock today I'll drink to your health
Even though I don't know you, I wish you Pontefract as well
11/Dec/18 2:44 AM
It's my turn not to sleep tonight, so I'll just stomp on peoples favorite numbers, something about a queen o
r something
11/Dec/18 2:50 AM
It's to far to stomp on Keith's number so I'll go do some puzzles
11/Dec/18 2:52 AM
Everybody!! Not my weekend for Cribbage. Sunday was just as bad as Saturday. Yuk!
11/Dec/18 3:42 AM
11/Dec/18 3:45 AM
It is not sunny today.
I slept in as late as I could to see if the sun would peek out.
It didn't.
Hope your day starts differently!
11/Dec/18 3:53 AM
11/Dec/18 4:27 AM
11/Dec/18 4:31 AM
11/Dec/18 4:31 AM
11/Dec/18 4:32 AM
11/Dec/18 4:32 AM
Figured I'd better hurry before Rage got back. CP
11/Dec/18 4:32 AM
Probably a lot of candles in Sudokuland...
...and lots of wishes!
11/Dec/18 5:06 AM
11/Dec/18 5:06 AM
11/Dec/18 5:07 AM
11/Dec/18 5:08 AM
Morning all, beautiful photo.
Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes ,a great way to start the day.
11/Dec/18 5:25 AM
Arachnid ,have a fun day.
11/Dec/18 5:31 AM
11/Dec/18 5:33 AM
Still waiting to hear about my car. Hubby drove me to mail packages and grocery shop this morning. He's still recovering. He's not a ''shopping'' person.
11/Dec/18 5:35 AM
11/Dec/18 5:36 AM
11/Dec/18 5:37 AM
Another night spent in the recliner, got some sleep even with been woken by a cramp in my leg at 2am.
Plum, you're sounding a lot better, keep it up.
11/Dec/18 5:41 AM
11/Dec/18 6:10 AM
Gorgeous photo with those reflections. Wendy.
11/Dec/18 6:27 AM
Can't surf on that surface....
11/Dec/18 7:38 AM
WOW, sites comments are on fire. Won't be much room left for me to stomp on at this rate.
11/Dec/18 9:30 AM
Stomp stomp stomp...
11/Dec/18 9:32 AM
Stomping all over BOPO
11/Dec/18 9:33 AM
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