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Easy Sudoku for 11/March/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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One hour late but a good Maen, all!
11/Mar/19 12:00 AM
I did love visiting Sydney!
11/Mar/19 12:11 AM
Good Maen, Wolf. Good Maen, good people.
11/Mar/19 12:12 AM
Gorgeous photo today. I appreciate when landscapers plant to create a pleasing photo like this.
11/Mar/19 12:52 AM
11/Mar/19 12:55 AM
It's a Daylight Savings Time solve today! Solve upwards but skip 1 to remind yourself to set your clock ahead 1 hour and skip 4 ... for April, because that's when this site goes off of Australia's DST. (Solve up skipping 1&4; 2->3, 5->9, 1+4)
11/Mar/19 12:57 AM
1:56 Lovely photo. Good night all. Off to meet Sailor for coffee in the morning.
11/Mar/19 1:22 AM
We got all the clocks changed. The difficult one is over the window in the kitchen. That involves a ladder and standing on the counter. It turns out hubby is too tall for counter standing, so I climb and he holds the ladder. He is More...
11/Mar/19 1:27 AM
Everybody!! Made playoffs in cribbage tourney yesterday. Unfortunately, knocked out in first round. Still, with only 1/4 of players making playoffs, I am happy.
11/Mar/19 2:07 AM
I had to laugh at how the continuation worked on Kathy's post which turned out to be that her hubby is More...
11/Mar/19 2:32 AM
Kathy - I'd hate to hear what a whipped cuckoo clock sounds like.

DotCom - ha! Maybe he whips it harder than she does?

I never thought I'd ever feel sorry for a cuckoo clock.
11/Mar/19 2:40 AM
Denny, sounds to me as if any time you get to play cribbage - win or lose - is a good time for you.
11/Mar/19 2:41 AM
13 for you, Anne. Post a pic of you and Sailor? Have fun.
11/Mar/19 2:42 AM
HalT, what have you been up to lately? (Between )
11/Mar/19 2:43 AM
For my cp I'll remind people of Wombat's poozle. It's a fairly easy one this week. (At least I found it so.)
11/Mar/19 2:44 AM
Just getting started on changing all the clocks. Why do we have so many clocks?
11/Mar/19 2:45 AM
Glad I didn't step on Plum's CP.
11/Mar/19 2:47 AM
Since I'm here ...
11/Mar/19 2:47 AM
I might as well go on.
11/Mar/19 2:49 AM
11/Mar/19 2:49 AM
11/Mar/19 2:49 AM
11/Mar/19 2:50 AM
Keith - I guess you reeeeally wanted #22 today!
Kathy - I had a cuckoo clock from Germany that only said, 'Cuck. Cuck. Cuck.' No coos!
11/Mar/19 2:57 AM
Shiela - maybe someone whipped it too hard? Or it was hungry?
11/Mar/19 3:34 AM
Kathy & Shiela, I had a cuckoo clock in Germany that I would lock its door at night for quiet but then it would make up for all the missed calls in the morning!
11/Mar/19 3:46 AM
Good mAen
The stroke of noon
11/Mar/19 4:01 AM
Not much, Plum. Planning another river cruise in late May - Columbia/Snake Rivers from Portland, Oregon to Clarkston, Washington.

Bought another car Dec.31 to replace my 2001 Ford pickup.
11/Mar/19 4:03 AM
11/Mar/19 4:57 AM
I'm late today because of our traditional pancake and bacon breakfast! The rest of the days it's steel cut oatmeal with strawberries. It's just slow with waiting for the batter to cook! Oh well, at least the fresh blackberries I got from farmers market yesterday makes it special. No need for any syrup.
11/Mar/19 4:59 AM
Might that have been a traumatic farewell to a 'good friend', Hal? Pick-ups become good pals...
11/Mar/19 5:02 AM
1:32. Good morning everyone.
11/Mar/19 5:37 AM
Beautiful photo indeed
Thanks for sharing !
11/Mar/19 5:58 AM
2:07. Happy DST, all. Permanent DST coming soon?
11/Mar/19 6:01 AM
I was a pick-up truck guy for many years. As I got older, I used it less and less as a truck, but it still burned a lot of gas. I finally decided to switch to a high MPG hybrid by getting a Prius C. As you might expect, I needed to haul something that required a pick-up shortly after I got rid of More...
11/Mar/19 6:10 AM
Hubby has a big Dodge Ram truck. We don't use it too much for hauling anymore, but it sure gets borrowed a lot.
11/Mar/19 6:41 AM
Going to my Nieces for a shrimp boil tonight. That includes lobster and crab legs. Best thing is I won't be cooking.
11/Mar/19 7:20 AM
We borrowed my in-law's truck so often they decided we ought to own it … after Dad saw a big red full size pickup he wanted instead. We are really enjoying the good gas mileage and cargo room of our Outback.
11/Mar/19 7:39 AM
That should be also, as in our two present cars since we retired our Saturns. The Outback obviously isn't a pickup.
11/Mar/19 7:41 AM
Gorgeous red flowers with the opera house in the background! Great photo!
11/Mar/19 7:44 AM
I've just made some gulab jamun to use up some dry milk powder. (We don't like its taste to drink it reconstituted.) It needs to soak in the sugar syrup for a while before trying. I needed to tweak the recipe to get a 'dough' that matched the description. I also added a pinch of this and that More...
11/Mar/19 7:44 AM
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