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Easy Sudoku for 11/April/2011


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Submitted by: Gath

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Another thrill.
11/Apr/11 1:49 AM
Took almost over an hour to get my family out the door and that was after the Things were dressed. So glad Man does not help me during the week, when we have to get out to get to school. I thought we were going to have to change one Thing before they left. I need a nap after all that.
11/Apr/11 1:51 AM
Jane, is AT&T going to come out on a Sunday?
11/Apr/11 1:52 AM
I did the puzzle, and read the description, "Cloudhill bee," and thought, "Cool, I got a picture of a Cloudhill bee, too." I went to my folder of Australia pictures to compare, and discovered it's my picture. I had completely forgotten posting it.
11/Apr/11 2:09 AM
Karen - Yes. When I called in the problem on Friday, they said they would come on Monday, and I said, "No you won't. I would have you come tomorrow (Saturday), but I will be busy with a yard sale, so you will come on Sunday." They did not argue. I think there is a big red flag on our More...
11/Apr/11 2:12 AM
Neat picture, Keith!
11/Apr/11 2:14 AM
That is great, Jane.
I would have hated to see a Sunday, home repairmans bill.
11/Apr/11 2:17 AM
Great morning! Been out for a run but now need a shower! See you later!
11/Apr/11 2:26 AM
Kathy, isn't it amazing how quickly things can get done when the proper motivation brought to bear?!

Jane, I'm glad AT&T finally showed up.
11/Apr/11 2:55 AM
Happy Sunday!
Keith: beautiful cloudhill bee photo !
11/Apr/11 2:59 AM
There is going to be a new muppet movie! Due out in November of this year!!
11/Apr/11 3:03 AM
Tippee! I can start wearing my Miss Piggy mask in anticipation!!
11/Apr/11 3:06 AM
Do you really have a Miss Piggy mask, Jane?? Wow.
11/Apr/11 3:17 AM
I love hearing these stories of empowered women!
I am woman, hear me roar!!!
11/Apr/11 3:20 AM
Good afternoon to all! Great close-up Keith. Was this taken at the nursery in Victoria?
11/Apr/11 3:28 AM
Is anyone else following this 21 year old Irish player, Rory McIlroy, making BIG waves at the Masters golf tournament with a four stroke lead. Best of luck to him in the final round. The young Aussie, Jason Day, has played well too.
11/Apr/11 3:35 AM
Jane, are you stealing my 'tippe' cheer? Had a few have you!
11/Apr/11 3:37 AM
By the way, for those who have asked, no problems with the hand since splint separation, but thanks for your concern.
11/Apr/11 3:39 AM
One more for a CP, and well done ladies in letting companies know that the 'customer comes first' if they want to have your business in the future.
11/Apr/11 3:41 AM
youngest son's starts his 2 day Birthday - the 11th, last year as a teenager - oh, I had my children very very very very young
11/Apr/11 3:58 AM
I went to a semi surprise birthday party yesterday, it was very nice, but all I got was depressed -- I want a surprise party, with pretty flowers, nice offering of food, good wine, friends = and I don't have to do anything but show up ! Please don't mind my pity party, I'm going to start my bike riding season today, and that should lift my spirit.
11/Apr/11 4:02 AM
off to seize the day !
11/Apr/11 4:03 AM
Yes, Greg, the picture was taken while we were at the Cloudhill Nursery in the Dandenong Ranges. Bean and Kate had taken us up there to see the nursery and also the William Rickets refuge. Here's a picture of the three of us at William Rickets, another amazing place: http://www.sudoku.com.au/photosbig.aspx?UID=4039&PID=8796&Go=M22-4-1991
11/Apr/11 4:26 AM
Jane, if that is Captain J's age, my mom has him beat, but don't tell her I told you
11/Apr/11 4:32 AM
CG: Thanks to you, "tippee" is the new "yippee".

Tami: Your secret is safe with me!

Anne: Well, I used to have a Miss Piggy mask, but I haven't seen it for a few decades. Let me check the hall closet. Oh wait! We don't have a hall closet. Maybe it's in Kathy (MD)'s closet.
11/Apr/11 4:57 AM
Capn J
11/Apr/11 5:21 AM
Just about everything BUT a Miss Piggy mask, Jane! I spent the day yesterday going through hundreds of stupid Barbie clothes that will be sold at a yard sale. Threw out about half of them. Got the rest and the actual Barbie dolls all neatly put in a carry-on size suitcase. What a job! Several of More...
11/Apr/11 5:22 AM
Greg, we are watching the Masters right now. I am hoping young McElroy can hold on to his now only 1 stroke lead. I do NOT want Tiger to win I would be happy if he NEVER won another title. He's a jerk.
11/Apr/11 5:49 AM
Sarah Beth - kind of you to give Capn only 52 candles to blow out. We don't want him to over exert himself in his weakened postop condition.

Capn - I hope your family & friends are making your day special. from me, too.
11/Apr/11 5:53 AM
I am worried about the Decorah eagles today. It is VERY windy, the camera is not working right, & one baby is off by himself on the side. I can't get into the Chatroom. Does anybody know what's going on?
11/Apr/11 6:06 AM
Kathy, it's been blowy there since last night. The nest does look sort of disheveled, but the parents seem to be working hard to keep it under control. When I was in the chatroom there earlier, the mods said that both the eaglets and the nest were okay.
11/Apr/11 6:09 AM
I was in the chat room for a short time. First time in days that I could get in. Dad was on the nest and was having a hard time keeping E1 under control. He was outside the nest bowl. The moderators were still assuring everyone that all was fine. They kept reminding everyone that these are very More...
11/Apr/11 6:21 AM
Anne. Now that the eaglets are moving around a lot more I'm afraid they'll venture too close to the edge & fall or get blown away. Mom & Dad eagle probably don't worry as much as I do! Lots of us grandmas do tend to worry too much.
11/Apr/11 6:25 AM
Ah, yes, I see the other Kathy is a worrier just like me!
11/Apr/11 6:27 AM
This is the parents fourth clutch of eaglets. They had two the first year and three the next two years. They have never lost a baby. They know what they're doing.
11/Apr/11 7:02 AM
Yes, but it's only MY first clutch! lol

The stream just went down. "Experiencing technical difficulties" according to the mods.
11/Apr/11 7:28 AM
It's back up. Mom is feeding the kids.

Speaking of feeding.....time for me to wander to the kitchen. Hmm. What to fix? Fish, rabbit muskrat, crow? Decisions, decisions.

Have a good night/day, everyone!
11/Apr/11 7:36 AM
Last week, I believe I informed you that my washer did not want to keep water inside the machine, which was sort of no problem, since I was able to mop floors. That may have been two weeks ago, because last week he brought the laundry to me to fold. At the first incident, I informed Man of this More...
11/Apr/11 7:40 AM
2:38 A slow time; no coffee as I'm having a blood test later this morning.
11/Apr/11 7:41 AM
For Captain J's advancing day I prepared a German Chocolate cake. Did not have enough frosting in the first batch, so while preparing another batch, Thing II decided I was taking too long, in the preparations. Back turned for two seconds the child two handedly dived into the cake and came out with two fist full and rapidly stuffed both fist into her mouth. She was so proud of herself.
11/Apr/11 7:43 AM
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