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Easy Sudoku for 11/April/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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11/Apr/15 12:00 AM
everyone! HalT...
Clouds racing by my window.
Tornado sirens last night. Very gusty wind today.
11/Apr/15 12:01 AM
I don't like cannonballs, either as a participant or a recipient of the splash.
11/Apr/15 12:06 AM
It's because you're not a little boy, Serena.
11/Apr/15 12:09 AM

1) AN
2) PAN

In the today we have Silvergal, Judy, Joyce, jamie, Canuk Greg, lonewoof, HalT, and Sarah. Crowns for the winners.
11/Apr/15 12:13 AM
And I was thinking that it's because I don't like to get wet outside of a controlled environment.
11/Apr/15 12:13 AM
Unscramble each item to come up with a country and its capital.

1. aaaeeggiillrrs
2. aiiinnssttuu
3. abbeeeillmnopz
4. aaacdimrsssuy
5. aabbcgilmoooot
6. aaadehklmnnptu
7. aaaaaaaacdgimnnnorrstv
8. aaaaadgklmnpu

Answers to my ‘’Will she ever run out of More...
11/Apr/15 12:14 AM
, y'all! A day at the shore is better than a day at the office any day.

Reroofing of the church continues. If I'd been expecting a quiet Friday at work... that has been dispelled! More banging, thumping and crashing than yesterday, but without the 'rubber cement' odor.
11/Apr/15 12:22 AM
Another winner from the 'Chunky Adventure' puzzle - Joyce! She had it done right after I'd accumulated the winners.
11/Apr/15 12:24 AM
11/Apr/15 2:02 AM
Why is it when I finish with one set of papers for my father's estate, I get two more to do??? I cannot see the top of my desk anymore! And worse and worse, I have post-it notes all over my computer with reminders of things to do!
11/Apr/15 2:04 AM
One has to wonder why it's so difficult to settle an estate, as if those left behind grieving need more to do. Sorry to see it's such a headache, Shosho.
11/Apr/15 2:10 AM
Good afternoon all!
11/Apr/15 2:19 AM
...and good morning to those in PST.
11/Apr/15 4:09 AM

Slow day on this site, to say the least!
11/Apr/15 4:48 AM
It's a day of running errands for me. I stopped home after being at one grocery store to put some items in the freezer. Still have another grocery store and the recycling drop-off to take care of. The city will pick up the recyclables, but I find it easier to drop them off so I can reuse my containers! And it's near that grocery store.
11/Apr/15 4:50 AM
Keith is going to have to do a lot of galumping to get to his 22.
11/Apr/15 4:51 AM
Today is the Cleveland Indians baseball home opener for the season. But the game doesn't start until 4 pm. And then the Cavaliers have a home basketball game that starts at 7 pm. Stupid to have crowds for both downtown at the same time. If the Indians had their game at 1 pm, like they normally More...
11/Apr/15 4:53 AM
One more for a CP and I'm off to other errands!
Have a good weekend, everyone!
11/Apr/15 4:54 AM
Good afternoon to all! Someone is having fun and will soon make a big splash!
11/Apr/15 5:14 AM
Wow. Very slow around here lately.
11/Apr/15 5:15 AM
Well, as Keith isn't here, I'll take it.
11/Apr/15 5:16 AM
A big hockey game tomorrow for the Ottawa Senators. One point away from securing a playoff spot. Go Sens go!
11/Apr/15 5:18 AM
That's my CP. Where is everybody hiding lately?
11/Apr/15 5:19 AM
Somewhere -
11/Apr/15 5:44 AM
Morning all,not fond of the big splash either,Serena.
11/Apr/15 6:31 AM
1:41, with an interruption. Good morning everyone.
11/Apr/15 7:00 AM
Two weeks from now, I shall have checked in at the airport for my trip to the UK. I am looking forward to it in a way but not looking forward to leaving my small grandies (and parents)for six weeks. I haven't mentioned it on TOS, not sure why.
11/Apr/15 7:28 AM
Good morning everyone. Mads I hope you have a wonderful time in the UK. If I were leaving my house unattended, I wouldn't be posting on TOS either.
11/Apr/15 8:05 AM
Mads, are you visiting family?
11/Apr/15 8:06 AM
That kid looks overweight already. He must be eating too many burgers. Imagine what he will look like years later once he discovers beer.
11/Apr/15 8:19 AM
Well, news from here is that Silverteen has her drivers' test tomorrow. Any 4-leaf clovers, chants, prayers, horseshoes and lucky charms welcome! (I'm praying for calm nerves for her.)
11/Apr/15 10:00 AM
We had our usual Friday night pizza (Digiorno's Pizzeria style, supreme) and watched a two episodes of the old 'Get Smart' series. We didn't realize until the credits ran by that it's a Mel Brooks creation. That explains a lot.
11/Apr/15 10:04 AM
In other news, I just finished compiling our taxes - got the Feds e-filed, and have printed and readied the state to be mailed. I finished the state with a glass of wine at hand. I hope my tax software is as good as it's been in the last few years!
11/Apr/15 10:06 AM
You'd think as an accountant, I'd be an early bird on doing our taxes. I've always hated doing taxes (they shouldn't be so complicated) so I delay doing them even though software makes it nearly painless.
11/Apr/15 10:08 AM
Well, so much for the rain we were supposed to get. We got thunder, but not so much as a drizzle as the storm went southeast. Hal, maybe you'll get some for your backyard.

That's my CP for the evening. Next?!
11/Apr/15 10:12 AM
Ah, yes, tax time again. I did taxes myself until about 5 years ago. I've still got all of my tax forms (except for a couple of years) that I've filed since I was, I think, I was 16.
11/Apr/15 10:26 AM
I still do my own taxes, but I use Turbo-tax.
11/Apr/15 10:28 AM
Well, here we are again.
11/Apr/15 10:29 AM
Here's BOPP. Who wants to welcome the new page?
11/Apr/15 10:30 AM
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