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Easy Sudoku for 12/January/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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12/Jan/09 12:00 AM
Hey where is everybody?
12/Jan/09 12:05 AM
Hey Kate you are not alone but I must get some work done today
12/Jan/09 12:10 AM
I shall pop in from time to time to make sure you are OK
12/Jan/09 12:11 AM
Gosh, am I now alone?
12/Jan/09 12:11 AM
Good Maen We are clearing SNOW. About 8 inches 17 cm
12/Jan/09 12:15 AM
Just went to do the Tough GannieMo! I was wondering if anyone wanted to talk to me after I went away for the weekend!
12/Jan/09 12:20 AM
Hey... first page for a change. Already shovelled about 6 inches of snow, and came in to dry off and warm up.
12/Jan/09 12:22 AM
Brrr. I'm here with slightly sunburned arms. I smothered myself in sunscreen when I went swimming in the morning but forgot to reapply sitting outside reading the paper after lunch! Not quite enough left ...
12/Jan/09 12:24 AM
Betty more is coming
12/Jan/09 12:25 AM
Apologies all ... but duty calls tomorrow.
12/Jan/09 12:42 AM
Good morning all! John & Betty, we're also digging out from the snow. It's still snowing here and 17F. My daughter is flying up from Florida back to school in Boston right now. Hopefully, it's not too bad there and there are no delays. Have a great day everyone!
12/Jan/09 12:45 AM
Well, let me see - Kate from Sydney has a sunburn while John (MI), Betty (Boston) and Stella (Saratoga) are all digging out of the snow. That leaves me right in the middle - 60 degrees and slightly overcast here. Just call me "Mrs. Inbetween"!! (remember that song? Ok, it was MISTER Inbetween.
12/Jan/09 1:00 AM
Looks like it's going to be a long wait for the race to 22. I'm revving up my engines.
12/Jan/09 1:01 AM
I'm popping in and out so I will help with the race. It is just on freezing today but the sky is clear blue and the sun is shining with very little heat.
12/Jan/09 1:09 AM
I am restocking my Ebay shop so am sitting at the computer and will slip in between items.
12/Jan/09 1:10 AM
Also shoveling snow here. Snowstorms on the weekend are a waste. We appreciate them more during the week when we might get off from school and work.
12/Jan/09 1:13 AM
Good morning wordly people. Looks like a two layer day again.
I do not have snow and cannot lay out by the pool but not enjoying the lovely tempts of Jane either.
The mission for the day is to find the living room floor, that could have been a New Year's resolution. According to the morning news program this is the week most resolutions are broken. I am doing good, I have not started mine.
12/Jan/09 1:13 AM
I'm sure Vici will join us in the race, Mo. And Keith - if he's awake.
12/Jan/09 1:14 AM
Oops! Getting close.
12/Jan/09 1:14 AM
12/Jan/09 1:14 AM
12/Jan/09 1:14 AM
Ok. Mission accomplished. Back to bed now.
12/Jan/09 1:15 AM
Any news from Shelia? I had a dream about lots and lots and lots of babies last night. Sort of like an invasion, they were everywhere and I was the only caretaker. Do you know what tons of babies sound like when they want their diapers changed?
12/Jan/09 1:16 AM
Congradulations Jane. Job well done, you deserve the rest.
12/Jan/09 1:17 AM
It's in the mid 60s here, but the weather man says it will be in the low 70s. I for one do not believe him. Just when I get weather man I can believe he retires and the new one takes years to get it right.
12/Jan/09 1:19 AM
I am in contact with a member, Katitude from Brisbane, who is currently in Melbourne for a couple of days. We made arrangements to meet up before life intervened but I totally forgot. It will be wonderful to have a pleasant distraction. She and I are meeting up in the city tomorrow for lunch and More...
12/Jan/09 1:22 AM
Hey Gail is that tomorrow Sunday, which is today, or tomorrow Monday or tomorrow Tuesday. I really doubt I can make it but just in case plans change.
12/Jan/09 1:25 AM
Well done Jane. I felt the need for a cup of tea and went to 'that' room to make it, let the dog out, the cat in, made tea brought it back here, gave one cup to Steve, et voila 22 is long past.
12/Jan/09 1:27 AM
I wish I could be there Gail. It has got to be a lot warmer there than here!
12/Jan/09 1:28 AM
12/Jan/09 1:31 AM
Shoveling snow ... sunscreen ... tweener ... 2 layer (you've mentioned no layer ... um, what exactly does that mean?) ... here, we're having frost in the morning, & clear skies all day up into the 60sF with no rain in sight. We're still behind our average rainfall and having to be careful about water usage and worried about the snow pack up in the mountains, even though it's winter.
12/Jan/09 1:48 AM
everyone from almost sunny SW Arizona ...
Jane, I'm with you ... being a "tweener" down here in the south west US. 53 degrees on my patio this morning and the sun has not peeked over the mountains yet. Expect to hit mid 70s today ... great day for a motorcycle ride.
12/Jan/09 1:51 AM
We have a rain deficit, too, Keith. But it looks like we may get some precip today. So I'd better get my bike ride in early. I'm glad it was clear last night for the full moon. If anyone's interested, I've posted a few picture on my page of the moonrise. It was a gorgeous evening!
12/Jan/09 1:53 AM
I'm like Jane, in between. Although the newspaper weather forecast does call for 80° F this week as we have our Santa Ana winds coming through. Dry hot winds, oh well at least I know for my first week back the kids are NOT going to be confined indoors!
12/Jan/09 1:57 AM
Oh yea, Jane, because of your pictures (thanks) I went out and looked at the impressively big moon.
12/Jan/09 1:58 AM
Good morning Keith ... you're up early !!!
12/Jan/09 1:58 AM
I can just see the rains deciding not to come until the kids have returned to school. Ever spend a whole day straight with 40 kids who cannot go outside to expend their energy?
12/Jan/09 2:00 AM
Must go to do a workout! Will be back later.
12/Jan/09 2:00 AM
Shall I be naughty and go for it?
12/Jan/09 2:01 AM
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