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Easy Sudoku for 12/October/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people.
12/Oct/17 12:00 AM
Plum & everyone!
Rainy today.
We needed a bit of rain.
Wish we could send some to California.
12/Oct/17 12:06 AM
12/Oct/17 12:34 AM
Yesterday it looked like I was clear of fires. Now one of them changed direction and may head my way early tomorrow morning. Hope not! Fingers crossed.
12/Oct/17 2:30 AM
Be safe, Denny!
12/Oct/17 2:45 AM
12/Oct/17 3:00 AM
so close . . .
12/Oct/17 3:01 AM
12/Oct/17 3:01 AM
12/Oct/17 3:02 AM
Usually we are n FB asking if this site is having problems. Anyone else having problems with FB today?
12/Oct/17 3:03 AM
Nice place for a boy's adventure.
12/Oct/17 4:12 AM
So far, the smoke is not making my COPD seem worse. Like Denny, the wind here increased this morning, and is predicted to stay that way for 36 hours. It increases the threat level of our evacuated friend's house, and the south east area of our town in general. We live in the center of town, and are still hoping for the best. Stay safe, Denny.
12/Oct/17 5:02 AM
A great beginning for the young adventurer.
12/Oct/17 5:09 AM
Sarah Beth - I have been on Facebook today looking for news from our California contingent. It worked fine for me. I added some comments and a scone recipe over there. I'll add the link here, too:

12/Oct/17 5:29 AM

Lovely walk in green surrounding for little boy! Nice photo
Safe watch Denny.
12/Oct/17 6:22 AM
Morning all, so pleased to see comments from Denny and Keith. Fingers crossed for you Denny !
12/Oct/17 6:27 AM
1:59, a slow one today... Good morning everyone.
12/Oct/17 7:21 AM
What dire reports are emerging from those areas ravaged by the wildfires in California... with only thing remaining are the shells of metal items. Be ready to run really really fast, Denny!
12/Oct/17 7:37 AM
Speaking of that, ...
12/Oct/17 10:20 AM
think I'll make a run for it now.
12/Oct/17 10:21 AM
12/Oct/17 10:21 AM
12/Oct/17 10:21 AM
Almost a 3 hour gap. Guess I didn't have to run at all for a CP.
12/Oct/17 10:23 AM
Be safe Denny & Keith. Keeping you in our prayers!
12/Oct/17 10:23 AM
Good to see Keith and Denny are OK. Stay safe folks - Our thoughts are with you.

Hang in there.
12/Oct/17 10:43 AM
Only 4 ECCO poozlers this week, Amelia, Judy, Sarah and Wombat. Well done to that group.
12/Oct/17 10:44 AM
12/Oct/17 1:47 PM
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