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Easy Sudoku for 12/November/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Happy Wednesday day off!
John: !!!
I like Mary's suggesion of cake for breakfast (it's 7:02am here), too! Especially if it's hocolate--gotta have our antioxidants while we're at it...
12/Nov/09 2:03 AM
And we're at the bottom of the page.....
12/Nov/09 2:03 AM
Not any more.....
12/Nov/09 2:04 AM
...and a chance to turn the page (Thanks, Fiona!)
12/Nov/09 2:04 AM
I refuse to work on the puzzle when Fiona is sitting here watching me! It gives me the creeps!
12/Nov/09 2:05 AM
to you,
to you,
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of More...
12/Nov/09 2:07 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Tam!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !

12/Nov/09 2:07 AM
Try again CP!! Judy, you know that is just rubbish - you're stuck that's all!
12/Nov/09 2:07 AM
Must be off, got to take of my dad. Will see you later!
12/Nov/09 2:08 AM
Judy - Just copy it, print it out, take it to the bathroom with you and lock the door!
12/Nov/09 2:08 AM
Judy, my father's birthday was also today (Nov. 11th).
12/Nov/09 2:12 AM
Thank you all for the greetings.
12/Nov/09 2:23 AM
I'm late, I'm late.....
Hubby's been on my computer
I'm pondering, Fiona!
Oh, pardon me.
12/Nov/09 2:40 AM
Good morning everyone. We're hoping for some rain here; it will be most welcome.
12/Nov/09 2:51 AM

Some call them soldiers. Others call them heroes.
A debt that can never be repaid. Thank you.
12/Nov/09 2:55 AM
12/Nov/09 3:00 AM
Eeewww, Jane ... I neither read nor write in the bathroom! Besides, you know that Fiona exerts an evil presence EVERYwhere!
12/Nov/09 3:02 AM
isn't she just such a cow when she can't do the puzzle?!
12/Nov/09 3:11 AM
Just sent you another try, Fiona!
12/Nov/09 3:14 AM
yes CP! Now you can go to sleep!
12/Nov/09 3:15 AM
So what do you do in the bathroom, Judy? Spend most of your time putting sticking plaster on the broken mirrors?
12/Nov/09 3:17 AM
Oh, no I can't, Fiona - still got 4 hours to work!
12/Nov/09 3:23 AM
everyone! Now that I am thoroughly awake and have coughed my head off. Please watch where you're stepping, that round object rolling around on the floor may be my head!
12/Nov/09 3:29 AM
Hey! Do I not deserve recognition for sending the answers? You follow Judy into the bathroom to berate her, you tell everyone how well they did, and ignore my offering? Who's the cow here, I ask you.....
12/Nov/09 3:30 AM
One must never over-encourage an apprentice, Kathy.
12/Nov/09 3:31 AM
Yes, must get my dad back from the lawyers in time for the ceremonies at the VFW post. I can still hear his querulous voice, "Are you sure we'll be able to finish in time for you to get me to the VFW Hall?" Oy vey! So sue me if I sneak him in late. Bother! Of course he has to sit where the past commanders sit, in front!
12/Nov/09 3:35 AM
Moo to you, Fiona!
12/Nov/09 3:37 AM
Yes, I am grateful for the sacrifice of our armed force people. But I worry about the young ones now in the face of danger. It's so real and frightful when it's your own son or daughter in the line of fire as mine will be in Afghanistan next month.
12/Nov/09 3:38 AM
Here, Kathy, here's another one for you to use.
12/Nov/09 3:39 AM
You are a good daughter, Shosho.
Please tell your Dad someone in Maryland thanks him for his service.
12/Nov/09 3:40 AM
Sorry, the made me offer!
12/Nov/09 3:41 AM
I can't tell if it's Judy or Fiona, Shosho.....
12/Nov/09 3:42 AM
Now as Vici unpacks I just wish that while in Aussie land she had her little buddy!!!
12/Nov/09 3:42 AM
Darn! Got to go. See you later!
12/Nov/09 3:44 AM
Remembrance Day here, and the Lancaster Bomber flew overhead just before 11:00. Our friend's son is back from Afghanistan--part of his duties were picking up the pieces of fallen comrades who'd been blown up by roadside bombs. He now suffers from PostTraumatic Stress Disorder and the treatment More...
12/Nov/09 3:53 AM
That little devil has to be Fiona, Kathy. She, with those sparkling baby blues, is the one who looks innocent and angelic ... ... disguising her ugly true nature ...
12/Nov/09 4:00 AM
I know I am late but I have sent an answer to Fiona
12/Nov/09 4:03 AM
and you got it right Mo, at the same time as lonewoof! Snarl, spit, snarl Judy - it suits you - but I'm still waiting for your riddle contribution!
12/Nov/09 4:12 AM
Get out of my @#$%^&*! bathroom, Fiona!!!
12/Nov/09 4:15 AM
at least she can spell.
12/Nov/09 4:23 AM
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