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Easy Sudoku for 12/November/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day mates.
Here's today's daffynition:
Seasaw: Saw used to cut driftwood.
Here's today's factoid:
Charles Rigoulot a French weightlifter, was imprisoned in World War II after hitting a Nazi officer.However, he was able to bend the bars of his cell, allowing several prisoners including himself to escape after he had also beaten the Nazi officer who'd been guarding them.
12/Nov/14 12:00 AM
Hello, Kayo!! I just had about 4 minutes to drop in and check out the new day.
12/Nov/14 12:05 AM
Pretty picture to start a day with. I must now get ready for class and gear up for our first wintry blast of the year in Texas.
12/Nov/14 12:09 AM
Stay warm, Jamie.
12/Nov/14 12:12 AM
Thanks, Kayo - I must say that winter in my part of Texas isn't what many on this site have to deal with! But we aren't used to it.
12/Nov/14 12:30 AM
, y'all. Go Charles!

Taking the day off to contact vendors for Silverteen's yearbook. Hard for her to do it when she's in class or commuting 8am-4pm, nor can she drive on her own.
12/Nov/14 12:37 AM
Good morning to all!
12/Nov/14 12:52 AM
Heading out to the Legion.

Lest we forget....

12/Nov/14 12:53 AM
Sunny this morning! Yippee! 'Warm', too!
to all our veterans.
Double rememberance: my late father's birthday who was also a WWII veteran.
12/Nov/14 1:29 AM
Sun on the water pictures are very relaxing.
12/Nov/14 1:55 AM

27. Feeling kind of generous so I also accepted his current age of 25.

'Let x be Joe’s present age. Joe’s age 3 years from now will be x + 3, and 3 times that will be 3 (x + 3). Similarly, Joe’s age 4 years from now will be x + 4, More...
12/Nov/14 2:04 AM

A muse a day helps you work, rest and play.
12/Nov/14 2:11 AM
12/Nov/14 2:15 AM
Remembering and honoring the veterans...past and present.
12/Nov/14 2:18 AM
Well, well. Here it is, Tuesday!

Which word is the odd one out?

nivek nomis nevets niarda semaj nala

Answers to my ''Say what?'' inbox, please.
12/Nov/14 2:24 AM
Happy Veteran's Day!
Thank you for all who have served and are currently serving their country

Ooh! I think I just figured out Kathy's poozle!
12/Nov/14 2:49 AM
I should have known ... Don't even try it.
12/Nov/14 3:28 AM
Well, I gave it some time.
12/Nov/14 4:29 AM
Nobody stepped up to move us along.
12/Nov/14 4:30 AM
So, I'm having to do it for myself.
12/Nov/14 4:31 AM
Just one more.
12/Nov/14 4:31 AM
Very amewsing
12/Nov/14 4:33 AM
The iPad wasn't cooperating again, and Musings stole it.
12/Nov/14 4:35 AM
12/Nov/14 5:00 AM
Already had a busy morning! Laundry for the week is done, kitchen clean and dishes washed, cats fed, and went to farmers market. Now what's left is to puree my fresh strawberries (I noticed long ago that my strawberries seem to last longer and in its pureed form I can add a lot to my oatmeal and More...
12/Nov/14 5:03 AM
Earlier this year I found a new use for all my quart jars. My bedroom window sills are not wide and regular planters were being knocked down by the cats. Now using the Mason jars, they're heavy enough to stay put but narrow enough to stay on the window sills! The cats can't push them aside to sleep there!!!
12/Nov/14 5:07 AM
But the best is I can put more plants on my wider kitchen window sill so I can have a varied garden of herbs in arms reach! I tie colorful ribbons at the neck of the jars for style!
12/Nov/14 5:08 AM
Now I stop dilly dallying and go finish up my chores!
And a CP, to boot!
12/Nov/14 5:09 AM
Way to go, shosho!! Great idea for the small window 'gardens'.
12/Nov/14 5:56 AM
Morning all,another lovely scene to start the day.
12/Nov/14 6:16 AM
Judy, I sent you a message.
12/Nov/14 6:26 AM
Due to technical difficulties, Judy was missed this morning. But I have plenty of cupcakes and Joe is willing to share.
12/Nov/14 6:27 AM
1:28. Good morning everyone.
12/Nov/14 6:52 AM
12/Nov/14 7:05 AM
Good morning everyone!
12/Nov/14 7:24 AM
Good morning all. I'm still sorting through the photos of my US odyssey. I hope to be able to post some in the next few days.
12/Nov/14 7:32 AM
Another day in the garden for me. It's amazing how many weeds have grown while I was always!
12/Nov/14 7:33 AM
was away.
12/Nov/14 7:34 AM
We've revamped the vegie garden and I'll also be sowing corn today.
12/Nov/14 7:35 AM
12/Nov/14 7:35 AM
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