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Easy Sudoku for 12/December/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Today, instead of a medical daffynition, we have the following medical advise:
Beware of these phrases during surgery:

1. Damn! Page 47 of the manual is missing!
2. Better save that. We'll need it for the autopsy.
3. Wait a minute, if this is his spleen, then what's More...
12/Dec/12 12:00 AM
Hello, Kayo.
12/Dec/12 12:03 AM
Good Maen all!
Great advice, Kayo!!!
12/Dec/12 12:03 AM
I just realized what time it is - I must get ready to head to school!
Kayo - maybe those sort of comments are why the patient is usually asleep.
12/Dec/12 12:04 AM
12/Dec/12 12:04 AM
Drat - I thought V would have slipped in - sorry about that.
12/Dec/12 12:05 AM
Hello Hal, Vici. and good night Gracie.
12/Dec/12 12:12 AM
No worries, jamie - I was dilly dallying ...good night Kayo - you must be tired since you mistook jamie for Hal!
12/Dec/12 12:16 AM
Will need today... the sun JUST peeked out!
12/Dec/12 12:25 AM
Yikes! I hope no one here is having surgery in the near future, Kayo!
12/Dec/12 12:41 AM
Good Morning. I'm sharing my funny story before I read comments or do the puzzle.

Little boy decided to eat his breakfast through a straw this morning. Not a real straw either, a juice box straw. First he used it on his yogurt. Now he is working on his oatmeal. I keep hearing slurping sounds and it makes me laugh.
12/Dec/12 1:06 AM
Kayo, when I was having a heart attack, they put me on the operating table and - instead of knocking me out - the surgeon said 'Lie real still!'. That was the most frightening thing about the occasion. I didn't move a muscle during the whole procedure. Not even my eyeballs!
12/Dec/12 1:06 AM
12/Dec/12 1:11 AM
They've been herded into a group.
12/Dec/12 1:48 AM
It is REAL slow this morning.
Vici - you may not realize that HalT and I are using the same avatar right now? So we 'look alike'!
12/Dec/12 1:58 AM
Well, I worked the Medium puzzle and thought somebody might have showed up - nope. I am off to class.
12/Dec/12 2:05 AM
Good morning people of the world.

For those who are still here. Did the world end for anyone.

That sounds so morbid.
12/Dec/12 2:08 AM
World Wide Candle Lighting Day
12/Dec/12 2:09 AM
Jamie and HalT are twins.

Oh, dear...
12/Dec/12 2:10 AM
I am supposed to be preparing for property showing, Thing II, has decided to take all the ornaments off the tree and wants to know which gifts are for her.
12/Dec/12 2:13 AM
I know, I am not supposed to call my girls, Things any longer, they have asked me not to, but when I ask what I supposed to call her, she just says Morgan.
12/Dec/12 2:14 AM
Like I would wait for you know who.
12/Dec/12 2:15 AM
12/Dec/12 2:22 AM

The caption on the pic should be, ''Don't move! No gamboling!''
For some strange reason, I love the word ''gamboling'' It just sounds better than ''playing'' or ''skipping'' or ''frisking''.
12/Dec/12 2:31 AM
Of course, gamboling could lead to cardiac arrest, which was the answer to yesterday's poozle!

The following winners gamboled in with the correct answer: Heidi, Neil, Aileen, Serena, CP, Margo, Mads, and Dottie R.

With heroic effort, I have finally collected enough material to make More...
12/Dec/12 2:39 AM
And for today.....

Fill in the sentence below so that the first two words combine to make the third word. For example, given 'The prime minister ____ the meeting, even though the ____ was technically the ____ official,' you would fill in RAN, KING, and RANKING.

If there is not More...
12/Dec/12 2:46 AM
BTW, the cakes the hostess made for last night's party were loaded with champagne and whiskey. The dessert table smelled wonderful!
I ended up taking cream puffs and a cheesecake for those who preferred their dessert non-alcoholic. I did not eat any cream puffs and cheesecake.
12/Dec/12 2:54 AM
Off to a Christmas luncheon! Or, to be perfectly PC, a Holiday luncheon.
12/Dec/12 2:56 AM
12/Dec/12 3:06 AM
That Border Collie is really eyeing those lambs! He must want to train 'em while they're young.
12/Dec/12 3:18 AM
12/Dec/12 3:21 AM
I went back and looked at the picture again. I missed the dog the first time around.
12/Dec/12 3:24 AM
My oral surgery this morning was postponed for a week because I have a nasty bone infection which needs to be gotten under control fast. I hate dental problems.
12/Dec/12 3:24 AM
The lambs didn't seem bothered by the dog. In fact they looked like students ignoring the teacher!!!
12/Dec/12 3:25 AM
Good luck with the property showing, Karen. I hope this one takes. That would be a great Christmas present for you.
12/Dec/12 3:26 AM
Heidi, I'll keep you in my prayers.
12/Dec/12 3:26 AM
shosho, maybe they missed the dog as well.
12/Dec/12 3:27 AM
Oh Heidi! I've got my fingers crossed that the infection clears up very soon!
12/Dec/12 3:29 AM
Hmmm as long as I'm here . . .
12/Dec/12 3:30 AM
Bottom . . .
12/Dec/12 3:30 AM
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