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Easy Sudoku for 12/March/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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12/Mar/14 12:00 AM
No will be needed today.
More snow coming... tonight/tomorrow.
But... We have been so lucky for how many bright, sunny days we've had this very snowy, frozen winter. The Great Lakes reached the 93% frozen-over stage. It's been many years since that's happened!
12/Mar/14 12:01 AM
We're going above 80 degrees F today. Perhaps Shiela should become a 'snow bird' and spend the winter in the South.
12/Mar/14 12:15 AM
Could be titled.... 'Friends' or 'A lull between attacks!'
12/Mar/14 12:19 AM
Wolf, when hubby retires...!!!
12/Mar/14 12:21 AM
Good morning all. Have a great day.
12/Mar/14 1:08 AM
Playful cat.
12/Mar/14 1:17 AM
Cute kitten.
12/Mar/14 1:20 AM

3121 peanuts.

Only one person was nutty enough to tackle the peanut problem. Here you go Judy and you don't have to share with a monkey.
12/Mar/14 1:23 AM
Rebus time:

1 no no no

Answers to my ‘’please cancel the snowstorm’’ inbox please.
12/Mar/14 1:27 AM
Hi shosho
12/Mar/14 1:27 AM
Good morning to all! That cat is saying 'Either play with me or pet me please!'
12/Mar/14 2:35 AM
We have had a really cold winter here in Ottawa.

A while back a buddy of mine got a test message from his wife that read ''Windows frozen, won't
He texted back to her saying ''Gently pour some lukewarm water over it.''
Ten minutes later his wife texted back ''The computer is really messed up now!''
12/Mar/14 2:42 AM
Gee Greg, if that was just the test message, I shudder to think what the real one read.
12/Mar/14 2:54 AM

Update on Jane and Kathy.....They are still in Tasmania on an excursion on the West Coast Wilderness Railway with Peter and Rose. The scenery is stunning! Enhanced, no doubt, by what looked to be a champagne breakfast. I understand Peter is giving them a day of rest tomorrow. I think they are going to need it!
12/Mar/14 2:55 AM
There is only certain business that I share with monkeys ...
12/Mar/14 2:57 AM
The ABT train trip was one of the absolute highlights of my trip to Tasmania. The food was damn good as well.
12/Mar/14 2:59 AM
12/Mar/14 3:13 AM
Thanks, Serena!!! I love sharing my fav number! Here's some flying your way!!!
12/Mar/14 3:14 AM
Shiela, it looks more like 'A Lull Between Attacks'!
Now I'll bow out to let Keith get his number!
12/Mar/14 3:15 AM
Nah, lets not.
12/Mar/14 3:20 AM
Hal nicked my TOPP yesterday so I will nick Keith's 22 in retaliation.
12/Mar/14 3:21 AM
You're on notice Hal pal. I'll getcha one day.
12/Mar/14 3:22 AM
Sounds like we got a live one here ... LOL!
12/Mar/14 3:48 AM
I bid you all adieu and pleasant dreams to those like myself who are heading to the land of nod.
12/Mar/14 4:12 AM
Sweet cat, today, with her blue teddy.
12/Mar/14 4:21 AM
Morning all,what big eyes you have.
12/Mar/14 6:40 AM
1:22. Good morning all.
12/Mar/14 7:23 AM
Hello everyone!!
12/Mar/14 7:53 AM
Yet another update....this from Kathy:

''Peter, Rose, Jane, & I saw some spectacular scenery today during our four hour ride on the West Coast Wilderness Railway. Jane may post some photos before I do. Peter drove us on some very windy roads for almost four hours to get back to Hobart. He's More...
12/Mar/14 8:05 AM
HI all! Kathy and Jane's trip is a lot of fun to follow but I agree with just about everyone else that they must be exhausted with all this visiting. I bet tomorrow doing nothing more than drinking a few glasses of wine with Peter and Rose will be a nice rest for them.
12/Mar/14 8:20 AM
Good morning. Rainy here. Got a couple of things on today. Quilt group, then a doctor's appointment.
12/Mar/14 8:28 AM
The heck with resting, go for it girls! You can rest when you get back to the states.
12/Mar/14 9:02 AM
Lovely day here, very warm 82. Weather people are saying colder for tomorrow.
12/Mar/14 9:34 AM
Hey Fiona, where in Scotland do you want to meet?? Will be there on the 19th.
12/Mar/14 9:36 AM
Fiona, Scotland doesn't look too cold, 50's for the days, 30's & 40's at night.
12/Mar/14 9:42 AM
My bags are packed, ready to go. First stop Ireland.
12/Mar/14 9:42 AM
all. Very busy day. I won't bore you with details; suffice to say I'm tired. Hope I can get through NCIS tonight.
12/Mar/14 9:47 AM
Well, look where we are.
12/Mar/14 9:48 AM
Time for a page change.
12/Mar/14 9:48 AM
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