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Easy Sudoku for 12/April/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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That being said, I regret not ever having taken the time to learn to sew or knit.
12/Apr/09 1:03 AM
My mother still makes her potholders on a square loom her father made her of hardwood strips and metal nails. Made to last. The hard part is getting the cotton loops to stretch to fit as it's a bit on the large size. But it makes wonderful larger-size hot pads that really protect your hands and table tops from getting burned.
12/Apr/09 1:05 AM
shosho - Have you taken "the remedy" yet? Place equal parts freshly-squeezed lemon juice, honey and bourbon in a glass and nuke for 1 minute. Drink. Repeat as necesshary.
12/Apr/09 1:05 AM
Sorry you're not feeling well, Shosho.
I come bearing gifts...
12/Apr/09 1:05 AM
HAPPY EASTER to all of you in our Sudokuland two-day holiday celebrating Easter!
May your day, whichever it be, be blessed.
And save a life... please think of the poor chocolate Easter bunnie as your FRIEND. (And send him to me!)
12/Apr/09 1:05 AM
Jane - Jaime must not have been an absolutely "confirmed" bachelor when you met him!
12/Apr/09 1:06 AM
I have extra, Shiela. Here you go
12/Apr/09 1:08 AM
lol Shiela, your comment makes me think of the movie Wallace & Gromit Curse of the Were-Rabbit. I can just imagine a "safe-haven" for choco bunnies going bad and loosing choco bunnie monsters on the world with a chocolate version of Ghostbusters' marshmallow man on the loose. Save yourself, Shiela, don't do it!!!!!
12/Apr/09 1:11 AM
There have been two comments that have confused the mess out of me. Please explain.

Yesterdays, comment was "had too much chocolate." Todays comment, "have extra chocolate." It there really truth in these comments? Can you really have too much or have extra?
12/Apr/09 1:12 AM
Thanks for the cold "recipe" Jane! I unfortunately have need of it too! Went to the germ pit (indoor play structure) with the grandchildren last weekend. I tried a similar recipe, but forgot to heat it! That must have been the trick!
But the bigger problem... I have no sense of smell More...
12/Apr/09 1:15 AM
I'm off to do the other puzzles and enjoy a blessed Easter weekend. I'll leave you with the lyrics to my favorite Easter music. If I can post a link to have you hear Sandi Patty singing it, that will be even better! What a voice and what emotion.
12/Apr/09 1:15 AM
Was It A Morning Like This
By Sandi Patty

Was it a morning like this
When the Son still hid from Jerusalem?
And Mary rose from her bed
To tend the Lord She thought was dead

What is a morning like this,
When Mary walked down from Jerusalem?
And two angels stood at More...
12/Apr/09 1:16 AM
oops. That should have been "When Peter and John ran from Jerusalem?"
12/Apr/09 1:18 AM
Once upon a time I use to like to sew and made all my clothes. When the kids were small I also made all their clothes, even blue jeans. Now I don't care to sew. Never have tried knitting but do crochet once in a while.
12/Apr/09 1:25 AM
I too have need of the lurgy remedy, no bourbon though, do you think vodka will do.
Maybe warm up the port and take with a couple of panadol
12/Apr/09 1:34 AM
Maybe both followed by the rest of the Baileys - hopefully I'll sleep 'til its all over.
12/Apr/09 1:35 AM
Plum - When Jaime came to the States on a grad school fellowship, he was engaged to a girl in Chile. When he broke up with her and decided to stay in the States "for awhile" after grad school, he had decided he liked the bachelor life and had no intention of marrying. Then he met me, we More...
12/Apr/09 1:35 AM
Ok, I've got some yard work to do before the rain comes. See you all later!!!
12/Apr/09 1:37 AM
I used to do cross stitch. I taught my daughter and she turned into the Cross Stitch Maven.
She made an absolutely beautiful stitched wedding announcement for my son and DIL using beads and metallic thread. Of course I had to spring for the $$$$ framing! lol
12/Apr/09 1:39 AM
The photo looks cold - like the rest of middle earth.
12/Apr/09 1:40 AM
I have been asleep. Don't know what happenend but shortly after my visit to the rotary drier store(see page 4 yesterday) I felt giddy and a bit nauseous so I took myself to bed and have just woken. I feel as if I'm under the influence and I haven't had a drink for days.
12/Apr/09 2:22 AM
GMo - sounds like a bad case of "rotarydryeratrociouscustomerservicetreatmentitis". I advise you to go back to bed immediately - after following my advice to shosho, however.
12/Apr/09 2:44 AM
So what you're saying, GannieMo, is that, depite how you feel, you are NOT two sheets to the wind ...
12/Apr/09 2:48 AM
Appologise for the extra "n" in Easter.
Happy Easter to all of you.
12/Apr/09 2:50 AM
Plum - good one!!
12/Apr/09 2:56 AM
Happy Easter!
12/Apr/09 3:15 AM
Looks a lot like Lake Wanaka - another lake near Queenstown!
12/Apr/09 3:16 AM
Exactly Plum. If I was I could accept the symptoms. I really don't like this lack of oxygen to the brain giddy numbly feeling without having caused it by enjoying a drink or two.
Yesterday I got a dark chocolate Lindt bunny, today a Lindt milk chocolate/praline bell. I was really looking More...
12/Apr/09 3:23 AM
GannieMo - please be careful! Symptoms of heart attack and other serious conditions are different in women than in men. If you can't figure a good reason for why you feel this badly, consider going to an urgent care to be on the safe side.
12/Apr/09 3:26 AM
A friend was shopping at the local supermarket where I selected :

- a half-gallon of 2% milk
- a carton of eggs
- a quart of orange juice
- a head of romaine lettuce
- a 2lb. can of coffee, and
- a 1lb. package of bacon

As she was unloading my items onto the conveyor More...
12/Apr/09 4:14 AM
Here's a place to hear the Easter song I mentioned:
I hope it's not dependent on being logged in to the site. Can somebody let me know if it works?
12/Apr/09 4:35 AM
It works, Plum. Just copy and paste to Google Advanced and put "Sandi Patti Was it a Morning Like This" in the search. Great song and artist! Thanks!
12/Apr/09 4:49 AM
Kathy, your avatar changes are like watching someone trying on various Easter bonnets.
12/Apr/09 4:59 AM
Yes, I need a life.
BTW, It's Sandi PattY, not i.
12/Apr/09 5:22 AM
Mo, I see your light on...feeling any better?
12/Apr/09 5:23 AM
Good afternoon to all! A lovely photo to see after finishing the puzzle!
12/Apr/09 5:47 AM
HAPPY EASTER to all those living in my future, and a HAPPY EASTER to all those like me who are trying to catch up in time!
12/Apr/09 5:48 AM
Some rabbits have bright shiny noses,
I'm telling you now as a friend,
The reason their noses are shiny.....
Their powder puff's on the wrong end!
12/Apr/09 5:58 AM
1:51 Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

Life is short but a smile takes barely a second.
12/Apr/09 6:04 AM
Mo I hope all goes well for you x

Hello Greg...
12/Apr/09 6:04 AM
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