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Easy Sudoku for 13/March/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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It’s a brand new page.
13/Mar/10 2:20 AM
The rain is back -- with a vengeance. The term monsoon comes to mind.
13/Mar/10 2:22 AM
To: Jean and Kate

13/Mar/10 2:30 AM

We're getting rain, too. I haven't had a chance to try Fiona's puzzle. I must go back and see what all the fuss is about...
13/Mar/10 3:04 AM
Nancy, keeping your Father and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
13/Mar/10 3:08 AM
Friday (or Saturday) puzzle, coming up!

What phrase is represented below?


Answers to the "I can't figure out Fiona's puzzle, maybe I can do this one" inbox, please.
13/Mar/10 3:59 AM
A gray day here, with the promise of a rainy weekend.

Nancy, I hope you'll gain some comfort and strength knowing that your Sudoku friends are thinking of you and praying for your father as he prepares for his journey home--may the love and support of precious family and friends carry him peacefully.
13/Mar/10 4:00 AM
Well, that didn't take long--the rain has arrived.
13/Mar/10 4:24 AM
New youtube on my page. Obama plays ball...
13/Mar/10 4:33 AM
An icky joke as told over public radio so it has to be OK for public consumption.

A man walked in to his house holding a pile of dog poo in his hand. He called to his wife:
"Martha, come look at what I almost stepped in."
13/Mar/10 4:51 AM
Good afternoon to all! I hope there are steel reinforcements under that bridge!
13/Mar/10 5:13 AM
13/Mar/10 5:14 AM
Nancy, peace and love to your father, you and all of the extended family.
13/Mar/10 5:15 AM
Kathy, I'll send an answer shortly. That seems fairly obvious to me.
13/Mar/10 5:16 AM
Jeb.... "ICKY"??? Are you living your second childhood using such big words!
13/Mar/10 5:17 AM
Dirt Roads...

What's mainly wrong with society today is that too many Dirt Roads have been paved. There's not a problem in America today, crime, drugs, education, divorce, delinquency that wouldn't be remedied, if we just had more Dirt Roads, because Dirt Roads give character.

13/Mar/10 5:27 AM
People that live at the end of Dirt Roads learn early on that life is a bumpy ride. That it can jar you right down to your teeth sometimes, but it's worth it, if at the end is home...a loving spouse, happy children and a dog. We wouldn't have near the trouble with our educational system if our More...
13/Mar/10 5:28 AM
Second childhood? You have to complete the first to start a second. I've always said that I want to be like my hero, Walter Matthau, when I grow up. According to those who know me best, I'm not quite there yet.
13/Mar/10 5:34 AM
Greg, you speedy devil, you! First correct answer from the clever Canadian!
13/Mar/10 5:51 AM
Well, I can't finish the story. The powers that be decided I should be . Sorry! It really was a good, non-offensive, story But, evidently some of the words are not allowed. . . (I've spent the last 36 minutes in the "naughty corner."
13/Mar/10 6:05 AM
Jeb, I just found out that what is said on the radio, can't necessarily be posted here...
13/Mar/10 6:07 AM
I guess that bridge in the picture desn't need a 'take care' notice.
13/Mar/10 6:15 AM
What? It's that obvious?
13/Mar/10 6:17 AM
Chickens wouldn't cross to the other side over that bridge.
Better than no bridge at all I suppose - if you are belayed.
Who needs Beach-Head as a suicide venue?
13/Mar/10 6:18 AM
Maybe when one is "Bali Hai", there is no problem.
13/Mar/10 6:32 AM
"I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”
13/Mar/10 6:42 AM
Travel day. Later all Y'all...
13/Mar/10 6:43 AM
Do you know what really annoys me? When I type a lengthy comment to which I have given some thought, and enter it, having already signed in, and this site then sneers at me, "You must enter your name to post a comment". Forget it...no-one here really listens anyway.
13/Mar/10 7:36 AM
So are you going to re-enter that comment Spellmaster? (Of course I didn't hear or listen to what you said!)
13/Mar/10 7:39 AM
Jeb, well said! Always stay young (at heart, if nothing else!.
13/Mar/10 7:40 AM
1:48, all and Jean and Kate.
13/Mar/10 7:41 AM
Jerry, I enjoyed what you were able to post of the story. I will be moving soon to a house on a dirt road with a loving man and a faithful dog. It is so peaceful there.
13/Mar/10 7:43 AM
Greg...my comment related to the somewhat fleeting nature of sentiments expressed herein...the "Yesterday's News" syndrome. It's probably not worth the effort of re-typing.
13/Mar/10 7:45 AM
It did, however, include the following.....I am not a highly educated man. I do not have a degree from Oxford or Yale, or some arty-farty post-nominals from the University of God-Knows-Where...but even I can pose the questions.."who are you?"...."what are you?".....and... "why am I typing this comment?".
13/Mar/10 7:53 AM
Ah, Greg. Glad to see you're being consistent!!
13/Mar/10 8:00 AM
Paul, I would have liked to have read all the words, but why am I tpying this comment when only you may care to hear the thought? Well, it is a way to communicate, in a limited fashion, and I for one agree with your questions.
13/Mar/10 8:02 AM
Spellmaster, you suffer from a common awareness ailment called vue ja dé. It describes that creepy feeling you get when you have to ask: Where the heck am I and who are all these people?
13/Mar/10 8:05 AM
Greg...A thought, or an idea, would not be wasted, should it fall on one receptive ear.
13/Mar/10 8:06 AM
Sarah Beth, have you selected the man and the dog yet?
13/Mar/10 8:07 AM
Jeb...I am confident or conceited enough to know who and where I am. It's you lot I'm not so sure about!!!
13/Mar/10 8:08 AM
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