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Easy Sudoku for 13/March/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Jeb, you are too young to be asking those questions, and Paul, everyone might read the thought, but only a few are receptive to it. C'est la vie.
13/Mar/10 8:10 AM
Ah, Judy! You would seem the ideal candidate to join in this......chat!
13/Mar/10 8:12 AM
Greg...you disappoint me. From your track record, I thought you were above the snobbery of age.
13/Mar/10 8:15 AM
Spellmaster, I was referring back to Jeb's comment of still being in his first childhood.... not being snobbish, just "cutesy" to use a young word for Jeb.
13/Mar/10 8:19 AM
Gotta run right now. Be nice to 'see' both of you (Jeb and Paul) more often. Take care!
13/Mar/10 8:22 AM
Greg...childhood....now there's a thought. Who among us ever truly leaves it? And those who profess so to do, do they do so from insecurity, or from a wisdom not shared by such as I?
13/Mar/10 8:26 AM
Bye Greg....just as it was getting interesting!!
13/Mar/10 8:28 AM
Now that Greg has gone, is there no-one here to banter with? No-one to answer my questions? No-one to challenge my self-confidence...or even to ridicule my conceit? It seems I am alone. So be it. The world is mine! Spellmaster Rules Supreme! But alas, I am nonetheless alone.
13/Mar/10 8:48 AM

Since when is 'no one' spelled with a hyphen?

13/Mar/10 8:55 AM
Aha! A challenge! Since Spellmaster (and Collins) so decreed!
13/Mar/10 9:00 AM
But, to be fair...the hyphen is optional.
13/Mar/10 9:00 AM
13/Mar/10 9:04 AM

Sure it is....there are so many other examples...

"no-person was at home"
"no-car was in the parking lot"
"no-sushi was on the menu"
"no-bloke should depend on Collins"

13/Mar/10 9:08 AM
Oh Dear Me! Sparks...look it up! Collins English Dictionary. Under 'N'....if that helps.
13/Mar/10 9:10 AM
Then again...it is, after all, Collins ENGLISH Dictionary...not Collins AMERICAN Dictionary!
13/Mar/10 9:13 AM

How about the OED, then, which is not exactly an American tome? And it is the standard reference for masters of spelling. Collins is more suited to people reading blogs, I think.

"no-one" isn't recognized in the OED (or in Merriam-Webster).

13/Mar/10 9:17 AM
And just to set things straight, who depends on whom? Spellmaster still rules!
13/Mar/10 9:18 AM

Well, that settles it then. Were you and Baz separated at birth?

13/Mar/10 9:24 AM
If, of course, you refer to the pocket OED (for people of limited capacity to absorb the nuances of the language), you are correct. I, however, prefer that work relied upon by the modern interpreters of the language, e.g. and inter alia, the Times newspaper, whose primary source of reference is Collins.
13/Mar/10 9:24 AM
Maen all. This bridge leads to yesterday's Easy puzzle's beach. It was a huge trek to the beach - but well worth it. (We rewarded ourselves with banana pancakes.) Sigh ...
13/Mar/10 9:25 AM
And on that resounding note of victory, I shall now retire.
13/Mar/10 9:26 AM

Pocket editions are for bloggers.

13/Mar/10 9:34 AM
Or people like Walter who just don't give a damn, wouldn't carry even a pocket any-thing.
13/Mar/10 10:04 AM

Hey, no need to get personal.

13/Mar/10 10:11 AM
2:43 Good morning all. Very slow this morning as my eyes are playing up and I'm not focusing properly. It wouldn't do for me to try and walk on that bridge!!!
13/Mar/10 10:18 AM
Sorry, it appears that I interrupted a lively conversation.
13/Mar/10 10:23 AM
I think I'd go with that jeb too, two, to, tu, dos, duo...
13/Mar/10 10:32 AM
and tutu....
13/Mar/10 10:33 AM
If I used my loaf of bread I'm sure I wouldn't be Todd Sloane.
13/Mar/10 10:35 AM
Good morning. Nice to see some "old" characters here - with "old" referring to neither their chronological age not their attitude to life!
13/Mar/10 10:55 AM
Wrong Walter, Walter. I don't patronize Wal-mart. Are you the guy that opens the door or the one that doesn't know the answers to questions?
13/Mar/10 10:59 AM
Spellmaster - sometimes I post comments one day after another for days without any acknowledgement that I exist. I sometimes need to ask people if they can read my messages, because it seems possible they appear only to me and are blocked from others' eyes. People get locked into cliquey exchanges, More...
13/Mar/10 11:02 AM

Jeb, I'm the guy who greets you with a Walther PPK...
13/Mar/10 11:03 AM
I'm complete and unabridged rather like todays photograph...and I'm not going to turn over a new leaf for anyone. Next we will be talking about blikis, phlogs, and moblogging...
13/Mar/10 11:04 AM
I'm out of print. Hey Walter are you coming out of your shell?
13/Mar/10 11:07 AM

Waiter, where's my maraschino?

13/Mar/10 11:14 AM

or was that mara-schino?

13/Mar/10 11:17 AM

Up the Republic!

13/Mar/10 11:21 AM
It seems like a chameleon is talking to itself in neologisms
13/Mar/10 11:31 AM
1.50 Not in a million years would I cross that bridge! For one, I have Monty Python visions of Tim!
13/Mar/10 11:57 AM
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