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Easy Sudoku for 13/April/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Yesterday's tough puzzle is the subject of THREE new blog pages.

There is much to learn from yesterday's puzzle. True Tough Puzzle Sudoku provers may find it a gold mine of information.

On the other hand, it may be too much information. Stop by, and let me know what you More...
12/Apr/07 9:56 PM
Hello everyone
13/Apr/07 12:01 AM
everyone. Sunny and fresh snow!
13/Apr/07 12:02 AM
1:51 Maen. Happy guy?
13/Apr/07 12:02 AM
2:22 Good evening everyone - is this one of our regulars handsome young man?
13/Apr/07 12:03 AM
good morning everyone. hope you are are good and going to have a great day.
13/Apr/07 12:08 AM
Morning all! Nice picture, who is it? In the middle of a snow storm here. So much for spring!
13/Apr/07 12:10 AM
Good Maen! The photo looks like the guy from the American TV show called 'Phil of the Future'.
13/Apr/07 12:11 AM
Good morning to all! That's not me. I'm younger looking!
13/Apr/07 12:11 AM
C Greg - Get to work!
13/Apr/07 12:12 AM
Oh Greg and there was me thinking you'd at last posted your likeness!!!!!!!!!
13/Apr/07 12:12 AM
Nice smile. Looks like a cheerful fellow.
13/Apr/07 12:14 AM
Good morning everyone. We have a beautiful day ahead of us--warm (80F), sunny, etc, but,boy did we ever have some thunderstorms overnight. Finally washed the pollen off the cars.
Have a wonderful and fulfilling day/night wherever you are.
13/Apr/07 12:15 AM
Nice looking fella. Grey, gloomy so-called spring day here. Snow predicted again tonight and tomorrow.
13/Apr/07 12:19 AM
2:20, Just reading yesterdays posts, I used to dance in a former lifetime, not much line dancing, couples dancing, ballroom, disco, c/w, rock and roll. My wife went out with me back then cause I COULD dance, after we got married she was too tired from work to go dancing. I could probably learn line dancing, also used to be a good clogger. But I am that tap, I mean type.
13/Apr/07 12:20 AM
weather report, it's sunny and headed up to mid 70's today and 70 with severe thunderstorms tomorrow. Texas weather is unpredictable.
13/Apr/07 12:22 AM
Good Maen easy puzzle today
13/Apr/07 12:27 AM
Sunny ... and sunny here!

CG ... if you were any younger-looking than this handsome young man, you would still be a twinkle in your father's eye!
13/Apr/07 12:28 AM
2.15...talk about unpredictable weather...in toronto today is rainy, but at least we didn't get the 6 inches of snow predicted yesterday. unseasonable cold here. still in the 30's\40's (7 degrees Celsius)
13/Apr/07 12:29 AM
A very colorful photo. Nice looking young man.
13/Apr/07 12:30 AM
Hello Mo - Nite Mo xx hope all is well with you... time to snooze...
13/Apr/07 12:31 AM
Hi everyone.
Please if any one know who is this handsome young man ,let me know.!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks in advance.
13/Apr/07 12:31 AM
Sleep tight Billy
13/Apr/07 12:37 AM
Oooooh, he's cute!!!
13/Apr/07 12:43 AM
It's ironic that LK is encouraging someone else to get to work!? LOL!!!!
13/Apr/07 12:48 AM
Actually, with his coloring, LIZBABY, he looks like he could be one of yours! But you're way too young ...
13/Apr/07 12:48 AM
Hello All, hope you have a great day
13/Apr/07 12:50 AM
I am working Libby, scanning photos of the senior short one for her party! Hard to pick myself up off the floor from laughing
13/Apr/07 12:53 AM
Everyone. Wow never realised how many great Country and Western Songs are out there. Got a little carried away and forgot the time.
Well have finally made my choice and decided on Dolly and Kenny - Islands in the Stream.
Have a great day/night everyone.
13/Apr/07 12:57 AM
everyone...overcast and showers on and off but warmer.
Angie, , there was a special on our Country Music Television yesterday. The 100 Greatest Duets. Dolly and Kenny were picked #1 and were there at the taping to sing it. I will enjoy the original when I go to you page...Thanks
13/Apr/07 1:12 AM
Everyone. Sign me up for the line dancing classes! It looks like so much fun, but I'm not sure I could keep up with all those steps & turns. My bags, racquets, shoes, etc. are packed & ready to go to Daytona in about an hour. We have our schedule for the weekend: Fri. 8 AM we More...
13/Apr/07 1:16 AM
New You Tube... the Beatles. Enjoy!
13/Apr/07 1:18 AM
That's a good one for sure, ANGIE and DAVE. Dave, where did Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's ''Let's Make Love'' come in? I love that one.
13/Apr/07 1:31 AM
LK: Took the day off. You sent your messy snow up here, but it's mixed with rain and we're icing up.

Judy: This says it all!
13/Apr/07 1:40 AM
2:16 and greetings to the happy person in the photo. We're up to our you-know-whats in rain here and I've just come back from the mechanic's, two hundred bucks lighter. This is shaping up to be a fine day ...
13/Apr/07 1:43 AM
Dolly and Kenny, great stuff.

Kathy, have a great time in Daytona.
13/Apr/07 1:51 AM
Dave from OR/AZ,
Is that a Columbine on your flicker photo slideshow?
13/Apr/07 1:53 AM
Judy, they were in the top 20. I think somewhere around 15-16. Wonderful song. I'll try to find it on YouTube. I found another one I will post later....
13/Apr/07 2:02 AM
Nicki, yes it is. A couple years ago, we were Jeeping in the mountains south of Ouray CO and found a bunch of them.
13/Apr/07 2:06 AM
Good Thursday Maen, all!

Off to run errands before lunch with Mom, starting with a quick peek in here so see what everyone's been up to...
13/Apr/07 2:08 AM
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