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Easy Sudoku for 13/April/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Oh, look it is time.
13/Apr/11 11:10 AM
I think I was pushed again. First time by a possium. Let me see who helped me over this time.
13/Apr/11 11:10 AM
At least it it "Faar meetin" night, so I can get online and do what I need to do, and watch DWTS instead of cranky men yelling at each other.
13/Apr/11 11:11 AM
Thanks for looking it up. Even though I am sitting here doing anything but what I am supposed to be doing.
Thanks for the push too.
And I think I would be watching that website too, just to see if there is any changes.
13/Apr/11 11:13 AM
Looks like I rustled ya on up and over!
13/Apr/11 11:13 AM
Karen, I think we broke it again. This is a lot of work I am doing. It will involve phone calls tomorrow also. Technology has made things easier?
13/Apr/11 12:05 PM
Sorry, went off to do the mommy thing, then stop off and cleaned that room, which lead to getting what clothes I can find for the Things to wear tomorrow, which lead, picking up an arm load of toys out of the floor in the living room to take to the play room (that does not make sense to me), which I found more clothes that should be in the pending to be wash pile...oh it is never ending.
13/Apr/11 12:20 PM
Sorry Karen - I got side-tracked.
A punnet, here in Australia, is a small cube-shaped clear plastic lidded container. We mainly get strawberries and cherry tomatoes in them. Probably similar to SB's green baskets.
13/Apr/11 12:26 PM
Thanks CynB. Not a problem. I could have looked it up, but the "I don't want to's" have hit me big time. This is a terrible disease that hits at the worst time, like when I really need to do.

We have them over here too and at one time I may have known the name of the containers, but my poor brain cell could not find it in the filing system.
13/Apr/11 12:35 PM
HI Ladies!
I am currently munching on chipotle caramel with almonds popcorn. A peculiar experience since it's sweet but hot! Something about Aztecan, Mayan or Incan about it.
13/Apr/11 12:40 PM
My dinner tonight came in those punnets. Fried tofu with pickled ginger, kimpira (stirfried burdock roots), and rice. Yummy! Bet some of you are thinking what the heck? Asian dinner with a dessert of American popcorn with South American flavor.
13/Apr/11 12:43 PM
Very international Shosho
13/Apr/11 12:45 PM
We're so cosmopolitan here that we get rather mixed up. Kind of fun when you have Italian pizza with Chinese chicken salad. Or English shepherd pie with Korean radish wraps.
13/Apr/11 12:46 PM
Hey Rola! How goes it down south, waaaay south!
13/Apr/11 12:47 PM
Good Shosho, finally cooler temps here in the West, Autumn has finally arrived.
Just keep on mentioning food, I need inspiration on what to feed feeding the tribe this evening!
About to head off to do the Grocery Shopping, no doubt I will come home with a punnet or two of Strawberries, tomatoes..

13/Apr/11 12:51 PM
Have fun shopping!
13/Apr/11 1:07 PM
Rolanda - I, too, need inspiration for dinner tonight. Shosho's meals sound wonderful but I have my son and 2 of his girls coming for dinner and kids are so picky. It'll probably be just beef lasagne and salad and maybe waffles for dessert - might not be adventurous but I know what my grandies will eat!
13/Apr/11 1:10 PM
Was not as ambitous as ShoSho, I prepared chili dogs. In a way you could say there was some umph in my thought for dinner, the chili was not out of a can.
And we are still eating cake, which I believe this might be the last night that poor cake. Thing II eats more in sneaking off with pieces, than she does when I serve her some.
13/Apr/11 1:25 PM
Guess, it taste better when you are not supposed to be getting cake. Or she might know about calories don't count, if you keep moving while picking pieces off the cake.
13/Apr/11 1:26 PM
100 at midnight.
13/Apr/11 2:00 PM
Good night people of the world.
13/Apr/11 2:18 PM
Afternoon all, I'm sorry but for the life of me I can not see that frog and yes I do have my glasses on, its just a blob on the wall to me.
The cool weather has hit with a vengence I had to put the doona back on the bed yesterday.
13/Apr/11 2:33 PM
I don't think I'll trade hubby in just yet he arrived home from golf with some prawns for our lunch.Yum!
13/Apr/11 2:35 PM
Back from the Grocery shops..
Have decided to make Chicken and Rice, with Steamed Veg for this evenings Meal.
First need to put the Groceries away, and make some lunch for moi.
13/Apr/11 2:55 PM
On second thoughts.. am heading to Amelia's for lunch!
13/Apr/11 2:56 PM
106 at 1:06. I better go, now.
13/Apr/11 3:06 PM

Two old guys talking, Captain J and HalT.

Capt'n said to the Hal: "My 73rd birthday yesterday. Girlfriend gave me an SUV".

Hal: "Wow, that's amazing! Imagine, an SUV! What a great gift!"

Captain J: "Yup! Socks, Underwear and Viagra!"
13/Apr/11 3:09 PM
I have just picked the first of the 'Winter' veges for dinner tonight. Silver beet ( Swiss Chard) is ready to start picking quickly. I think it will be a while for the cabbages and broccoli to be ready to pick but we still have 4 green veges to go with the chicken schnitzels tonight. No dessert as none of us need it at all.
13/Apr/11 5:01 PM
I have also got the final approval and theatre date from the specialist for the removal of a BCC from my face. All Summer hiding from the sun but it will be fixed for me in May.
13/Apr/11 5:04 PM
Best wishes Tricia ♥
13/Apr/11 5:06 PM
Must be Ladies Day on site today. Of the 110 comments so far only 3 from any that have test tickles. giggle!
13/Apr/11 5:59 PM
and Byom makes four??
13/Apr/11 7:34 PM
Good afternoon one and all!

13/Apr/11 7:35 PM
Well, I got the 113 because there's no other person around.
13/Apr/11 7:35 PM
Hi Girls,

This is a test.

It may tickle your fancy.

Or something.

No giggles, now.
13/Apr/11 8:36 PM
Hmmmm! When are we supposed to laugh, Neil?
13/Apr/11 8:37 PM
13/Apr/11 8:42 PM
Also, I have just heard from Rayray. As Broni said recently, he is 'OK but busy'.

I will bet that he is quaking in his boots for the comments he receives when he returns.
13/Apr/11 8:44 PM
You think he might cause a major tremor, Neil?
13/Apr/11 8:57 PM
2.30 We get those little frogs around here too. Hubby took a fabulous photo of one sitting in the middle of a pink rose, great contrast.
Admittedly though, this does look like a blob of chewy on the wall!
13/Apr/11 9:06 PM
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