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Easy Sudoku for 13/May/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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13/May/08 7:08 AM
Shall I?
13/May/08 7:09 AM
Drat! Missed!
13/May/08 7:09 AM
Kathy, absolutely love smiling your cat!
13/May/08 7:10 AM
Sorry... just walked in, it was there and I went for it!
13/May/08 7:11 AM
Great pig, too!
13/May/08 7:12 AM
Don't be sorry, Shiela. I am too slow trying to find my flying witch, and I miss it all the time!
Here, I'll let her loose just for fun...
13/May/08 7:17 AM
She needed the exercise!
I have collected pigs for years. My kitchen is filled with them (of the ceramic variety, too!)
Seemed appropriate to find some for avatars.
13/May/08 7:23 AM
Hi Eve, thanks improving every day. Still a mystery to the Doctors but what else would you expect from a flying Basset. Oh well body heal thyself! hehe!
13/May/08 7:26 AM
Hmmm! Glad she made it out! hate to see what would happen if a witch got a cramp!
13/May/08 7:27 AM
Not Broni! ....Kathy's witch!
13/May/08 7:28 AM
Broni, "The doctor will see you now!"
13/May/08 7:33 AM
Sure sure Shiela....tell us what you really think....LOL
p.s....I knew you were taking about Kathy's witch all the time
13/May/08 7:34 AM
BTW....A great big note of appreciation to all who extended birthday wishes to Mike....You do make me feel good to be able to tell my family members how kind an thoughtful my Sudoku family is, and it never fails to amaze them to hear of your thoughtful acts. So from all who have been the recipients More...
13/May/08 7:41 AM
This is a Hi and good night. We are spending the day tomorrow in stores like IKEA pricing up kitchens and bathrooms so as to get some idea of the budget we need to set for the house. So I need a good nights sleep and comfortable shoes tomorrow.
13/May/08 7:43 AM
13/May/08 7:46 AM
I am off to fix dinner
Have a good everyone!
13/May/08 7:48 AM
Hey Kathy, tell the Doc to point that thing at someone else! I am needle shy now...thanks all the same.
13/May/08 7:59 AM
2.11 did they dance up a storm before the football match started
wishing you a very happy birthday
13/May/08 8:18 AM
Hello, Everyone!
If you have a moment, send a message of support to Jano. Her country, Lebanon, is suffering again. For some time now, Jano and her hubby have been planning a trip to the US to visit eldest son, cousins, and fellow Sudokophiles. At this time, the airport in Beirut is closed More...
13/May/08 8:28 AM
Shosho. I hope you have the best day ever & you have no more parental worries for the whole year!
13/May/08 8:44 AM
To Shosho
And Gath for yesterday. Have some yummy cake and put your feet up...
13/May/08 8:59 AM
Shosho, may you have wonderful .

Orianne, have the greatest time camping.
13/May/08 9:15 AM
Shosho. Enjoy your day.
Orianne - More...
13/May/08 9:22 AM
Back from golf after battling 30 MPH winds gusting another 10 to 15. Always good for a laugh watching balls do things in the air and on the green that defy ordinary physics.

Sorry I wasn't there to tell you CG. If you don't offer to share a beer with the moose, he gets into a horrible More...
13/May/08 9:44 AM
Jeb - was going to suggest that the moose wear garlic around his neck for protection but to the French, garlic around his neck will suggest a recipe for fresh garlic sauteed moose.
13/May/08 9:53 AM
I hope you are all having an amazing day/night wherever you may be in this most wonderful world of ours.
13/May/08 9:58 AM
Chalkboard - Thank you for the "heads-up."
13/May/08 10:47 AM
13/May/08 11:02 AM
Tick tock, tick tock. Since I last posted, it's been almost 2 hours, and there's been 6 posts. The whole world's gone dormant.
13/May/08 11:04 AM
Shosho, may you have a birthday celebration plenty of joy
13/May/08 11:06 AM
2.10 I wonder how long those costumes took to sew, Angie!
13/May/08 11:22 AM

Tomorrow will be my last day on the cp and tonight I took a peek and to my surprise, I received so many lovely messages from you people!
It makes me want to but no I will More...
13/May/08 11:54 AM
To all of you in sudokuland: Have a great summer!
13/May/08 11:56 AM
Eve, do you really think CG got one of those "permission only" invitations? Doesn't sound like it to me. I think it should still be a "go" to keep tabs on her place! Anyway she's going to be too busy basking in the waves & sunshine to check!
13/May/08 11:56 AM
forgot three lovely ladies, my list runneth over my notepad...
Gail....Have a great time but be good until I come back.
If you can't be good...at least be good at it!
13/May/08 11:59 AM
Jano I am so sorry to hear that there is more trouble in Lebanon, stay safe and do get out to visit your son in USA as soon as you can.

Sending you love, Orianne
13/May/08 12:01 PM
Hey, everybody... Our Orianne is leaving us until SEPTEMBER. Maybe we need to have a "Going Away Party" for her! I'll bring the steaks! (She's going to get tired of fish!)
13/May/08 12:02 PM
Oh dear, am I too late to say goodbye to Orianne?? Hope you'll see just a few more comments today.. Have a wonderful, relaxing summer.

to sho sho. And oh yes, haven't told you congratulations on your 5K run, too. Good for you, Grandma!!!
13/May/08 12:04 PM
Hi everyone.
Battling the flu here but about to go and get
the daily paper.
Bye Orianne
13/May/08 12:08 PM
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