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Easy Sudoku for 13/August/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people.
13/Aug/17 12:01 AM
Frangipani, also known as PLUMeria.
13/Aug/17 12:06 AM
13/Aug/17 12:19 AM
Wombat - sent my 1&3 solution. Love how you led us through all 26 letter combos!
13/Aug/17 12:47 AM
Me too, Wombat.
13/Aug/17 1:26 AM
13/Aug/17 2:35 AM
so close . . .
13/Aug/17 2:36 AM
13/Aug/17 2:36 AM
Pretty Frangipani AKA Plumeria!
13/Aug/17 2:37 AM
This day's comments are just too much, too fast - guess I'd better hurry, maybe I can get us to double 1s
13/Aug/17 5:08 AM
Hello Plum(meria), Hal, Shosho & jacalmi - as well as to those with the crowds in line behind; have a good day!
13/Aug/17 5:12 AM
Oh, what a pretty flower. Wonder if they'll grow in NY?
13/Aug/17 5:28 AM
I love frangipani flowers! Absolutely beautiful fragrance 😊
13/Aug/17 6:38 AM
Morning all, my Mums favourite flower.
13/Aug/17 7:22 AM
As usual I will post a second copy of yesterday's poozle. The two J's and several others have rated it as very difficult but 10 people have solved it correctly, close to a record.

AUGUST 12 1&3

This week's Saturday poozle is 1&3 poozle,
I will work through the alphabet giving More...
13/Aug/17 10:01 AM
We've just had a small flock of red browed finches visiting one of our bird baths. They are irregular visitors to our backyard and it is lovely to see them.
13/Aug/17 10:33 AM
I understand the feeling, Wombat - we first started having Orioles make occasional visits 7-8 years ago making absolute fools of themselves trying to balance on the Hummingbird feeders. What gorgeous birds - and I wanted them to stay!
13/Aug/17 11:30 AM
After much research & trying various enticing treats, I found perfect feeders which have indentations for globs of grape jelly... which has brought them back every May for the entire summer.
13/Aug/17 11:33 AM
This summer as well as the previous 2, they have entertained us with their babies' antics trying to negotiate landing on the perches...as well as their indignation after a rainstorm when we're slow to replenish their feeders - that's when they resort to the impossible feat of using the hummingbird feeders!
13/Aug/17 11:42 AM
1:51 Good morning all!
13/Aug/17 11:57 AM
Baltimore and Orchard Orioles frequent our area, but without the feeders we'd surely not spy either species - they blend beautifully into the leafy canopy.
13/Aug/17 11:59 AM
I went searching for a video of the Oriole's distinctive whistling song & their most readily uttered 'chuckchuckchuck' upon arriving at the feeder & I found this one; it also has the Catbird vying for jelly too, which is a common occurrence here too. But we've never had the Rose-breasted Grosbeak More...
13/Aug/17 12:07 PM
Thanks Joyce, That was a really interesting video and led me to spending quite a bit of time looking at bird videos.
13/Aug/17 6:10 PM
Nice video, Joyce. We only see oriole's in the early spring. I thought it was because they were migratory and just passing through, but maybe it's because we don't entice them to stay? Only rarely have I seen the remains of its distinctive nest.
13/Aug/17 9:10 PM
I most definitely did not put that unnecessary apostrophe into that post. Grrrr. Auto'correct' is a misnomer!
13/Aug/17 9:32 PM
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