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Easy Sudoku for 14/January/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Glenn: Thank you for the information. I just don't feel that high! Thanks for sharing the sites, too. Did Florida sink in the middle? You are so much lower than we are.
Morning all, have to get back to you with the elevation for Canberra, and for the part of Sydney I'm currently sitting in. Just about to set off home.
Kathy, thoughts are with you and Rob today.
According to the computer, it is
52 degrees F at 11:52am (low 33, high 61), humidity 13%
pressure 30.19 in HG
visibility 10 mi
wind ENE 13mph
latitude 33N
longitude 117.78904W
elevation 110 feet above sea level
timezone 8

thanks to Glenn for the website tips!
Kathy, so very sorry to hear about your loss. I've had to say good-bye to three cats over the years, and it doesn't get any easier. And I've visited the Rainbow Bridge site--very moving. I know you'll keep a special place in your heart for Munchkin and that you'll be a great and loving owner when your next four-legged companion comes along.
Kathy: Sorry about your loss, as many cats and dogs as we've had, it never gets easier. Our old kitty is 13 this year and we know it's comming, but...
A few hours have passed since I left for the 'desperate cat-food hunt'. The response to today's subject is incredable. It forevermore amazes More...
Kathy and Rob, My thoughts and prayers are with you. Some don't quite 'get it' when we grieve deeply for our pets, but I feel your saddness. It is such a difficult yet loving step that you have taken, so as we do with our human family, remember the good times and keep Munchkin in your hearts More...
2:46~ Regarding the time it takes to do a puzzle, I believe it depends on your connection speed, and on your practice/experience. When I started this site, I was above 4, always. Now I'm almost always under 3, a few times under 2. I've never printed them out to do first, and I don't use any cheats. Everyone is different, though. AND~ It's all for fun anyway, at least for me.
I feel for you and Rob, I don't talk about it much, but I had a Rat Terrier that I had put to sleep, and he was only about 2 years old. I chose to do it after he bit my neice and then me when I intercepted. I tried to keep him for a couple of weeks after that, and he started More...

County Name Salt Lake
Latitude 2
Longitude -111.920964
Elevation 4260
MSA 7160
CBSA 41620
CBSA Division
Population 36943
This is probably stupid, but does anyone know what msa, pmsa, and cbsa stand for? I'm sure I should know, but I don't.
Not sure about the abbreviations and I'm not going anywhere near pmsa with a guess.
Morning all, great picture thought the cactus was someone holding up their arms at first.No idea on the MSL the temp overnight 14C expected 34C today. Have a good weekend everyone.
anew: How are you feeling today? Cough supressed? Fever gone? Infection beaten?
This is as clear as mud:

ZIPList5 MSA is a ZIP code database file listing every active ZIP code currently defined by the US Postal Service. For each ZIP code this database identifies the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) code or Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area (PMSA) More...
Kathy and Rob,
My sincere condolences on losing Munchkin. It's SO hard to lose a beloved pet. I almost go through the grieving the day I adopt them , knowing that chances are, I will outlive them. Maybe I need to get a Parrot. Big hug to you... Bring a picture of her when I see you in Feb...
A blow your mind away photograph!! Wow.
36o 21'06.25' S
146o 20'01.29' E
472 feet above sea level
9am sunday morning
currently 21C heading for a top today of 33C
forecast temps for the next few days are as follows with overnight temps and forecast highs.
gue ss it is More...
Kathy & Rob
it is a dreadful loss when one of your pets dies and worse still when you have to make that decision.
Munchkin, no doubt had a great life with you and gave you much happiness in return. but you cant wish them to live in pain so the decision was right for munchkin.

Kathy and Rob: I'm sure your lives and Munchkins were better for having shared time together. What a difficult decision it must have been for you. Be thankful for your memories. Hopefully the passage of time will ease the hurt you're feeling.
Chalkboard From FL, US~

Thanks for the definition/description!

Today, I still have the backup drainage/cough. Fever is gone, been gone for a while I think. I'm only speculating here, because I haven't seen the doctor again, but I believe it's 50/50 on the infection being beaten. More...
Okay, I forgot, in all the excitement of comments i made earlier~ I wanted to share that, the picture of the ARIZONA sunset is beautiful, AND~
It's one of the reasons why ARIZONA has been and is my FAVORITE state to live in. I lived in Mesa, and Phoenix several times ~ There was ALWAYS a More...
Kathy..I will e-mail you some pics that you may find offensive, strange or comforting.
Mark's sister and her husband had to have their beloved 'Easton' put to sleep November 2005. He was a kelpie/labrador cross and their child. There was a funeral with an open white coffin where we all put a More...
Tonight will be the night that the Eagles win their second playoff game against New Orleans! Fly Eagles Fly!! I'm dressed in my Eagles green, with my Eagles shirt on, my pennants are flying on my car,and we're ready to watch the game. Hopefully we can get to the Superbowl. Stranger things have happenedso why not!!!
Eagles - Chargers in the Superbowl, MAMACITA?? Would that be cool, or what?
To Judy San Diego the pnly level you need to be on is the straight and narrow
message to jeb to say iam on a level of 8 beers and 6 rum & cokes right now but soon i'll be on a level of my bed so if its above or below sea level it dont matter but i do know that tomorrow my head will be swimming
You're absolutely right, JAKE.

Are you really that plastered right now? If so, please don't drive, and don't hurt anyone.
Perth is 20m above sea level and going to be 33 degrees today - ugh!
Pretty picture- I have never been to Arizona.

Kathy/Valrico - I am very sorry to hear about your little Munchkin.
3:39 pretty good time for me. Love the cactus picture. Born and raised in Philly. Go Eagles.
Hi Mel,just got back from an early morning walk (and brekkie)on Cottesloe and the beach is already packed. It's so beautiful walking by the sea.
Jeb - Our house is 10 feet above mean low water level - on an estuary off the Gulf of Mexico.
Kathy - Understanding your tears. I am sorry for the loss of you little one.
The altitude here is 126 ft. Our temp is only 46 F. It is cold and supposed to get down to 20 tonight. I have Christmas lights in my orange trees to try and keep them from freezing. This is really cold for us.
Even though Denver is the Mile High City, my house is at about 5675' above sea level. I guess that means that anyone who wants to join the Mile High Club can come visit me!
Kathy and Rob my heart grieves with yours for Munchkin. I know how difficult it is to put a beloved pet down. You did the right thing for her but it still doesn't lessen the pain. I had to put my dog down. She was 14 years old and in terrible pain. I cried all day then I asked the Lord to use my tears for someone who has no one to cry for them. Now I have two great dogs who adore me as I do them.
Judy: Having lived the last 22 years in MA, I'm seriously hoping that you don't get your wish! Go Pats!!!
Kathy/Valrica, so sorry to hear of the loss of Munchkin. It is so hard to lose a beloved pet. That hole will be hard to fill. My heart goes out to you.
Can any of you Aussies tell me about a wine called ''Maddie's Perch''? I was at the liquor store today and purchased a couple of bottles of ''Black Swan''. I saw those and they piqued my interest because of the name and the label. Are they any good, or are the Australia's version of Boone's Farm?
Kathy - I'm so sorry at the loss of your sweet Munchkin,unfortunately we have to endure the pain of losing them, but the joy they bring us outweighs our pain
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