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Easy Sudoku for 14/November/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Victorian Sudokuists To Be Let Loose On Melbourne
Friday 15th Dec
7.30 meet up - for an 8pm Dinner
All Welcome - Lurkers, More...

Regulars, Sometimers,

Please post whether you will attend by 20th November More...
Good morning all.
Interstate and Overseas visitors welcome
Is this our first picture with a comment?
Cute! to everyone.
3:22. Sure is a cute pup!
3:19 Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

Have a heart that never hardens,
and a temper that never tires,
and a touch that never hurts.
Good morning to all! No Keith, we've had a few now with comments, but this is the first dog picture on the site!
3:03 good evening everyone.
good afternoon one and all 13.15pm its early doors on this one not many around this time of day
mAen to all.
Claude from France: Fiona and I posted a comment apiece at the end of yesterday's session. Hope you caught them!
I read that Vegemite was made from the 'sludge' leftover during the beer making process. I'm interested in it cause its got a lot of vitamin B in it and I'm always low on B and D with my blood tests. Borderline anemic too although I'm better now since I eat meat a lot more now.
Cute pup, nice to wake up to this morn.
Liz - don't all these 'spreads' just remind you of tar!
Maen, all. Hoping the group in Perth are recovering nicely. It was a bit far for me to come. I am afraid to ask, but what is Vegemite, really??? Primordial ooze?
Still November 13 here on the east coast of the USA, so its is still 'my' day. Thanks to all who have wished me Happy Birthday on the site! When I lived in the north, I always needed to wear a coat on my birthday; not needed here in sunny Florida. Now for my birthday brekky: Vegemite on toast!
Hey, Jim! Enjoy your special day!
I think it must be my bedtime after my long drive today.
Good night all.
Jim from Jupiter! Think this might be a special one this year. Hope Jaz will make sure you get a yummy birthday cake & load it up with 's! How many will there be in the big blaze?
Good Maen! Nice dog... two personalities?
3:30 Happy looking dog. Overcast, dreary day here ...
Timer 00:02:55
I have a 'I Hate Marmite' badge given to me by the makers of marmite when doing the love it, hate it campaign in England a few years ago! I wear it with pride the 'stuff' is detestable!! I think if it was spread on the roads it would uproot the tarmac!!
HBD, Jim, and to your twin Whoopie Goldberg!

I see that pup has a handler in a striped polo
and they're both in front of venetian blinds.
Thank goodness the dog doesn't have stripes too.
As it is, with those horizontal lines in the
background it's making him look bigger than he is.
I tend to like things that other people dont like..like pickeled herring, sushi, cavier. I imagine vegemite is kinda like the same. your not so sure at first but after you've tried it maybe 3 or 4 times you'll know if you like it. some things i've tried and just cant handle though. like raw More...
And another thing about Vegemite is that people who eat lots of it are less likely to attract mosquitos. Something to do with the vitamin B

From - I'm still here - maybe the Aliens havn't been yet....
this was funnnn
Are Rocky Mountain oysters fresh water oysters?

How did they get their name?
Hugh, Rocky Mountain oysters are actually beef testicels...I think given name cause they're roughly size and shape of oysters...and obviously no oysters grow in rocky mountains so a person from (US) wouldnt mistake them for being seafood. Some people like them. To me..and I'm pretty open and dont More...
Cute dog. Beautiful morning here is the Sequoia Natl. Forest. Sunny, cool fall day.
HUGH: I can't believe that you are still here!!!

Nor can I believe that you had the ... um ... you know ... to ask about the R.M. Oysters! LOL
G'morning, KEITH. Have a safe trip home!
Time is despicable, for the puzzle, that is...otherwise time is OK, though somewhat crueler as you get older. Cute poochie.
Angela, Yes Vegemite contains a lot of Vitamin B, http://www.vegemite.com.au/index.cfm?fuseaction=VitaminB.wel come Not sure where you are in Dallas but Central Market carries Vegemite.
Judy - Nor can I - I just don't know how they missed me......possibly considered me as breeding stock and left me here.
Judy - I didn't have a clue what RM oysters were. As you can see I thought they may have been fresh water. I am wiser now though, thanks to Angela.

So... you Yanks can have a laugh at my expense.
Thanks Judy...about to head out.
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