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Easy Sudoku for 14/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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HELLO -It is 7am CST US and I am ready to go - no coffee though.
3:47 Hi everyone. Have a good day Sudoku people
2:32 getting in my sudoku before I head out Christmas shopping. Should be an adventure!
Complete 6:35 - not bad for me - Interresting City seen - Where is it? From the Middle-East?
Hi everyone
Good to have the new puzzle coming earlier now.

Susan don't worry I'm coming..and I think Col is too - it's a sacrifice of course, but we can't possibly leave you there all on your own to handle so many men in uniform. Dennis hi, could you please make sure our rooms are ready? Nothing too lavish -just a few cases of bolly and a richly upholstered chaise longue or two...
6:03. very slow huh
Hi everyone. 2:59 - First time under 3 min in a week. I've been lurking here for a few weeks and wanted to say hello.
Sudoku - a good way to wake up my brain!
3:08 not a good time. Any reason why the games are changing about a half hour or so earlier.
Love the photo, have been some really interesting ones on the last few days. Keep it up
forgot to mention - I'll bring my dancing belly.. (it's a bit hard to leave it behind)
Good Morning everyone in Sudoku world. it's 7:30am cst US. going to be 64f today. Hard to get in the Christmas spirit. Have a great day.
4:29 nice =)
Room for improvement.
afternoon all. I asked yesterday if anyone had been to Tulum in Mexico as I'm heading there in January - thanks for your reply Kathy/Valrico. Just wanted to know if it was a nice place, what there was to do, that sort of thing. It's a trip with my husband's work as a thank you, so the idea is basically to relax on the beach! Lucky us!!
evening all
1:47 Start at 8's and work backwards
2.55 Hello everyone. Hi B from P, glad you're back. Is everything OK?
Did you know that Santa's elves are just a bunch of subordinate clauses?
Jim/J check out 21/10 on tough ?first sighting QRP and 25/10 on hard for KRP and THE proposal
222, welcome Diane, i've been absent for awhile, too busy trying to remove the ice sheets from my property...
quite cold this AM but no shoveling.
This is new to me - not sure if I have the patience!!
2:52 Pretty cold here too...supposed to get more snow on Thursday night...hopefully the kids will still have school on Friday though!
It is 27oC here - feel sorry for you poor people........
It is very cold here today. Lisa are your shopping adventures with or without Liam? Austin is still a pretty good shopper. We alternate from the stroller to the Byjorn.
2:06 this morning, in the middle of my time range
it's just started snowing here - first of the season
6:00 exactly...not to hard tho im a beginner
2:17 - my best ever, no aids. Missed this site, computer broke down and I went through Sudoku withdrawal!
I know Somerton well. Belonged to the swim club up there back in the 60s. I grew up in Parkwood, which was a nice place to live back then, not like it is today! Two and half years ago I got married and moved to the main line. Now I'm getting divorced but still live up here, at least for a little while longer.
Morning all/or evening/day, hope you are all well. not to bad for today as it is now midnight here.
A few very bad puns:

What did the fish say when he hit a concrete wall? Dam!

What happens when you illegally park a frog? It gets toad away.

And, for our Aussie friends: What do you call a boomerang that doesn't work? A stick.
2.50 one of my better times
where is that castle thingy, it looks to be in eastern europe or russia somwere. 2.53
Good morning y'all ... how is everyone.
Salut Fiona. tu en as de la chance d'aller au Mexique en janvier!Il y fait certainement plus chaud qu'ici. Nous n'avons pas de neige. je reviens d'Ikea (sapin, boules(!),déco, bougies).
Je passe consciencieusement les feuilles de géranium au liquide vaisselle dilué(Fiona's garden heading:How to kill greenflies).Pour l'instant la plante supporte bien.
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