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Easy Sudoku for 14/February/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Ding Ding Ding
14/Feb/12 3:14 AM
to your Mom, Karen.

to Andre, Orianne. You are both going through the worst kind of nightmare. I hope something improves.
14/Feb/12 3:56 AM
14/Feb/12 3:58 AM
I would like to thank everybody for the warm and wonderful Birthday greetings and wishes I received.
14/Feb/12 3:59 AM
HI all! I feel as though I'm chasing the clock today...anyway, to the other day's poozle - I finally forced the inbox open and found correct answers from Heidi, Jamie, Kathy, HalT, CG, Capt. J, Tricia, Meg, Sarah, June, Grasshopper, Lone, Peter and Mo. Sorry I was so late getting back to you.
14/Feb/12 4:17 AM
We had snow this morning, we're supposed to be having more tonight. At least it's not minus 13 like the other night, can't take this cold much longer!
14/Feb/12 4:19 AM
Here's a science one for you today...answers to the "marble balls no laughing" inbox please!

Lost in the woods, you come upon a mysterious stranger who hands you two large spheres made of two kinds of opaque marble. The spheres look the same, are the same size and have the same More...
14/Feb/12 4:21 AM
Good mAen, all! 3:30 appointment with the endodontist today. Is a root canal in my future? I hope not! I've never had one before and hoped I'd never have to have one.
14/Feb/12 4:50 AM
Karen - hope the results from your mother's chemo are good. I'm so sorry she's having to go through this - again. Positive thoughts heading west!
14/Feb/12 4:52 AM
..an easy poozle today, for those who know balls.
14/Feb/12 4:58 AM
Thamk you for your well wishes for my family. Seems this past year, I have asked a lot from my friends in here and I do apprieciate all of your support.
Tried to contact Mom to see how her appointment wemnt, but no response, hope she is just not answering her phone and not still there.
Off to the other site, to see if my brother or sister have heard anything.
14/Feb/12 5:10 AM
Jane.... they're not as bad as you hear. I've had 15 of them, as well aw 3 apicos. The root canals give you complete relief by removing the abscess and the nerve. I always hope for them instead of antibiotics and pain pills alone.
14/Feb/12 5:14 AM
Well, I am hoping the antibiotics will take care of the problem. The affected tooth - which my dentist says is in good shape - is completely covered with a gold crown. He said the endodontist would drill through the crown to get to the root. Then the dentist will fill the hole. I don't like the idea of anybody messing with my $1,000 gold tooth!!!
14/Feb/12 6:11 AM
I also have, by the way, a gold inlay in the tooth directly above. That work was done by a dentist in Chicago more than 45 years ago, and it's still going strong!
14/Feb/12 6:13 AM
I probably shouldn't be revealing all this information. Someone might bonk me over the head and steal my gold teeth! (Axe murderers, maybe????)
14/Feb/12 6:14 AM
You know that there are a lot of axe murderers here, Jane.
14/Feb/12 6:19 AM
Today is National Adoption Tax Credit day!
14/Feb/12 6:46 AM
Good afternoon to all! That croc seems to have lost some of it's back end, and a clean cut by the looks of it. Was Crocdile Dundee in the area?
14/Feb/12 7:26 AM
Eve, I had seen most of those before, but it was fun reading them again. Thanks for the post.
14/Feb/12 7:27 AM
Good Morning All.
Happy Valentines Day
14/Feb/12 7:28 AM
Hi Broni! How's life treating you and yours?
14/Feb/12 7:30 AM
With regard to Orianne's post, she has been 'home nursing' André for quite some time now, and that has been very hard on both her and her normal lifestyle, as she rarely gets out. As Ottawa natives, we have kept in touch by email. Please keep her in your thoughtds and prayers, as it has been a long hard road for her and André to travel.
14/Feb/12 7:34 AM
14/Feb/12 7:35 AM
Karen, I am wishing your mother the best!
14/Feb/12 7:37 AM
2:07 more chicken!
14/Feb/12 7:53 AM
Hello everyone!
all for the birthday wishes! This one is a BIG one (for me, anyway!!) - 60!
I will get to your pages with a thank you, but it may take a couple of days!!! So here's another & a slice of
14/Feb/12 8:18 AM
Life is good thanks Greg, and you good self?
14/Feb/12 8:20 AM
I think iguana tastes better than croc. Or chicken.
14/Feb/12 8:20 AM
Cheers Kate!
14/Feb/12 8:21 AM
Kate. A milestone indeed.

Hi broni. Nice to run into you on both sites.
14/Feb/12 8:47 AM
2.29 good morning all. Happy Valentine's day everyone.
14/Feb/12 9:00 AM
Wishing the best for your mother, Karen.
14/Feb/12 9:52 AM
And for your tooth, Jane.
14/Feb/12 9:53 AM
14/Feb/12 9:53 AM
Kate, Celebrate, it's your special day.
14/Feb/12 10:26 AM
Orianne, I'm sending my thoughts and prayers for you and Andre.
14/Feb/12 10:28 AM
Good morning every body.
Happy Valentines Day to all that are romantically inclined
14/Feb/12 11:32 AM
Don't forget to alert the MFB before lighting the candles
14/Feb/12 11:39 AM
I think it's
14/Feb/12 11:55 AM
time. I don't want Karen
14/Feb/12 11:55 AM
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