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Easy Sudoku for 14/February/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people.
14/Feb/18 12:01 AM
Very Happy Birthday, Kate!!
14/Feb/18 12:07 AM
Also, thanks for the Botany lesson!
14/Feb/18 12:14 AM
14/Feb/18 1:09 AM
And Kate.
14/Feb/18 1:59 AM


14/Feb/18 3:15 AM
Happy Birthday, Kate!
Our Sudoku lady with an eye for great photos!
She's so good, she probably has two eyes for great photos!
14/Feb/18 3:23 AM
(Snagged for Shosho!)
14/Feb/18 3:24 AM
Sunny today! Yippee!
14/Feb/18 3:24 AM
I was intrigued by Peter's ECCO. I found some interesting facts about the first ''modern'' Olympics in 1896.....

The Olympic Committee President considered female participation ''indecent''. He contended that ''Female applause should be the reward for the exaltation of male athletes''. More...
14/Feb/18 3:28 AM
Everybody!! Almost !
14/Feb/18 4:11 AM
14/Feb/18 4:33 AM
Thank you, Shiela! Here's flying your way!
14/Feb/18 4:34 AM
Kate! And to everybody else. As is usual for me, I have kids coming to class in just a few minutes. I do appreciate my infrequent visits, though.
14/Feb/18 4:50 AM
The Olympic trivia I had forgotten but Peter's ECCO revealed was the demise of the Summer & Winter Olympics being in the same year, ending in 1992.
14/Feb/18 5:19 AM
I surely hope Kate has internet service long enough to stop by & find all her wishes & photo accolades today - here are mine:


Miss having you visit regularly, but are often reminded of your devotion to this site with frequent appearances of your delightful photos!
14/Feb/18 5:24 AM
DotCom - now your joke is even funnier!
14/Feb/18 5:25 AM
14/Feb/18 6:15 AM
Morning all, another great photo from Kate.
Kate, hope you find a cool spot to celebrate today.
14/Feb/18 6:20 AM
An ECCO for those who found yesterday's version too hard....

Plum, Hal, Arachnid, Joyce, Wombat and Kathy need not apply.

This weeks ECCO has an Olympic theme.
Name the city where the Olympics were held.
Includes both summer and winter Olympic cities.

B-------- (9) – More...
14/Feb/18 7:48 AM
Where's Keith...?
14/Feb/18 7:48 AM
14/Feb/18 7:49 AM
My work here is done, back to the doctors to get this damn monitor off.....See yah!
14/Feb/18 7:50 AM
Yea ... well ...
14/Feb/18 7:55 AM
14/Feb/18 9:00 AM
Good afternoon to all! Be happy and stay smiling!
14/Feb/18 9:06 AM
Happy Birthday Kate and may you keep posting pictures for many years to come
14/Feb/18 9:36 AM
I always assumed the site was loaded with Kate's photos from the beginning. How else can there have been so many of them all these years?
Well, however it happened, thanks, Kate, and Happy Birthday!
14/Feb/18 9:49 AM
Do you think the cardiologist will be able to measure Peter's heartfelt commitment to the Sudokuland community?

(He will if he does an ECCOcardiogram. )
14/Feb/18 10:54 AM
Even Peter's heart should skip merrily today of all days. Everyone hug and kiss your loved ones.
14/Feb/18 11:08 AM
all. Ha Ha Plum!
14/Feb/18 11:09 AM
Already did that Plum. I try to do it every day.
14/Feb/18 1:28 PM
Beer time.
14/Feb/18 1:29 PM
Guess I'll drink alone. Even though that's not a good idea.
14/Feb/18 2:18 PM
Sorry HalT, story of my life, half hour late again. Cheers
14/Feb/18 2:45 PM
Musta been Rages shout.
14/Feb/18 4:35 PM
... am I too late to join the party?
14/Feb/18 5:17 PM
What'll you have, Keith?
14/Feb/18 5:58 PM
1:38, after a red wine and feeling a bit under the weather. Good evening everyone.
14/Feb/18 7:53 PM
Happy Birthday Kate. Hope you are here today to receive all the well wishes, and thanks Joyce from Flower City.
14/Feb/18 10:04 PM
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