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Easy Sudoku for 14/April/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hello page 2.
14/Apr/12 2:05 AM
Hmmm, it's already my birthday in Australia. That means I can have a margarita for lunch today, right? ;)
14/Apr/12 3:13 AM

Stephanie - Absolutely you can have a margarita for lunch today. Enjoy day one of your two day Sudokuland birthday celebration!
14/Apr/12 3:22 AM
Karen, your friend could appeal the denial for a court appointed lawyer. Don't think that would help much, though. Generally, you only receive a court appointed lawyer if you've been charged with something you can get jail time for and you can't afford to hire one.
I suggest she look for a 'Legal Aid' lawyer. He/she should be low or no cost.
14/Apr/12 3:25 AM
Rob & I are going to a performance of Brahms' Symphony No. 4 by the Florida Orchestra tonight. It's been awhile since we've been to a concert. They sent us free tickets to encourage us to start going again. We're looking forward to a nice relaxing evening.
14/Apr/12 3:27 AM
Kathy, thanks. I will pass along that information.
I do not think this woman is a bad person, I only know her because she sells me my morning fix every weekday morning and I see her school from time to time. So, I really do not know what kind of person she is outside of that.
She was taken to More...
14/Apr/12 3:36 AM
Karen, if the jurisdiction has an income/asset limit to determine what constitutes poverty, and your friend's financial status is above that limit, then by definition she is not eligible for a court-appointed attorney. It doesn't mean she can afford it, exactly, only that she is not under whatever More...
14/Apr/12 3:56 AM
That bark reminds me a little of the sycamore, but not as patchy.
14/Apr/12 4:25 AM
Good afternoon to all! I see someone was barking up a tree.
14/Apr/12 5:14 AM
Okay, I'm confused. I'm supposed to meet CP at the airport on the 14th, but when she sent that message, was she on/using Australian time or Canadian time??? These two-day conundrums are a drag!
14/Apr/12 5:18 AM
A marine biologist developed a race of genetically engineered dolphins that could live forever if they were fed a steady diet of
seagulls. One day, his supply of the birds ran out so he had to go out and trap some more. On the way back, he spied two lions asleep on the
road. Afraid to wake More...
14/Apr/12 5:24 AM
Greg - groan.
14/Apr/12 5:36 AM
14/Apr/12 5:42 AM
Greg, if she sent you a copy of her itinerary, the times and dates on it are all local to the various airports mentioned.
14/Apr/12 5:59 AM
Duh! Keith, did you not notice the big grin? Duh!
14/Apr/12 7:31 AM
Getting desperate are we, Greg?
14/Apr/12 7:39 AM
Karen, one day life has settled down a bit??, you should write a book. You have so many stories of coping with difficult situations! You could use the sudoku files to help keeping things in order!
Looks like a eucalypt, maybe Eucalyptus microcorys, Tallow wood, Myrtaceae (Myrtle family) But More...
14/Apr/12 7:41 AM
1:59. Good morning all. This time tomorrow I'll be recovering after my first race for nearly three years (the break was due to a nasty foot injury.) I'm running the half marathon in the Australian Running Festival (in Canberra) - I'm not yet fit enough to post a good time but it'll be good to get a few kms undur my belt.
14/Apr/12 8:55 AM
1.39 Would be a good tree to build a cubby house in.
14/Apr/12 8:55 AM
OK, that's what I get for trying to be helpful. As I recall, there was somebody else that liked to play that game ...
14/Apr/12 9:54 AM
14/Apr/12 10:44 AM
2:04 Good morning one and all!

Good luck with your run, Chris.
14/Apr/12 11:30 AM
Chris, best of luck on your race.

There seemed to have been a lot more runners in here at one time.
14/Apr/12 12:24 PM
Kate, you all just get tidbits of my life, the rest is a big yawn.
14/Apr/12 12:25 PM
Man got brownie points again, today. I know, shocker. Something big must be up.

Anyway, he called and said he would be late and I would have to take the Things to meet MIL. MIL was late and 30 minutes in a car with a child that did not get her nap out and one that was cooped up in a More...
14/Apr/12 12:30 PM
I am happily, miserable right now.

On the phone, we both said we were not that hungry, then Man said, we have not had a bloomin onion in a long time. That sounded wonderful. He was the first to arrive at the place and by the time I got there, he said it should only be another 15 minute More...
14/Apr/12 12:37 PM
Hey Vici, I had snow today, too.
14/Apr/12 12:44 PM
I have spent a great day with Jerry.
14/Apr/12 12:51 PM
He is a great tour guide.
14/Apr/12 12:52 PM
We spent the day driving the Mt Hood Loop (I hope that's right). A lovely drive by the side of the river, then up in to the hills, ending up at Timberline, the lodge at Mt Hood.
14/Apr/12 12:54 PM
Just for me, he arranged for it to snow while we were there!

As I said, a great day with a true gentleman. Thanks Jerry.
14/Apr/12 12:56 PM
Still got a way with the ladies, huh Jerry?
14/Apr/12 1:18 PM
Sudoku people ARE the BEST!!!!
14/Apr/12 1:25 PM
Whatever you say, Heidi.
Night all.
14/Apr/12 1:55 PM
Oh, HalT, did you see how close it is.
14/Apr/12 1:57 PM
I came to say good night, too, but then saw the number.
14/Apr/12 1:57 PM
I missed my nap today. Not my fault, Thing II just could not get still, until we had 15 minutes left of nap time.
14/Apr/12 1:59 PM
Then I missed my rest time, but for good reason.
14/Apr/12 1:59 PM
I could count, but you know me and numbers.
14/Apr/12 2:00 PM
Bye bye page two.
14/Apr/12 2:00 PM
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