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Easy Sudoku for 14/May/2007


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Happy Mothers Day
to those still in that time zone
happy birthday
14/May/07 8:43 AM
sea gull ... not at pretty as yesterdays bird
Bit of rain yesterday and again this morning and more predicted for the next three days ... hope they have got it right.
14/May/07 8:48 AM
It has been heartbreaking to hear of the disappearance of 4yo Maddy in Portugal. I hope that she is found safe and well soon. However I have to ask. Does anyone know exactly how far away the restaurant that her parents were eating at is from the unit in which she was sleeping alone? While I can't More...
14/May/07 9:01 AM
Billy, if you will look at your agenda, you will see that eggs falling off walls is under new business. If you care to make a motion regarding eggs or walls, please do so then.
14/May/07 9:07 AM
Before we proceed to new business, is there any old business?
14/May/07 9:08 AM
Susan, we haven't had any televised world news for 9 hr. Turned on the tube and they're showing golf and basketball. I even looked on MSNBC. If I hear or read anything, I'll pass it on to you. It sounds like a sad story.
14/May/07 9:11 AM
Thanks Becky. A trio of paedophiles are suspected at this stage.
14/May/07 9:20 AM
14/May/07 9:24 AM
2:03 Good morning everyone.
We're moving office today so will have a very busy day, then I'm flying north to my daughter's tomorrow for a week for my youngest grandaughters' 6th birthday next weekend.
14/May/07 9:26 AM
Hi Rola. How was your Mother's Day?
14/May/07 9:26 AM
CG I left the Shower Schedule on your page
14/May/07 9:29 AM
Good thanks Becky, and yours
14/May/07 9:29 AM
Hey Anne, sounds like a fun day, moving
Enjoy your holiday up north, say hi to Kirrilee
14/May/07 9:30 AM
Susan - On the news it showed where Maddy, aged 3, was sleeping with her two other siblings, twins two years old, and the walk to the restaurant, separate blocks, over a road and then down to another complex.. approx a three minute walk. Her parents both checked on them every half hour, each taking More...
14/May/07 9:31 AM
My hubby and I went out to get a new laptop, because the one I use keeps getting an error message. He looked at it this morning and said that Internet Explorer is on life support. So, if I don't answer back real quick, it's because I took his away from him. :)
14/May/07 9:31 AM
hehehe Becky... that's okay.
I'm waiting for Son #1 to get in and out of the shower so I can get in.... He and #2 are leaving 8.30ish (less than an hour), going to University. #1 to work, and #2 his Uni Day for him... both start at 9.00am on Mondays
14/May/07 9:36 AM
Anne, I remember office moving day. It seemed to take forever to everything just the way you want it. But, on the bright side, you get new surroundings.
Say Happy Birthday to your granddaughter from me. :)
14/May/07 9:36 AM
I know what you mean. It's just the 2 of us here and it seems like one of us is always waiting.
I've been wanting to join, but was waiting for the verdict on this thing.
14/May/07 9:39 AM
How is the painting going.........I assume it is the bathroom you are painting??
14/May/07 9:42 AM
Hello again Rola - yes, I will say 'hello' to Kirilee for you. She was 10 on Saturday and had a few friends sleep over.
14/May/07 9:43 AM
Happy Birthday Wishes to both the baby ladybugs.
We enjoyed Kirilee's company when we came for dinner, Peter enjoyed the 'Guess Who'..
14/May/07 9:47 AM
Yeah, the never ending battle. Last weekend we replaced the exhaust fan and I tore up my ankle. I've been telling everyone that the dog pushed me, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.:)
Haven't got any painting done until just the last couple of days.
14/May/07 9:47 AM
Gee must remember to names next to my comments.
First to Becky - the painting
Anne - Ladybugs.
14/May/07 9:48 AM
Rola - if you are referring to my painting, it has come to a bit of a standstill as I've been too busy the last couple of weekends. Will start again when I return home.
Thank you Becky - I will.
We packed all the office up on Friday and the removalists will be there by now. One of the girls More...
14/May/07 9:49 AM
Maybe that was where the egg got laid Billy!
14/May/07 9:49 AM
Rola, you're multi-tasking. Your avatar reminds me of an ex-boss of mine. :)
14/May/07 9:50 AM
So how is the Ankle BECKY. I did read about it. Judy/SD thought you were joking, obviously not.....
Our Ensuite needs to be done (water problems - damp walls etc), but waiting for the Cabinet Maker (Hubby) to do something. What do they say about Trades and their own work that needs doing !!!!
14/May/07 9:51 AM
Yes, Rola - see, I wasn't sure if you were referring to my painting or not.
14/May/07 9:51 AM
Anne, no I was actually asking Becky about the painting, but it could have easily been you I had been asking .
Well, you did say it was going to be a long time before it is finished. As long as it is done intime for the House Inspector in January.
14/May/07 9:54 AM
Anne : How's the weather in Albany. Cold here this morning, I think I need to put another blanket on the bed....
14/May/07 9:55 AM
Rola: Tell your son to advise me when he's finished in the shower!
14/May/07 9:55 AM
Anne, at least you're not stuck in a corner. My desk was placed in a corner, no window with partitions on the other side. I almost devloped a complex. :)
14/May/07 9:56 AM
Becky : your Ex Boss reminds you of my avatar ?? why, please explain
14/May/07 9:56 AM
CG - no worries !!!!
14/May/07 9:56 AM
The 'horns' on top look like her brow and the circle looks like her mouth. She was not a happy
The swelling is about 1/2 gone. Now the bruising is turning that ugly yellow. My foot looks like it constantly needs to be washed. I'm getting around ok.
14/May/07 10:01 AM
Rola - it's just starting to drizzle and it's going to be about 17C today. At least it won't be too hot moving but hope it doesn't rain too much.
Becky - there are four (only 1 full time, though) in our office and we are being crammed into quite a small area, and we will be facing a blank wall, virtually. Must go and shower and get ready to go.
See you all later. Have a nice day/evening.
14/May/07 10:02 AM
Becky ....good thing she an ex boss !!!!
The avatar is Taurus the Bull.
14/May/07 10:03 AM
Greg, will you stop peeking at Rola trying to take her shower. I didn't know you were a peeping Tom!!!
14/May/07 10:03 AM
see you later Anne, good luck with the move.
It is going to be around 20C today here, sun is shinning this morning
14/May/07 10:04 AM
maen. had an awful sleep last night but made up for it getting up late. everyone have a great day and ditto on mums day os. thinking about driving back to toowoomba mid week and dont have internet which is a bummer. have to go to library to say hi. my brother tells me im not ready to be on my own More...
14/May/07 10:04 AM
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