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Easy Sudoku for 14/June/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all.
14/Jun/18 12:00 AM
My poor old computer is going so slow!
Hi, HalT and all who follow!
14/Jun/18 12:02 AM
Good morning to all!
14/Jun/18 12:14 AM
Good morning, all.
Say …, Greg, can I stay with you until this Trump thing blows over lol.
14/Jun/18 12:24 AM
Everybody!! Leaving Mendocino, off to Oregon. 'Only' 251 miles to go today.
14/Jun/18 12:30 AM
14/Jun/18 1:26 AM
so close . . .
14/Jun/18 1:27 AM
14/Jun/18 1:27 AM
It might get pretty crowded if Greg agrees, Wow_Axel.

14/Jun/18 1:38 AM
My granddaughter had a great time at the Washington Capitals victory parade yesterday. Her photos were amazing. D.C was a sea of red shirts. The celebrating crowd was huge. She said she spent 3 hours standing on a planter to get the photos.
14/Jun/18 1:43 AM
all. Our doors are always open Wow_Axel. And I love to cook & bake!
14/Jun/18 2:16 AM
14/Jun/18 3:09 AM
Good mAen, good people. Today's the day we final-pack Skye's bags for Norway. We have the list and we're checking it thrice. Tomorrow she is practicing her cultural project with a friend to make sure she's going to get it right. Friday, Saturday and Sunday she works. Monday her sister Starr and More...
14/Jun/18 3:32 AM
We thought we would have host family information by now. However very few of the travelers have received info. Skye doesn't know if she will be rural on a farm or in the city. Do we pack the rubber mud boots or no? They take up space and weight.
14/Jun/18 3:35 AM
Morning. I'd leave the mud boots at home, and figure if she needed them, the host family would provide, or at last resort, she could go buy some.
14/Jun/18 3:51 AM
14/Jun/18 4:23 AM
Nice sky in today's photo.
14/Jun/18 5:36 AM
2:02 Lovely photo.
14/Jun/18 6:22 AM
Morning all, great photo today.
14/Jun/18 6:31 AM
We will be looking after a sick Ella today, Dad has to work and Mum has an exam at university .
14/Jun/18 6:35 AM
Hopefully Keith hasn't wandered off to far !
14/Jun/18 6:44 AM
Keith ,are you ready.
14/Jun/18 6:46 AM
Apparently not.
14/Jun/18 7:10 AM
Yet another 3&4 response. !00% correct. My daughter and her colleagues at ANL. That is 10 responses.
14/Jun/18 7:49 AM
Is the photo of Solway, England or Solway, Australia? Not that it matters much - both might have this scene.
14/Jun/18 8:32 AM
My search brought up photos similar to this one for Solway, UK, Sarah!
14/Jun/18 12:28 PM
A late hello to all!
14/Jun/18 12:28 PM
Safe travels and glorious adventures in Norway, Skye! Pass along your many tales for your Mom to relate to the rest of us!
14/Jun/18 12:31 PM
3:11 Hello all..
14/Jun/18 4:09 PM
14/Jun/18 6:36 PM
1:34. Good evening everyone.
14/Jun/18 10:32 PM
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