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Easy Sudoku for 14/June/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
14/Jun/19 12:00 AM
Got power back yesterday afternoon after 3 full days without. It points out how dependent we are on electricity!
14/Jun/19 12:01 AM
No lights (can't even read books), no AC, no Sudoku!!
14/Jun/19 12:01 AM
1:39. Good Morning, Wolf and everyone! Glad you got your power back, Wolf!
14/Jun/19 12:26 AM
1:40 Good night all.
14/Jun/19 12:42 AM
Everybody!! Glad you are back Wolf!
14/Jun/19 12:45 AM
Now we have to throw out all that spoiled food in the freezer and refrigerator! It was an amazing storm. Trees down all over the city. Neighbor had two big trees torn apart in her front yard. Around the corner a huge tree was uprooted and blocked the entire street. We had very little damage, thankfully. Actually bigger winds than a hurricane I was in the eye of once!
14/Jun/19 2:13 AM
14/Jun/19 2:58 AM
Morning. Welcome back, Wolf. Good for you to have minimal damage. Lynne grew up in Denton. I wonder how they fared through the storm.
14/Jun/19 3:15 AM
Keith, you'll love my timing - 2.22
14/Jun/19 3:40 AM
Good mAen, good people. I am waiting for Skye to be done at school so she can drive us home. She just needs dry weather to set up a parallel parking practice spot then she can get her road test for her driver's license. His mom will be happy to not have to spend weekdays at an out of town library any more.
14/Jun/19 5:12 AM
It's taking forever to get from my FIL's cancer diagnosis through the scanning to the results but we finally have a date when we will hear the news. His appointment to receive his prognosis and recommended course of treatment is a week from today. Sunday after that the extended family is gathering for group photos and support.
14/Jun/19 5:18 AM
14/Jun/19 5:19 AM
14/Jun/19 5:35 AM
Morning all, great to see this old poster.
Wolf, pleased you have your power back.
14/Jun/19 6:44 AM
14/Jun/19 8:21 AM
Me again. Things are rather slow today.

Judy, is Duncan Hunter your representative in Congress?
14/Jun/19 11:33 AM
Hal ... ummm ... uhhhh ... maybe ...
14/Jun/19 11:54 AM
Uhhh … well... ah... OK...
14/Jun/19 12:08 PM
Got me close enough.
14/Jun/19 12:16 PM
14/Jun/19 12:17 PM
14/Jun/19 12:17 PM
Good afternoon POOZLERS , this message is somewhat later than I anticipated but I have just returned from visiting a long time friend who is in a coma in the local palliative care hospital. He has been on dialysis for about three months but decided he didn't wish to continue and has deteriorated More...
14/Jun/19 4:18 PM
This is the real message for POOLERS, but anyone can read it.
We have completed the 1&3 poozle series and I was close to calling it a day but the the numbers who submit responses is small they are very keen. I mentioned this to my daughter Tyrannies and she immediately offered to help. In my More...
14/Jun/19 4:29 PM
I didn't check on spellchecker and a few unwanted changes have occurred, my daughter's site name is Tyranids not Tyrannies, there is an unwanted my in front of 'More', and involve should have 'd'.
Okay, so what is happening now. This weekend I will post two different puzzles, and then next More...
14/Jun/19 4:40 PM
At the moment our plans are that Tyrannids and I will take turns in taking responsibility for posting on alternative Saturdays and Sarah will share her great wisdom with us before the puzzles are posted, and we will make any desirable changes. We hope this works out well.
14/Jun/19 4:46 PM
1:24. Good evening everyone, and special thanks to Wombat and Tyranids for continuing the poozles—I look forward to the new series with great anticipation!
14/Jun/19 7:48 PM
Good MAen
Went square by square
14/Jun/19 8:49 PM
all! So much news today. Wombat & Tyranids are going to continue, with Sarah's oversight. Yippee!! I'm sorry to hear of your long time friend Wombat. Getting old is no fun! On a much happier note the Toronto Raptors have won the National Basketball Championship. This is a first for Canada 🇨🇦. Basketball was invented by a Canadian & first played in Canada. Way to go Raptors!!
14/Jun/19 10:37 PM
Sounds like a great arrangement, Wombat! A big THANK YOU to everyone involved in Team Wombat. Looking forward to more poozling fun.
14/Jun/19 10:47 PM
James Naismith, the inventor of basketball was born in 1861 in Almonte, Ontario - about 40 minutes north of us. The house he was born in is just outside Almonte and is still in beautiful condition. Naturally the Naismith house and Almonte are much visited now that the Raptors have done so well.
14/Jun/19 10:55 PM
I'll Leave it for you Peter. Cheers
14/Jun/19 11:24 PM
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