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Easy Sudoku for 14/July/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day all.
14/Jul/16 12:00 AM
Big Smurf.
14/Jul/16 12:06 AM
Good call, Hal!
14/Jul/16 12:29 AM
Enjoy your day folks! We're in a heat wave... a little wind chill would be appreciated!
14/Jul/16 12:30 AM
Hal, Joyce and all to follow!
14/Jul/16 12:47 AM
I wonder if Big Andrew is related to Little Stevie from a few days ago.
14/Jul/16 12:48 AM
Where's Serena? I haven't seen her in 2-3 days.
14/Jul/16 12:49 AM
Poozle time!

Fill in the answers to the clues using the syllables at the top. All the syllables will be used, and used only once. The number of syllables in each answer is in parentheses.

14/Jul/16 12:49 AM
I think Serena said she had family visiting, Hal.
14/Jul/16 12:50 AM
I'll be doing a poozle tomorrow, too.....
14/Jul/16 12:51 AM
14/Jul/16 1:14 AM
Was supposed to go for a run this morning but woke with a limp (darn knee) and a sore arm. Took acetaminophen but that's not helping. So am wearing an iliotibial band wrap on right knee and a wrap on left elbow. Bother, oh well, I guess I balance out on the pain.
14/Jul/16 1:21 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne,
14/Jul/16 1:21 AM
I guess I'll still go to my yoga class, I know I won't be doing any running there. My class is for seniors, meaning I won't be turning myself into a pretzel! And I love the savasana pose or the corpse pose (lying flat on your back, arms down with palms up) at the end of the lesson. My instructor tells us to relax each part of the body. Come out that very relaxed!!!
14/Jul/16 1:25 AM
14/Jul/16 1:25 AM
Couldn't get onto the page yesterday for some reason. It's okay ... I didn't take it personally.
14/Jul/16 1:37 AM
14/Jul/16 1:37 AM
Good morning.
14/Jul/16 3:56 AM
My self command of Go back to sleep didn't work this morning.
14/Jul/16 3:57 AM
Still cold here.
14/Jul/16 3:57 AM
NBut without the wind I hope.
14/Jul/16 3:58 AM
14/Jul/16 3:58 AM
Expected Keith to jump in there.
14/Jul/16 3:59 AM
He must have gone back to sleep.
14/Jul/16 4:00 AM
Ot is off doing puzzles on a different page.
14/Jul/16 4:01 AM
Ot = Or
14/Jul/16 4:01 AM
Double CP and I'm off! Cya.
14/Jul/16 4:02 AM
I had the same problem yesterday, Cathy. I tried several things to no avail.I was surprised, and happy when it came on today.
14/Jul/16 4:10 AM
You don't suppose there was a plot against Canadians, do you? And here we are, all polite and everything.
14/Jul/16 5:12 AM
Good morning all. Anyone wanting winter chill, come to Tassie. We gave it in spades, blowing straight off Antarctica. Gale force winds forecast for today.
14/Jul/16 6:22 AM
Enjoy your day folks.
14/Jul/16 6:23 AM
1:58 this morning, hi everyone.
14/Jul/16 7:00 AM
Morning all
Our forecast isn't as bleak as Sacky has it in Tassie... less rain, no snow predicted although the wind chill factor will make it unpleasant to be outdoors..
14/Jul/16 7:23 AM
Morning all,big smurf is right ,Hal.
We have sunshine but still a bit too cool.
14/Jul/16 9:11 AM
Cathy and jacalmi - No anti-Canadian conspiracy. The site went down at changeover (midnight Sydney time, 10AM here). It came back at about 4AM (2PM our time). So, it was down when many of us in North America were trying to get on.
Hope this helps.
14/Jul/16 11:07 AM
Morning all
14/Jul/16 11:20 AM
I'm sure I'd welcome your weather, Sacky! I'm not a hot-weather lover so our nighttime temp of 80F/27C here at our 'rustic' lake-place keeps our interior even more sweltering! (rustic translates to no AC!)
14/Jul/16 11:41 AM
That's not rustic, Joyce. That's primitive. Maybe even prehistoric!
14/Jul/16 12:32 PM
Before I go to bed...
14/Jul/16 12:33 PM
Bye, bye page 1.
14/Jul/16 12:34 PM
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