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Easy Sudoku for 14/July/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people.
14/Jul/17 12:00 AM
And off to the auto mechanic because of a strange squeaking sound. (My car gets better health care than I do. )
14/Jul/17 12:02 AM
2:09 A bit slow tonight.
14/Jul/17 12:18 AM
Was 5 seconds slower than you, Anne!
14/Jul/17 12:24 AM
Don't get me started on health care.
14/Jul/17 12:56 AM
There are many advantages to living in Canada. Universal health care is one of them.
14/Jul/17 1:16 AM
Babies in the U.S. should come with the same offer some cars do, with service included for the first five years!
14/Jul/17 1:18 AM
Happy Thursday!
14/Jul/17 2:31 AM
My car loves my mechanic. I think it acts up just to go visit. It was on its best behavior, didn't squeak at all and got to have an oil change before it left. Reminds me of my dog going to the vet.
14/Jul/17 2:34 AM
14/Jul/17 3:11 AM
Good morning.
14/Jul/17 3:52 AM
Put the heater on as soon as I got up.
14/Jul/17 3:54 AM
BOM says -1C but it sure feels colder than that,
14/Jul/17 3:57 AM
Sarah, our health system is free for low income folks and the rest pay effectively what is a co-payment.
14/Jul/17 4:01 AM
The co-payment is 15%of the schedule fee (but you pay more than that because very few doctors charge just the schedule fee. Still it's better than nothing I guess.
14/Jul/17 4:06 AM
That photo looks like a a strange animal. Never thought kelp could look like this.
14/Jul/17 5:01 AM
Interesting photo indeed!!
14/Jul/17 5:42 AM
Morning all, enlarge the photo and it looks like a castle. 😳
14/Jul/17 6:25 AM
We had beautiful sunshine yesterday, it still wasn't warm enough to dry some of the clothes on the line. We will see how the towels go today, I can at least finish them off in the dryer.
14/Jul/17 6:32 AM
Plum, could be you have a mouse in the car that doesn't like the mechanic. 😉
14/Jul/17 6:38 AM
I wonder where Keith is ?
14/Jul/17 6:39 AM
14/Jul/17 6:39 AM
Hmmm- here I am at this coveted spot again... guess I'll just give my regards and see what transpires with the gallumper or maybe an ambler...
14/Jul/17 6:39 AM
Haha - just hesitated long enough...... and there was an Amelia-pounce!
14/Jul/17 6:40 AM
1:44. Good morning everyone.
14/Jul/17 6:41 AM
Good mAen. I could do with a walk on the beach

14/Jul/17 8:16 AM
What exactly is frayed kelp?
14/Jul/17 8:25 AM
The giant kelp beds of Tasmania's east coast are dying due to warmer waters due to climate change.....sad.
14/Jul/17 10:41 AM
Cake Lady
A frayed kelp is kelp that's scared!
14/Jul/17 1:24 PM
Distant relative to a frayed knot.
14/Jul/17 2:36 PM
Enjoyed our few days away for some R & R. Managed to do a bit of walking around overlooking the ocean and we did see a few whales.
14/Jul/17 3:50 PM
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