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Easy Sudoku for 14/August/2011


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14/Aug/11 2:05 AM
All Scottish tartans have a regular tartan and a dress tartan, and some have a hunting variation as well..
14/Aug/11 2:07 AM
Now WHY do I think that this picture was taken in Sydney?
14/Aug/11 2:14 AM
You guys are great with all your links. I've been to some of the places already. Since I'm wanting to decorate with the plaid, I'm looking for cotton prints rather than the expensive wool.
14/Aug/11 2:17 AM
Quill has a scarf in his clan tartan that he will pin over Starr's shoulder at the end of the wedding, signifying that he cherishes the responsibility to provide her with a "good name." She's changing her name to his after they are married.

Quill would also like to wear a clan More...
14/Aug/11 2:17 AM
The tartan is actually registered as a weaving pattern or sett of the warp and weft. How many strands of what colors in what order until it repeats.

The fiber used can be colored in a darker, intense tone using modern dyes, so these are known as Modern.

Or, the colors can be More...
14/Aug/11 2:27 AM
The heritage of many tartans was lost or destroyed when the British outlawed tartans. The resurgence of tartan wearing allows people to resurrect historical tartan associations if known or else adopt new ones based on best historical associations - or just decorative taste!
14/Aug/11 2:28 AM
Ooooh I love the plaid! I remember when plaids sewn on the bias for flaring skirts was fashionable. Does that date me or was it just a local thing?
14/Aug/11 2:43 AM
Karen, thank you, I'll inform my son that today's his day!
14/Aug/11 2:44 AM
There have been reports of rain in different areas around me, but there is none out here. I think we are in our third, possibly forth month of no rain.
I am surprised we do not have that many cracks in the yard. Though there is one, we could possibly loose a child in.
14/Aug/11 2:48 AM
It does seem a little cooler, this last week we went up and down between 101 and 104 F, so much cooler.
14/Aug/11 2:51 AM
Man is going to take me out to lunch. It will be nice to go out and not have to spend a great deal of the time under the table, grabbing glasses, going to the restroom and being able to enjoy the meal while it is still warm. I will miss the crayons and activity sheets.
14/Aug/11 2:54 AM
Plum, I searched a little on tartan plaid cotton fabrics. Best I came up with was bolts of 20 yards for $199, but don't think any of the plaids were the one you are looking for. Also saw prices of kilts & renting kilts - wow, it's expensive to be Scottish!
14/Aug/11 3:14 AM
Why do you think that the Scots have a reputation for being frugal?
14/Aug/11 3:34 AM
shosho, I still have a diagonally cut plaid skirt I made when I was 17. All the stripes dutifully match up at the seams and there's "horsehair" braid and lace in the hem. People just don't wear well made clothes anymore.
14/Aug/11 3:45 AM
Good question, Heidi! Maybe because they had to pinch pennies in order to save up for their expensive woolen tartans? My mother was Scottish, & she was definitely very frugal.
14/Aug/11 3:47 AM
If I don't find anything in a week or so, I'll buy inexpensive fabric in the tones I'm looking for, cut and sew them together and simply make a long, striped banner to swag. Plum's rule of life: Always decide on a backup plan!
14/Aug/11 3:48 AM
Plum, who taught you how to sew? I took sewing in home ec in high school. Barely managed to make an apron & a skirt My mother was a pretty good seamstress & my oldest daughter sews pretty well, too. Guess that gene must have skipped a generation in our family.
14/Aug/11 3:50 AM
So far the economic sticking point in the whole picture is one of quality, not value. The woolens are worth what they're asking. There just doesn't seem to be the market for inexpensive alternatives. You can't fault them for maintaining quality manufacturing within their country vs. contracting for cheap knock-offs from China.
14/Aug/11 3:51 AM
Plum, will Starr have bridesmaids? What are they wearing? Not many around today so guess it will be okay for us to ramble on about weddings! Sorry if this subject is boring anyone.
14/Aug/11 3:54 AM
My mother is such a good seamstress. She hand hems exquisitely and tailors linings that are unattainable to me. She inspired me and taught me the basics, but I'm an artistic type and I've learned a lot on my own. So my mother is more by-the-book and technically developed, but I'm more wing-it with flair. (Applies to cooking, too.)
14/Aug/11 3:56 AM
Starr has two friends and her two sisters who are standing up with her. Starr's dress is long and simple - the off-white and taupe ("champagne") bridesmaid dress in satin with simple satin fabric flowers at the center of the bodice.

The bridesmaids are each wearing a tea length More...
14/Aug/11 4:06 AM
Granted that without the tartan it would be rather confusing at best and garish at the worst, but it really all works together when we do a style page. I'm hoping it will all translate to the real event!
14/Aug/11 4:11 AM
The groomsmen also range in height, and the Best Man is the shortest. That worked out. He'll wear a red tie, the next will wear a black tie and the outermost will wear a black tie. We have no wee lad to be a junior groomsman, and Little Plum is A-OK with that. ("Do I need to stand next to More...
14/Aug/11 4:19 AM
One last post for you, Kathy, and then I must go clean the fridge and the pantry before I go shopping ... Starr came up with the idea to switch the sides the maids and groomsmen stand on, so the maids are on the other side of Quill. When she says her vows she wants to be able to glance behind More...
14/Aug/11 4:24 AM
Should have said that the outermost groomsman will wear the sapphire blue tie.
14/Aug/11 4:26 AM
I love to hear of wedding plans since I was always the mother-in-law to be. I was invited to attend the meeting for the catering and the rehearsal dinner. I offered to pay for the rehearsal dinner but when mother and daughter explained it was to be an extravagant affair for all the out of towners I offered a 4 digit amount to pay for part of it! It was accepted with grace.
14/Aug/11 5:28 AM
The other side of the track seems to live well. For a backyard wedding, there was a circus tent to accommodate over 200 for a sit down dinner. Ornately carved chairs, not foldable ones, a huge wedding cake I could have used as an ottoman were it not so squishy.
14/Aug/11 5:32 AM
I'm sure if I were the mother of the bride, I would have had a nervous breakdown over the cost!!!
14/Aug/11 5:33 AM
I feel a bit like I'm in a low-budget circus trying to avoid a nervous breakdown. No extravagant price tags for me.
14/Aug/11 5:42 AM
Well, I'm with you! Luckily the parents of the bride could easily afford the wedding. They're rather rich. Unfortunately I'm not.
14/Aug/11 5:43 AM
I was just checking back. Glad I didn't break the site. I want a nap, but I want to drive over to Kalamazoo to price out ingredients at GFS and there's more rain coming. Gotta keep ahead of it.
14/Aug/11 5:44 AM
Thanks for "listening" shosho, Kathy and y'all. You know, the funny thing is that genetically, Quill is less Scot than he is Lithuanian. He has a Scot surname. I married a very mixed breed to produce Starr and she's adding to the mix.
14/Aug/11 5:47 AM
I think we're somewhere in between the low budget & the extravagant, but regardless of the budget it seems to me it's the planning of all the details that drives mothers like Plum & me to the point of nervous breakdowns! I already knew this from the planning of our other two daughters' More...
14/Aug/11 6:36 AM
Hi all from still sunny Toronto! We have had wonderful weather for our holiday. Plum I see you need some Scottish help and I wish I could help you - maybe if I was in Scotland I could...A full kilt costs an absolute fortune and is not something everyone can buy. Very often the full outfit is given More...
14/Aug/11 6:38 AM
Hi Fiona! You're Scottish. Are you frugal? Hope you're enjoying your Canadian holiday. Hello to Eric, Carla, & Scott.
14/Aug/11 6:42 AM
As for which tartan - the rule is that you wear the tartan of your clan, which is not always your name of course. If you don't like that tartan or can't find it to rent, then it is acceptable to wear The Flower of Scotland tartan, which I think is what you mean when you talk about a 'national' More...
14/Aug/11 6:42 AM
By the way, I think Julie from IL's daughter is just a few weeks away from her wedding date, right? Julie, how are you doing?
14/Aug/11 6:44 AM
As to 'frugality'...we have a reputation of being mean, but I think that anyone who has been to Scotland will know that's not true and we are very generous. The history behind that is the poverty which reigned in Scotland for many centuries when people had to be extremely careful with their food More...
14/Aug/11 6:46 AM
HI Kathy! Coming to the end of our Canadian holiday now and, yes, we have very much enjoyed ourselves here. The house exchange has been an interesting experience indeed and we have even managed to keep the rabbits they left us out of the oven although the French would normally have had them in a nice wine sauce by now!
14/Aug/11 6:48 AM
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