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Easy Sudoku for 15/January/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen- always nice to start my day here - love the picture
15/Jan/17 12:07 AM
1:45 Good night all!
15/Jan/17 12:11 AM
Good morning, Mymare....nighty night, Anne!
15/Jan/17 2:22 AM
Gorgeous polar bear. I hope the photographer was using a zoom lens!
15/Jan/17 2:23 AM
When I packed up the Christmas decorations, I left out a big box of tree ornaments. I promised myself that THIS year I would go through them all and weed out the ones that I don't use. That is my project for today. But, I just saw Wombat's puzzle.....first things first!
15/Jan/17 2:30 AM
Great photo. That is somewhere I would have liked to have visited but would not fit in the itinerary. There used to be a polar bear in Taronga Zoo when I was young.
15/Jan/17 2:38 AM
Good morning all & yes, as Kathy just mentioned, Wombat has a weekend puzzle.. better give it a try!
15/Jan/17 2:56 AM
15/Jan/17 3:28 AM
15/Jan/17 3:36 AM
15/Jan/17 3:42 AM
What's supposed to be between Keith's brackets, I wonder?
15/Jan/17 4:02 AM
I love your Gardenia, Keith. (I looked at it closer on your page and it is a gorgeous photo!)
15/Jan/17 4:13 AM
Morning all, love the polar bear picture.
15/Jan/17 5:01 AM
Better go find Wombat's puzzle .
15/Jan/17 5:02 AM
Sorry to contradict, but it's a Magnolia. My dad sprouted the tree by accident in a flower planter sitting under his Magnolia tree, and gave it to me. It lived in the planter for years at my house before I finally planted it in my yard. It was several years after that before it had it's first More...
15/Jan/17 5:27 AM
Great photo of the Polar bear.
15/Jan/17 6:26 AM
Lovely Polar bear photo for sharing!!
15/Jan/17 7:19 AM
I had forgotten that I'd told a shortened version of the Magnolia tree story as the caption for the flower picture in my gallery ... yet another Senior Moment.
15/Jan/17 7:35 AM
Time to make a run for it.
15/Jan/17 7:35 AM
Looking around for fellow runners.
15/Jan/17 7:36 AM
15/Jan/17 7:36 AM
15/Jan/17 7:36 AM
1:32. Good morning everyone.
15/Jan/17 8:24 AM
15/Jan/17 8:41 AM
Had to drive to Lancaster to look at a vacant lot in a barren desert that my father bought in his speculative era. Ack! Now my brothers and I are proud owners of a lot that is in the middle of nowhere and with no street access but one day there will be a 75th street where the lot will have street access.
15/Jan/17 8:44 AM
June, have a wonderful day!
15/Jan/17 9:19 AM
Shosho, put a sign up saying '' put up a parking lot'' you might get a buyer.😃
15/Jan/17 9:22 AM
Amelia has got me singing!
15/Jan/17 9:37 AM
Joni Mitchell does it better:

15/Jan/17 9:38 AM
I'm flattered, Keith. But the trick is to practice on your own page....that way you can delete your mistakes.
15/Jan/17 11:48 AM

15/Jan/17 1:14 PM
G'day Keith
15/Jan/17 1:15 PM

An Inevitable Downgrade

A recent study by the Department of Health and Human Services

revealed that the smartphone has become the number one hand held device

moving the p e n i s down to number 2.

15/Jan/17 1:48 PM
Nice one Peter.
15/Jan/17 1:50 PM
DorA, that is naughty to get around banned words by using spaces. You could have just said, 'pe‍nis'. Oops off to the naughty corner for me. Lol
15/Jan/17 1:53 PM
Hey Sharon, we're nearing the bottom of the page. Are you up for a race?
15/Jan/17 2:14 PM
Anyone else?
15/Jan/17 2:15 PM
15/Jan/17 2:16 PM
OK. I'll wait....
15/Jan/17 2:18 PM
But not for long. It's nearing my bedtime.
15/Jan/17 2:22 PM
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