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Easy Sudoku for 15/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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My best time ever - 4:19 - not like the rest of you whiz kids, but getting there.Lisa, enjoy the calm before the storm...sending best wishes for a beautiful birth experience - same to you Sheri. We're coming out of monsoon season here in Jersey - 8 days of rain and counting..hope to see the sun tomorrow
2.28 a new best for me! Yet another lovely spring day down here - affects my sudoku time cos have to do time in the garden. Geoff from Dapto - take it that I am suitably stunned :)
2:32 and that was starting with 9s as per advice. Lily, I reckon it is quicker because it is easier in this puzzle to eliminate the higher numbers than the lower ones.

I wonder if it is possible to extract a baby name from sudoku ... good wishes to Lisa and Sheri.
FIRSTLY, who asked Geoff what a 'prawn' is? If you care to read his recipe for getting himself more 'brownie points'(OOTS)in yesterdays comments!!. Mate, what are ya doing? All those opposites out there and ya feeding them ammunition like that. That taste in your mouth might be from other than bad merlot(licking?).
4:07 mins
Too easy!!!
Welcome-on stage, for the 1st time- TM(Melb),cl(texas),Celeste(Karratha),Poldeg(Adelaide),Jodie(Pelican Waters)?,F(NSW,Australia),Clare(Melb)? Joan(Albuquerque)and to all those others Sudokuing today & commenting for the 1st time, have fun and welcome. A special good morning to Lozzy and her Poppy in Wodonga(Australia).
For those that didn't get to read a very funny story, check out itsme(Perth)yesterday 14/10/05. Heh Andre(Canada) do you ever sleep girl? I thought I was bad on the zzzz's. Billy(Perth)these sudoku induced babies take too long to appear-we all have to go thru the labor yet(timed of course).Great day in Melb
Good luck to all those with babies on the way!
This is so addictive and fun!!
Geoff from dapto - I'm concerned for your well-being Geoff, although most importantly the hangover hasn't impaired your Sudoku skills.
OK, this is getting ridiculous. Did the puzzle last night (well early this AM) & have now been back 3 times to keep up to date one comments. If you haved to have an addiction, lets face it, Sudoku is one of the least destructive.
Am I the only one who only understood about 1/2 of Ted S from Melbourne's comments? OOTS? bad merlot? Is Lozzy a grandmother? Please enlighten. At the moment, I'm enjoying my own glass of merlot. Not very good at sleeping, so I'm often checking comments in the middle of the night. It's almost 10:30pm Friday here.
continued.... Talk about addiction!!!!
Hi! My first time to comment. I'm definately addicted to this game!( :
Welcome Jill from CO!
3:10. Did it while buzzed, and I just have to say 'Hold me closer tiny dancer.' Sorry, had to do it.
Jean, Jean Roses are red,- OOTS is 'out of the sh one t'. I know there is no such thing as a 'bad' merlot(not made in Australia anyway)Lozza is, i believe, Poppy's grand daughter Lauren from Wodonga. Had another thought - 'Sudoku Merlot/Reisling 2005' and we can all drink it to our very first sudoku baby? Baby gets all our comments and maybe some wine to scoff ata later date?
Hey Jill, we might well be neighbors! Fun addiction, yes? I had to check on the comments before heading to bed. Lots of 'off the wall' comments and many new names. And another baby to welcome! Have a good weekend everyone....
3.55 best time for a while. Must be the result of a good golf game early (6.45 hit off) this morning. Did not lose a ball and had a net 30 for 9 holes.
Hey Ted S - thanks for the welcome - I feel like I belong now that I've been talked to. Sudoku Merlot 2005 sounds like a good way to go so to any wine-makers in the group, can you make it happen? I'll look forward to sampling.
by the way jh -Geoff's 'opposite' is she who must be obeyed. World renowned Dietician was giving it to a huge audience about how bad everything we eat is so bad for us and is likely to kill us sooner that later. She stressed that there is one particular foodstuff more than any other that causes More...
its a fantastic game. I still go crap at it but i try
Guess everyone in oz is familiar with 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie' and Oliver. Frankly, i'm surprised, but i don't know why... Gotta love those Australian wines! Although my absolute fav is an Austrian white. Must be because great-great grandpa was a german vintner. Ted S - i have no idea how your wife puts up with you! must be your wonderful sense of humor!!!!
Just discovered this site and this kind of puzzle - don't know where I've been for the last little while. Love both.
Hi all -back from holidays in Hawaii (loved it)
3:58 -good time for me , must be relaxed
Best Time Ever 3:24
Any one beat my time.4 minutes and 3 seconds?
cute pic, too bad its not clear!
hi jessy what part of oz u from.didnt like sudoku a month ago and now iam hooked
Hey Neil - where in Bristol do you live? I lived in Hotwells for about 18months - LOVE bristol!
Good one Ted!
Hi all, just wondering how you know your times (am i blind) or are you just timing yourselves. Ta in advance. Jac
hahaha mum, i really need practice!
hey jac, the timer's on the left hand side of the page, between the ads- it's pink
2 min 58 sec
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