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Easy Sudoku for 15/November/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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15/Nov/07 4:59 AM
Hellooooooo? Sudokuland must be sleeping. I guess I should stop goofing off and get to the housework. 16 people coming for Thanksgiving dinner next week! Lots to do!
15/Nov/07 5:11 AM
Jill? What happened to Jill?
15/Nov/07 5:13 AM
WILLIAM from UGANDA -- Harder puzzles are available -- look at the upper right side of the page. THIS is the Easy page -- that's why it's easy!
15/Nov/07 5:34 AM
2:32 Hi to all. Another sweet little girl.

Thought for the Day:

Smile, breathe and go slowly.
15/Nov/07 5:40 AM
Happy Birthday to Taylah have a wonderful day xx
15/Nov/07 5:42 AM
4.14 - a lot better then I've been doing on the easy ones...
15/Nov/07 5:42 AM
15/Nov/07 6:16 AM
15/Nov/07 6:42 AM
15/Nov/07 6:51 AM
The rain held off and the gardner cleared the gutters & remove all the fallen leaves. Yeah!

Hope you are still laughing from yesterday jokes. Updated my Utube with the funniest BEST OF CARSON - ED AMES's TOMAHAWK TOSS.
15/Nov/07 7:20 AM
The worst thing about having done the puzzle in the middle of the night is that I don't have any to do this morning except the hard and tough! ...and I am going to be too tired and bleary eyed to think too much. I'm going to have a few choice things to say to my partner - when I get around to talking to him again!
15/Nov/07 8:10 AM
Happy birthday to a gorgeous girl! Hope you have a wonderful day
15/Nov/07 8:17 AM
How exciting, Australia beat Canada (Sorry Greg) in then IBAF Baseball World Cup. We have come second in the "B" pool so will now play off with the "A" pool players. Games are being played in Taiwan.
15/Nov/07 8:30 AM
Taylah. I am sure your Grandmother will help you celebrate.
15/Nov/07 8:32 AM
BTW: The video currently on my U-tube is the entire segment from the "next to last" Johnny Carson Show (1991) featuring the "Tomahawk Bris" clip from 1965. Ed Ames, of the Ames Brothers, played Mingo on the Daniel Boone TV Show.

Ed Ames is still singing and More...
15/Nov/07 8:39 AM
Ann, thanks for the tip, will keep that in mind!
15/Nov/07 8:40 AM
Happy Birthday to our sweet girl Taylah who turns a big 4 today

have had a More...
15/Nov/07 8:45 AM
2.17 cutie pie, who does she belong to?
between birthdays, mothers day, fathers day, anniversaries, christmas .... usually have cards covering up my lack of dusting for a big part of the year
15/Nov/07 8:49 AM
to Miss Taylah!
15/Nov/07 8:51 AM
Just in time for her special 4th birthday today is Taylah on the parents page, pretty in pink.
great timing Gath
15/Nov/07 8:57 AM
Eve, I saw the original Tonight Show with the errant tomahawk! Hysterical then, and still funny (even though I knew what was coming)!
15/Nov/07 8:58 AM
2.28 What a cutie. My granddaughter Emily is 6 today. Think she might be going to Australia Zoo for Steve Irwin Day today.
Madby3 - Glad to hear someone else is early with Chrissie decorations. My tree is going up on the weekend and my husband is putting the lights up. When they're on it's a scene reminiscent of Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation!!!
15/Nov/07 9:22 AM
to Rosemary's Taylah. She and our Emily are special girls, sharing a birthday.
15/Nov/07 9:28 AM
Anne I love that tip! Why didn't I think of it sooner.
15/Nov/07 9:31 AM
Many Happy Returns to the two special little ladies Emily and Taylah, enjoy your day.
15/Nov/07 9:42 AM
Happy 6th Birthday Emily
15/Nov/07 9:55 AM

Happy birthday to the 2 birthday Grands today!
15/Nov/07 10:01 AM
Ello mates that love cheeze monkeys as much as i do.
15/Nov/07 10:02 AM
Anne, that is a beauty. I actually know someone who leaves paint tins and brushes lying about and comes out with "excuse the mess - just renovating. You know know how it is..." After 15 years in this house I don't think that will wash for me anymore!!! Five years ago after a burglary the More...
15/Nov/07 10:19 AM
Bean: Sounds like my place. Any burglar coming in here would probably feel obliged to clean my place and would forget the original reason he came. Then he might leave a 10-pound note on my kitchen table out of sympathy!
15/Nov/07 10:30 AM
to those who have wished Emily a happy birthday. I'd just like to share a little story about her, if you all don't mind. She has always been a rather boisterous little Miss Mischief. When she was 4 we went to an Anzac march and service because her big sister was marching with the More...
15/Nov/07 10:42 AM
Hope you are all having an amazing day/night where ever you may be in this wonderful world of ours.
15/Nov/07 10:50 AM
15/Nov/07 10:51 AM
15/Nov/07 10:51 AM
15/Nov/07 10:52 AM

An Open Invitation
To all here at Sudoku.com.au

Melbourne Christmas Get Together

When: Sunday 2nd December 2007
15/Nov/07 10:53 AM
to Miss Emily!
15/Nov/07 11:06 AM
4th Birthday Taylah

6th Birthday Emily
15/Nov/07 11:27 AM
Thanks for sharing that lovely story about Emily, CynB. She sounds like a very special little girl. I hope that her day is wonderful!
15/Nov/07 11:32 AM
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