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Easy Sudoku for 15/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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I'm married to a former US navy man and I have made all the swabbo jokes over the years - Ted's turn now, and certainly better than poop jokes.....and cathy is right, he's too hard to keep out of trouble.
Hello everyone! Seems I am late - as always - to this party. Have any of you 'ladies' (and I do use the term very loosely) left one single sailor untouched? And it better not be the oldest in the ship! I like filet mignon.
im think i might have found your testicles....
Hi nal! That's a wicked red frock you're almost wearing......and those heels! There's a conga line happening, if you think you can move in that outfit....
That's velcro you see on the side
Hi nal! nice to see you've joined our little pary on Dennis's Ship! don't worry ther are plenty of meat to go around(oops I meant to say nice sailors??)to talk too????? but I get to 'talk' to Dennis first? if he ever shows up?? or is he still busy?? reading co-ordinates. He can always read mine??
that my dear, is entirely a different dish
ooooh...you can pick up a lot with velcro....I wonder who will get stuck on you...
Cathy: too much bolly and he'll be reading your unco-ordinates. A conga line? Now what was it that Mark Latham said.....??
with my luck, it will be the only sociopath in the whole darned flotilla
Did he say something worth listening to? I must have missed that. He's pretty much unrepresentative swill these days, isn't he?
Nah, I think there would be lots of 'em....
No nal they men are way to smart and so mmmmm! so you can relax!! and KRP! that's fine with me as long as it's in private?? and what has a ex pollie, got to do with this besides the obvious?? and conga lines are fun especially with 4000 good looking sailors!!!!!!!
sorry about that? it should be these men, so I guess I had better go and do some work? try and pop back in about 1/2hr. have to pick up little darling early today from kindy as last one for the year!!!! not ready for the holidays???????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heck, with 4000 sailors around even a broken foot could be fun.
or two
two broken feet, 4000 good looking sailors, a cot. . .
Oh Heaven!!!!!!!!

why are you under the cot woman? you are suppose to be on top of it!!! gosh I thought that you knew that??
Reference was a comment he made about conga lines, Cathy. Where are you up to Cathy? Number 2157? How do you keep a check that no-one goes twice?? What is that off the starboard bow? A Lifeboat? Give me the binoculars......mmmm...a lifeboat with about 80 nubile african women??? No, it's a small iceberg. Quick - throw a rope to that lettuce!!
I am sure if you play your cards right that you could have filet mignon, T-bone and still have room for some sausages, Nal. There seems to be enough beef on this vessel for all of you. I have my lottery number here....mmmm...3999....oh well.
Well everyone I do have to go as my oldest gruff has just got here, as he's moving back to town as he's got a job here, but he is staying here for a couple of days!! so it's Byeeee!!!! from me catch up with all tomorrow.
Ready for the Holiday? I'm to cook 3 lbs of beans, one of rice, a shoulder (pork) for Saturday and everything is still in the store!
I should be the president of the procrastinator's club.
I left the picking of the tree to hubby and he is somewhere in Georgia until tomorrow night! (Wonder if More...
Bye cahty. Is it true that they always come back, with more people and pets?
Talk to you tomorrow
Je vais commencer a me risquer pour les mediums.
Peut-être quelqu'un parlera français. Bye!
Your words only encourage the scoundrel in me to seek pleasure beyond imagination.
But taking in consideration the number you just called, I see there is only one left!!!!
After several weeks at sea a young inexperienced sailor missing his wife asked an old salt 'What do you do for a bit of - you know, how's your father - around here?' The old salt pointed to a large barrel on the deck with a small hole cut in the side. 'There you go son, come up here tonight and knock yourself out.' The young sailor did so and afterwards said to the older
Contessa, if QRP finds out you've gone there...
King Red Pen, if I may be so bold as to inquire; Have you banished our beloved andré from this, your kingdom?
Cont'd.. said to the old salt 'That was the best root I've ever had!!'
The old salt smiled and said 'I glad you liked it son, be up here again tonight, it's your turn in the barrel'.
It's a clever thought but I don't think it's right - I do believe there is something else going on with andre.
Very pleasnt format. The nicest pencilmarks I've seen anywhere, amual or automatic
Would be nicer if numbers could be selected after clicking on the cell. I have my mouse placed over the cell while looking at the possibilities. I woul be nice to select the cell first ands then the number ...and please allow keyboard entry too.
You must ask yourself if it's really worth it - and then answer: 'Yes, self!'
BTW what are the best hiding places on the USS Enterprise?
Oh dear! This is deja vu all over again. Here I am, in the middle of this big ocean rowing this itsy bitsy boat to save my life!
There, there you beautiful great white, I promise you, I'm not tasty at all. Tough old meat, all going south. . .
And where is Dennis now? Busy chowing down? Can KRP save you with just his big mouth?
Now we have some idiot making fun of the Asian's. Can't you just play the game, have some fun, and not pretend you are Sarah Silverman. Plus that is an easy jab requiring little smarts. Enough of that lets have a great day.
Jack: common and disgusting but very funny.
Nal: I have no designs on others. I am simply enjoying the party. There are many sailors here to satisfy your desires.
Mo: you are a rumour-monger and troubl maker. Do you seek my downfall? Haven't I clearly demonstrated I can bring that about by myself??
Humble Noblewoman: I have not banished Andre - all are welcome in Red Pen Land.
What ails you small man? Did I upset you with the comment about the lettuce?? I believe those icebergs are widely grown...not just in Asia.
Oh Mo! I've gone and done a bad deed! It has been so long since I had to row this hard! And, as if that wasn't bad enough, there are the two items that used to be in the middle of my chest, now hanging somewhere around my knees and getting in the way of the oar! I AM DOOMED - Only Dennis and his mates can help me, and I'm afraid they are too busy elsewhere.
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