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Easy Sudoku for 15/December/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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that was four words...at least not letters hehe!
15/Dec/08 2:31 AM
Great Photo! Who is the pilot? Can anyone identify the type of aircraft? What countryside is it flying above?
15/Dec/08 2:36 AM
Judy! Where did you go? Just left me chatting to myself, wasn't as interesting. Sorry I was a little distracted for a couple of minutes but a friend called to tell me her 55 year young sister in law had a heart attack yesterday.
15/Dec/08 2:37 AM
Good morning!
A festive crown for Broni...
15/Dec/08 2:38 AM
Well, duh ... it's not like it was the first time you've been left babbling to yourself, Linda ... Prayers for Libby's SIL ...
15/Dec/08 2:39 AM
Ahhh, so you aren't mad at me, cause if you were you would be nice to me
15/Dec/08 2:40 AM
Did that last post make sense
15/Dec/08 2:41 AM
Not mad AT you, Linda ... just mad FOR you ... he he ...
15/Dec/08 2:42 AM
Awe shucks! love you too HOB!
15/Dec/08 2:43 AM
Need coffee, now! not awake yet
15/Dec/08 2:43 AM


SYMPTOM: Feet cold and wet.
FAULT: Glass being held at incorrect angle.
ACTION: Rotate glass so that open end points toward ceiling.

SYMPTOM: Feet warm and wet.
FAULT: Improper bladder control.
ACTION: Stand next to nearest dog, complain about More...
15/Dec/08 2:44 AM
Hello All!
15/Dec/08 2:53 AM
Fun read today. Made me wish I'd gotten up earlier to join in.
15/Dec/08 3:00 AM
Speak of the devil! Judy and I were chatting when I was talking to you! You do realize that by dragging me to the Elks for the football game I have to get my work done now instead of later!
15/Dec/08 3:01 AM
You're going to watch elks play football, Linda?
15/Dec/08 3:06 AM
Karen that site is written by a ten year old. I'm sure my mind didn't think that way.
15/Dec/08 3:07 AM
Kathy, must be a Minnesota thing!
15/Dec/08 3:08 AM
Elks playing football? Is that like reindeer playing snowballs? or moose playing hockey?
15/Dec/08 3:09 AM
GrannieMo I do not think I had a thought at 10. She seems very talented and is able to continue and grow.
15/Dec/08 3:10 AM
Hubby made the girl breakfast and himself--granted breakfast is not what I am generally thinking about in the morning but I am starving. So I am off to raid that room where food is prepared.
15/Dec/08 3:11 AM
Boy, did I sleep late today! I can't remember the last time I got up at 10:00!!! I must have really needed the sleep.
15/Dec/08 3:21 AM
Kathy - love the picture of you and Rob with the tiger! There was a program on TV recently about "Tiger Island" in Australia. It's the same kind of place - all the tigers are raised by humans and interact with the park's guests. I'm wondering if any of our Aussie friends have been there.
15/Dec/08 3:23 AM
Karen - Congratulations! I was just catching up on posts from the last couple of days and saw your happy announcement. Then, when I went to your page, I noted that the new baby is due on Jaime's and my 40th anniversary!!!
15/Dec/08 3:27 AM
Hubby is trying to kill me!!!

Went into that room where food is supposed to be prepared and he is loading the dishwasher!

Granted he is not doing it right, but I was good and said thank you and walked away. He will learn.
15/Dec/08 3:30 AM
Thank you Jane--we are still in shock from the first go around. Which by the way, The girl's birthday and the future boys birthday is going to be the same day. Unless he makes other plans.
15/Dec/08 3:32 AM
I posted nine photos of the corn harvest in northern Illinois 2008, as well as a good sunset pic. And also, a pic of Jupiter!

15/Dec/08 3:44 AM
Jaime and I are getting ready to go out for brunch, but before leaving I thought I'd better check with the restaurant to make sure they still serve breakfast at this late hour (they've always served breakfast 'til 1 pm, but I just wanted to make sure). So, anyway, when I dialed the restaurant, I More...
15/Dec/08 4:11 AM
Jim those are wonderful pictures.

My girl especially liked the Sparrows point of view one and of course the tractors. Her favorites.
This summer instead of getting a sandbox like normal people we got a cornbox. Granted picking corn out of "how-did-you-get-corn-there" places is More...
15/Dec/08 4:13 AM
Jim ... regarding today's photo. My first guess was that it was an AT-6 Texan but then I noticed it did not have a radial engine and cowl and the tail feathers were different than the AT 6. I will look around to try to id it unless the picture taker comes forward.
15/Dec/08 4:14 AM
Jane... change the venue. That is taking ordering a step too far.
I, personally do NOT like having to choose my desert before I start eating my starter. Who knows what I will want after the starter and main course.
15/Dec/08 4:15 AM
I automatically thought today's photo was from VdV
15/Dec/08 4:16 AM
That should read vdV of Melbourne.
15/Dec/08 4:18 AM
Hubby is still in the preparation of food room. Now he is rearranging the cabinets.

I have calmly come back to my computer and have not said a word. But oh how I want to say a word or two or three.
15/Dec/08 4:23 AM
Oh Karen I feel for you. Over the years though, he has learnt that as I spend more time in the aforesaid area of the home I have the last word in where everything goes. But, may I speak of the dead... my late MiL would come to stay and completely rearrange the cupboards. I used to dread the words "....but, if I were you and lived in this house....."
15/Dec/08 4:28 AM
I swear my MiL is the reason I have, what some would call, some quirky ideas in the organisation that I started prior to her visits!!!!
15/Dec/08 4:30 AM
Oh GannieMo, there are no words to comfort you.

Man built me some more cabinets and silly me did not want put anything in them until they were finished. What in the world was I thinking.
Your hubby must have been a good listener and quick learner, bless his heart. Mine on the other hand More...
15/Dec/08 4:34 AM
15/Dec/08 4:34 AM
Oh that is so funny. I like the word quirky it sounds so much better than what is used on me. Stubborn (which I am totally not stubborn)and rebellious (I won't touch that one).
15/Dec/08 4:36 AM
Happy Sunday!

Off to pack up the car with lemon bars, party favor boxes (filled with assorted Christmas Hershey's Kisses)and pick up Mom to go to our church's Women's Christmas Luncheon & Cookie Exchange!
15/Dec/08 4:40 AM
I prefer quirky and inventive. The man species can only think in one dimension we of the female variety think and work multi-dimensionally...all is explained.
My MiL on the other hand thought she could train me forgetting I was already a 35 year old mother of a teenage boy when we married and not a young impressionable teenager as her other DiL was many years before.
15/Dec/08 4:42 AM
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