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Easy Sudoku for 15/March/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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OK here we go I Hope Weeeeeeeeeee
15/Mar/08 12:53 AM
That we have good taste Rayray! He Hah!
15/Mar/08 12:55 AM
Hello, everyone & good night!
15/Mar/08 1:01 AM
Kate - Enjoyed playing with your fish.
15/Mar/08 1:04 AM
Well goodnight all, past pumkin hour for me!
15/Mar/08 1:04 AM
Gosh, you people are noisy this morning only 10 o'clock and you're on page 2...just kidding! But you did wake me up. to all and I will be back when I finish the puzzle.
15/Mar/08 1:08 AM
Good Maen to everyone around the world!

Who is our mystery person?

The sun is shining here, also, today! I wore my winter coat yesterday afternoon and was way too hot! I had to remove it. Time to put the winter coats away!
15/Mar/08 1:10 AM
Hey! What about those wings?
15/Mar/08 1:11 AM
Good Night Broni and Kate.
15/Mar/08 1:11 AM
Rayray...I'll take 'graceful', but venerable??? ...How old do you think I am? Maybe you are talking about my mother?
15/Mar/08 1:14 AM
Oh! Debby, don't put those coats away yet! That is asking for it!
15/Mar/08 1:15 AM
You can take "graceful," Shiela ... I kind of like the sound of "venerable" ...
15/Mar/08 1:25 AM
Wonder if any of you know who that person is sitting on the rock?
Grey day here in Ottawa, hardly 0 c. I'm keeping my coat for sure.
15/Mar/08 1:27 AM
Shiela - I am going to dig out the fleece! You know it will snow again! It is way too early for no more snow. We are just hoping our snow will melt before we get any more!

Have a great day!
15/Mar/08 1:28 AM
Orianne - It is 5(C) here with the sun shining bright and it is only 10:30! Maybe it will reach 10(C) or more today!
15/Mar/08 1:32 AM
Great comments. Bottom line is Judy"s # 1.

A shameless plug for Charles Schulz and the Peanuts characters on my page, and a new LAGQ offering on my Youtube.
15/Mar/08 1:35 AM
2:52 Maen! Anne, I agree... that was a slow Easy this morning. I love that photo... and I'd love to see a photo taken a second later! :)
15/Mar/08 2:10 AM
all - raining out this morn.

Dorthea - your video reminded me of Tipper walking through the house sheding. While she sheds all year long - this time is the worse time of the year - relieving herself of her winter under coat.
15/Mar/08 2:16 AM

I must be getting a different jigsaw. I think it's one of Wagdy's when he was visiting Cal. Caption reads: "Goodbye Los Angeles. We are on our way to Mexico". I am also getting: "Error, Jigsawonline forced to restart...". I have no idea why. Anybody else? Gremlins in my computer?
15/Mar/08 2:29 AM
Kathy - the pic I get is "Surprise" - not one of Wagdy's.
15/Mar/08 2:39 AM
Debby & Angie - I was amused that you referred to temps of 48 or so as "warming up"!! If it were 48 in FL I would have to bundle up in fleece or warm jacket. They predict temp to reach 85F here tomorrow!!!
15/Mar/08 2:43 AM
Orianne, Cathy, Kate, & Claude (sorry if I missed anybody) - thanks for your praise & encouragement for our babysitting. Claude, you are right that the children are much better behaved when parents are NOT around! Tomorrow we are taking all of them to the Orlando Science Center - there More...
15/Mar/08 2:49 AM
Kate from Sydney - I will have to look for that Lindt chocolate with chilli. Or maybe I'll drop a hint to the Easter bunny?? Sounds yummy. Didn't Vianne (was that her name?), the lady who opened the chocolate shop in the movie 'Chocolat', make some of her chocolates with chilli?
15/Mar/08 2:55 AM
Great idea Kathy, I'm sure that they will love it!
15/Mar/08 2:55 AM
G'day/nite guys..a lil bit late tonite..
15/Mar/08 2:57 AM
A good wife always forgives her husband when she's wrong. And a good husband, admits whenever he is wrong,and remains silent whenever right...
15/Mar/08 2:59 AM
15/Mar/08 3:09 AM
Good afternoon to all! Good to see this lady is enjoying the seaside breeze!
15/Mar/08 4:12 AM

Enjoy Eric Clapton and Sheryl Crow performing "Little Wing" with a great sax solo by David Sanborn. Cheers!
15/Mar/08 4:14 AM
Good maEn to all.
15/Mar/08 4:19 AM
Eve, I think Kathy is talking about going to Jigsaw from the list on the right, not doing today's puzzle picture as a jigsaw. However, when I tried to do today's picture as a jigsaw, I got an error message, and the jigsaw opened with Wagdy's picture.
15/Mar/08 4:31 AM
2:21 Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

If you rest, you rust.
15/Mar/08 4:57 AM
You are so right André ...have to watch for that, so I don't rust.
15/Mar/08 5:05 AM
Need help again today to flip over the page.
15/Mar/08 5:06 AM
Kathy/Valrico - Oh that sounds like fun! I am sure the children will enjoy it!

It is sooooo nice here today I have opened some of my windows slightly. I love the fresh air!
15/Mar/08 5:24 AM
Pardon the repeat, as I posted this one over a tear ago, but this is for all the new folks who might not have heard it before...

A man was at a bar one night and saw a beautiful redhead sitting in the booth opposite him. After about 5 minutes, he got up the guts to go talk to her. Just as More...
15/Mar/08 5:31 AM
Good afternoon all...hope you have a great day..cloudy and around 1C here in Golden
15/Mar/08 5:31 AM
tear = year. DUH!
15/Mar/08 5:32 AM
another post to help RayRay over the page
15/Mar/08 5:34 AM
is this the one?
15/Mar/08 5:34 AM
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