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Easy Sudoku for 15/June/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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15/Jun/15 12:02 AM
to you Hal, even if we are not on the same morning.......(12.14am Monday here)
15/Jun/15 12:14 AM

and following puzzlers, hope all is well in your world.
15/Jun/15 12:15 AM
Did you see a dragon?
15/Jun/15 12:17 AM
15/Jun/15 12:20 AM
Good morning people of the world.
15/Jun/15 12:28 AM
Did anyone else find the cat?
15/Jun/15 12:29 AM
Along with going to the birds, we are having an outbreak of butterflies. M happily carried 4 on her body yesterday.
15/Jun/15 12:31 AM
Our garage man called and asked if he could reschedule for Thursday. I am worried that the door will not last that long and I might end up with a smashed car or a little darling or two. But I am happy he called instead of having me wait all day Tuesday.
15/Jun/15 12:34 AM
To our vacation planning friend, maybe she is getting in the groove of that retirement thing.
15/Jun/15 12:36 AM
Now today's hard decision. Do I want a square or oval window in the front door. Hubby was not happy with my first answer, 'Anything without grooves or corners.' Which would have told me, not square, but it seems to have confused him. He keeps asking. I am wondering now, if I was supposed to have my answer today, since I did not know I was getting a new front door till yesterday.
15/Jun/15 12:39 AM
Really do not know what has gotten into Man lately. He has replaced the FPA sink, shower head, now the garage door and front door, Oh and earlier in the year he replaced the window screens around the house.
Hope he gives me more advanced notice when he decides to replace his wife.
15/Jun/15 12:41 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne!
15/Jun/15 12:52 AM
Dragons? Cats? Are you guys messing with my head???
15/Jun/15 12:57 AM
I understand the dragon (and the birds) but not the cat.
15/Jun/15 1:56 AM
I don't understand, Wolf.
You do not see the cat?
15/Jun/15 2:06 AM
What I noticed is there aren't a lot of trees in that landscape.
15/Jun/15 2:07 AM
Since the paper delivery paper stopped giving me my Sunday paper, for some reason he wants more money, so he is holding my paper as ransom. Anyway, on the short drive to the paper place and a fountain DP, I was looking at doors. The majority of the windows were square. Not one to always conform to society, I still want an oval one. Mainly because I do not want corners to clean out.
15/Jun/15 2:10 AM
Uh-oh, he is here.
15/Jun/15 2:11 AM
He is going to make me do all the work then gallump on me, isn't he?
15/Jun/15 2:12 AM
I just know it.
15/Jun/15 2:13 AM
Did I get gallumped on?
15/Jun/15 2:13 AM
... went away too long.
15/Jun/15 2:14 AM
Wow! Shocking.

Anyway, Man and I are shopping together at his favorite store. He is actually at the store and I am all comfy on the net.
15/Jun/15 2:15 AM
Gotta love technology.

Some excuse, dear.
15/Jun/15 2:16 AM
Lovely place in today's photo, Perfect for a National park.
15/Jun/15 2:37 AM
at least it wasnt me today
15/Jun/15 2:38 AM
Sue, OK! Your columbine photo is on medium for June 15!! It is lovely!
15/Jun/15 4:10 AM
Good afternoon to all! I hope everyone is having a good Sunday or Monday!
15/Jun/15 5:51 AM
Morning all, it does look a bit barren on those hills.
15/Jun/15 5:52 AM
It's quiet here, so people must be enjoying their day!
15/Jun/15 5:52 AM
Hi Amelia.
15/Jun/15 5:53 AM
, y'all! How about a rebus? No one has submitted any answers yet. Figure out the 10** phrases below, answers to my 'Scramble' inbox. **Actually there are 11 this time... last one is tricky so I made it a bonus. Answers/winners tomorrow!

15/Jun/15 6:06 AM
1:40. Good morning everyone.
15/Jun/15 6:29 AM
Bumped my distance up in my running over the last two days to 4 miles... I'd like to get back up to 5-6 miles (8-10K) on longer runs. Well, longer for me, anyway! There are two races in September (one 8K and other 10K) which I'd like to be ready for.
15/Jun/15 6:46 AM
Well, well, well looks like I came in an opportune time . . .
15/Jun/15 7:20 AM
I am planning an escape . . . from the looney bin . . . anyone with me on this?
15/Jun/15 7:22 AM
Oh well, you know where to find me . . .
15/Jun/15 7:25 AM
Getting close . . .
15/Jun/15 7:26 AM
15/Jun/15 7:26 AM
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