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Easy Sudoku for 16/November/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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It’s a brand new page.
16/Nov/10 2:43 AM
I’m Sitting On Topp Of The World ~

16/Nov/10 2:43 AM

The last cup from a well aged pot. How much better can it get?

16/Nov/10 2:45 AM

Lots of correct answers to yesterday's puzzle. Hanging UP SIDE DOWN with me are: Heidi, the lurker, HalT, June, Greg, Keith, Plum, Judy, and The Phantom. This definitely calls for another gifting of
16/Nov/10 2:49 AM
Perhaps "vintage" (well aged?) is not so noxious.
16/Nov/10 2:55 AM
Do you have room in the attic for ALL of us to hang out, Batty?
16/Nov/10 2:55 AM
I am fascinated by Jerry's bouncing marsupial tiger - I suppose it moves as a tiger would have moved had it evolved in Oz
16/Nov/10 2:55 AM
I love the bats picture you have just used.
have used that same picture to illustrate a poem. The puzzle to me is the bats in the picture have such large eyes, but bats are supposed to be almost (but not completely) blind.
16/Nov/10 2:57 AM
A Cool Morning here. 49° F. (9.4° C.) and raining, very lightly but steady. (It’s heavy enough to see, but it doesn’t “imprint” the existing puddles. Strange…)

Well, I do live in the “Pacific Northwet”.
16/Nov/10 3:02 AM
Thanks for the Kathy. I can always use it.

You've never heard of a marsupial tiger before, Rayray?
16/Nov/10 3:03 AM
Rayray, your observation put a smile upon my face. At least I'm not always grumpy, Phantom.
16/Nov/10 3:07 AM
CP HAS one.
16/Nov/10 3:08 AM
My attic is your attic, Judy. Plenty of room for everyone!
16/Nov/10 3:09 AM
Heidi, you can never have enough guano.
16/Nov/10 3:11 AM
Ray, I believe these are the almost extinct Seeing Eye Bats.
16/Nov/10 3:14 AM
Mornin' Thyra...
16/Nov/10 3:15 AM
Good morning. A long lost novel by Dorothy Sayers came my way. Just woke up. I really shouldn't read all night. Twins came be unaccepted. My daughter had an unltra sound, but they didn't see the second one. Surprised the doctor when she was delivering.
16/Nov/10 3:29 AM
Well it's 8:43 am and the coffee pot is on. Any one want a cup?
16/Nov/10 3:44 AM
Yes, Please. And thanks.
16/Nov/10 3:49 AM
time for breakfast......
16/Nov/10 3:50 AM
Good morning, all! I have to get showered and head to school to meet with a couple of teachers. NO - for those of you ready to question my retirement, I am NOT teaching again - I AM doing some tutoring, and need to pick up some papers.
16/Nov/10 3:53 AM
Back from doing errands & Harry is home from doing PT. Now it is time to head to Tulsa, Harry has an eye exam.
16/Nov/10 3:55 AM
Am I too late for a cup-a, Dorthea?
I hope it hasn't gone cold.
16/Nov/10 4:00 AM
And - Kathy - I am surprised the seeing-eye-bat is almost extinct, because yours seem to be breeding at an alarming rate.
16/Nov/10 4:02 AM
Are they the 'right way up' in Oz?
16/Nov/10 4:02 AM
Just home from tennis. Temp. on the courts was 63F. when we started & 79F. when we finished. Glorious
Shiela - I can't imagine having as many grandchildren & great-grandchildren as your mother does. And I can't imagine being 95 either. Hats off & best wishes to your mom. Hope you'll all be able to get together for her 100th birthday, too!
16/Nov/10 4:04 AM
She says she lives 'one day at a time'. All things considered, she's doing pretty well living by herself. She has three of my siblings looking in on her daily.
16/Nov/10 4:35 AM
Slept in today and completely missed page 1. Lots of 2s.
16/Nov/10 5:03 AM
internet in great difficulty here - hope this posts and that Kathy can take over please!
16/Nov/10 5:17 AM
Good afternoon to all! That tree has lofty aspirations.
16/Nov/10 5:17 AM
Dear Lord,
Today has been an awful day for me.....
My wife ran off with my lawyer.
My son pierced his eyebrow.
My daughter tattooed the bald spot on her head.
My dog mated with the neighbours cat.
My neighbours sold their house to a mental institution.
My Mom told me I was More...
16/Nov/10 5:21 AM
Sheila, how exciting - double the joy!
16/Nov/10 5:54 AM
Plum, isn't it scary if the deer are that close to your house? Do the hunters respect your property and are they aware of how close they are?
16/Nov/10 5:55 AM
So true, CG!
16/Nov/10 5:56 AM
Considering the majority of us here have a major computer addiction.
16/Nov/10 5:57 AM
Off for brekky - then out the door. Seeya!
16/Nov/10 5:58 AM
Have a good one, CP!
16/Nov/10 6:03 AM
Can I...
16/Nov/10 6:04 AM
get another...
16/Nov/10 6:04 AM
go at...
16/Nov/10 6:04 AM
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