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Easy Sudoku for 16/February/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Page 2!!
16/Feb/12 5:18 AM
Fiona, Thanks for the easy poozle today. It came to me like magic.
16/Feb/12 5:37 AM
Fiona.... my answer was completely valid. I should have gotten credit for a correct alternate answer. There was obviously more than one correct answer to yesterday's poozle.
16/Feb/12 5:38 AM
Fiona does not grade on a curve, Heidi. I can't tell you how many of my answers have
gotten a resounding, "NO! NO! NO!" or "WRONG, WRONG WRONG!"
She is a meanie. And probably an ax(e) murderer.
16/Feb/12 5:48 AM
Kathy, Either Fiona is not an ax[e] murder OR she could not bring in from France on the plane.
Heidi and I survived meeting her.
16/Feb/12 5:56 AM
Ah, but you probably didn't answer one of her questions incorrectly, Sue.
16/Feb/12 6:05 AM
I need to take my hacking and wheezing self off to the store. My cold is pretty much a thing of the past, but the residual cough is alive and well.
16/Feb/12 6:08 AM
I think I have sent her incorrect answers??
I guess it is a good thing that I usually don't have time for the poozles.
16/Feb/12 6:09 AM
2:09. everyone.
16/Feb/12 6:33 AM
16/Feb/12 6:34 AM
Speaking of catting around (Kathy) - I really wondered about Vici's departing comment earlier. She was leaving for the cat house!?!?! Maybe I have missed something by not being around for a while, but I expect that Vici is a cat person (I can't keep up with people around here).
16/Feb/12 7:05 AM
Kathy, get your goat also means to annoy someone

BTW 1:37
16/Feb/12 8:18 AM
Jamie, I thought the same but was wondering whether I should mention it! We are not alone in our thoughts.
16/Feb/12 8:21 AM
I may not have the details correct, but I believe Vici volunteers at her local ASCP animal shelter.
16/Feb/12 8:31 AM
And reading Karen's earlier posts, I realized it's 'Gumdrop Day' not 'Gum Drop Day.'
16/Feb/12 8:33 AM
Kids are Quick!

TEACHER: Why are you late?
STUDENT: Class started before I got here.
TEACHER: John, why are you doing your math multiplication on the floor?
JOHN: You told me to do it without using tables. More...
16/Feb/12 8:45 AM
Good morning.
16/Feb/12 8:46 AM
The sun is shining here in Canberra.
16/Feb/12 8:47 AM
Ihave another day off.
16/Feb/12 8:48 AM
Wonder how I can waste my time today.
16/Feb/12 8:49 AM
Would love to go to work and get my new roster, but I won't - in case they try to nab me to work.
16/Feb/12 8:49 AM
3.08 good morning all
16/Feb/12 9:51 AM
Good evening to all! Wow! Look at that will you... a bunch of smiley face flowers!
16/Feb/12 9:58 AM
Heidi, whining doesn't become you. We all send in what we consider valid answers to the riddles, but if they're wrong, then c'est la vie!
16/Feb/12 10:01 AM
Colo Jim,, made me smile
16/Feb/12 11:11 AM
I was so busy pondering on the possible correct answer to yesterday's poozle that I didn't even send in a guess!
16/Feb/12 11:12 AM
I thought about 'the no tail on the ape' THen I decided that Ape started with a vowel all the others started with consenants. Then I was thinking along the lines of cat & dog - domestic pets, ape & monkey - primates and I go no further with the remaining 3
16/Feb/12 11:15 AM
As you say CG... c'est la vie!! But I am confident with today's easy poozle
16/Feb/12 11:16 AM
Time to do some work.....or I might get the sack (wishful thinking )
But I WILL return
Enjoy your day off CP
16/Feb/12 11:20 AM
16/Feb/12 11:52 AM
Oh HalT, you're just like my students! Yuck!
16/Feb/12 11:53 AM
I stir fried my squash in olive oil and garlic, then steamed them wine. Oh my! Ate all my veggies today!
16/Feb/12 11:55 AM
Hello World...Just dropping by to say hello and that I continue to hold you all close even though I don't visit these pages often.
May you find peace in the valley and joy in the hills..and the sun comes out to melt all worries away. I miss you guys and will drop by from time to time. Peace.
16/Feb/12 12:16 PM
Shosho - Which post are you talking about? Vici and the cat house? Gum drop or Gumdrop? Or dropping my gum in the grass?
16/Feb/12 1:14 PM
HalT - Wanna race to the bottom?
16/Feb/12 2:10 PM
Get ready...
16/Feb/12 2:10 PM
16/Feb/12 2:11 PM
Get to spend tomorrow working on replacing another fence.
16/Feb/12 2:14 PM
Mighty slow race, Colo Jim.
16/Feb/12 2:14 PM
Is it time for a page change?
16/Feb/12 2:20 PM
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