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Easy Sudoku for 16/April/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates, here's today's daffynition especially for women:
Hair dresser:
(hare dres•er) n. A magician who creates a hair style you can never duplicate.
16/Apr/12 12:00 AM
16/Apr/12 12:00 AM

Missed by a minute and not the hours of late.

Good Maen.

16/Apr/12 12:01 AM

Looks more like overcooked chook
16/Apr/12 12:04 AM
16/Apr/12 12:41 AM
YES! My day is looking up!
Good Maen all.
Please visit my page - I updated my Youtube...some of you may already know Henri, the french cat. I love this guy!
16/Apr/12 12:41 AM

Mr./Ms.Toad certainly is well camouflaged!

I hope CP's flight cancellations are a thing of the past and she's on her way to Ottawa. With as many flights as she's taken, and will take, I suppose it's inevitable. That doesn't make it any less frustrating, though!
16/Apr/12 12:48 AM
Great camouflage!
16/Apr/12 12:50 AM
Morning all. So far, quite slow. I, too, wish CP the best of luck on the rest of her flights.
16/Apr/12 12:52 AM
Just for HalT...

The answer to yesterday's poozle: A match (a book of matches is where the manuscript comes in, Hal) Also, you strike a match, play in a match, you match, or look like, are equal to, and a match can make light and heat.
See? Simple.
Winners Vici and HalT are awarded The Coveted Bat Crown
16/Apr/12 12:54 AM
Good morning people of the world.
16/Apr/12 12:58 AM
That Sucks Day
McDonald's Day
Income Days
16/Apr/12 12:59 AM
Interested in Man's Adventures for the day. So far he did really good and prepared me breakfast.
16/Apr/12 1:01 AM
I have to price stuff for a charity yard sale, but before I go....

What phrase is represented by the following?

Look kool XtXhXeXrXoXaXdX

Answers to the "Is CP enjoying a beavertail?" inbox, please.
16/Apr/12 1:09 AM
Yay, the Bat Crown!
16/Apr/12 1:24 AM
After you view my Youtube about Henri...visit this link to see Henri 2:
I cannot resist any tuxedo cat. The second video is called Henri's Ennui - it's very clever.
16/Apr/12 1:26 AM
maen all y'all.
16/Apr/12 1:29 AM
Robin Gibbs (Bee Gees) Is in a coma. Pneumonia the news says...
16/Apr/12 1:29 AM
good morning world!!!! After a beautiful church service hubby and I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at our favorite restaurant. He's now off playing racquetball and I just found out I still remember how to complete a puzzle in less than an hour.
I had a wonderful birth-week (too old to More...
16/Apr/12 1:39 AM
I don't think any of you are aware of all that hubby and I went through last year. First the good news - he is fine! now for the rest of the story. Last May he started complaining of "not feeling quite myself" I begged him to go to the Dr but 'it's ok, it'll go away' was all I could get More...
16/Apr/12 1:43 AM
If CP suffered no further setbacks, she should be in Ottawa, and perhaps even through customs, by now. She was due to arrive at 11:00.
16/Apr/12 1:48 AM
Gregs day so....
16/Apr/12 1:48 AM
Oh. that was supposed to be for Keith.
16/Apr/12 1:49 AM
Now for the reason I'm here: If you, or any of your family members or friends, suffer from acid reflux; if you have a persistent dull pain in the 'pit' of your stomach. If you drink or smoke, or do both - make sure to have an endoscopy PRONTO! Jim (my husband) does not drink, nor does he smoke; he More...
16/Apr/12 1:51 AM
16/Apr/12 1:51 AM
Oh, I'm sorry, Nal. What a horrible ordeal for him.
I am happy to hear they caught it in time.
Sometimes there is no rhyme nor reason why cancer strikes. Thank you for the warning that we should all heed.
16/Apr/12 2:07 AM
Nal, what a scary experience. So happy to hear your husband is doing better and out playing ball.
16/Apr/12 2:14 AM
Man the Handyman has struck again. Surprisingly, he made it to 10:30 before his adventures began. Thankfully, I got breakfast first, too.
He was taking a shower and somehow managed to break the faucet inside the wall. Of course, Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Lowe's does not carry what he needs and More...
16/Apr/12 2:19 AM
What is scaring me, is that he is getting ready to go pick up our babies, in my vehicle.

The Man really does not have the good touch lately.
16/Apr/12 2:21 AM
I wish there was some way you could his the tools from him and call in a professional, Karen. He should have been able to turn off the water to that bathroom, only, and given you hot and cold water elsewhere. There are few things, tho', that are nastier than not having water to the commode, when you're housebroken.
16/Apr/12 2:25 AM
Why can't he use his own vehicle, Karen? Or shouldn't I ask?
16/Apr/12 2:27 AM
Heidi, the valve that was supposed to be the cut off valve, was on top of the freezer. Oh, please do not ask me why it was on top of the freezer. I will have partial water this afternoon.

As for his vehicle, two car seats do not fit safely in the front cab.

And you do not know how I long to be able to call someone to come and fix...anything around here.
16/Apr/12 2:38 AM
The skies look like they are about to open up and give us a nice cleansing outside. That way, by Tuesday all the shredding and mowing of yesterday, will have all grown back.
16/Apr/12 2:40 AM
Good afternoon!

Nal, I am glad to hear your husband is doing okay. What a terrible thing to go through.
16/Apr/12 2:42 AM
Best wishes for Jim, Nal.
16/Apr/12 2:47 AM
16/Apr/12 3:20 AM
Had a not so good run today. Was getting exercise asthma after the first mile. I know, I know, better see the doctor again on that. Last night as I carried my sleepy grandson to the car, I was getting short of breath. Either he's getting too heavy or I'm getting weak! Does it matter that he's five?
16/Apr/12 3:22 AM
Nal, after your experience, you've got me thinking about listening to my doctor and go see him like he requested.
16/Apr/12 3:23 AM
Karen, there were times I wanted to strangle hubby for his "innovations" Like when some of my stuff ended up in the "innovation"
16/Apr/12 3:25 AM
Hmmm, shall I beat Karen to the punch?
16/Apr/12 3:25 AM
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