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Easy Sudoku for 16/April/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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16/Apr/15 12:00 AM
good morning
16/Apr/15 12:00 AM
everyone! Well, Dave and Hal, anyway!
16/Apr/15 12:22 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: Each word becomes a new word when an ''E'' is placed after the first letter. Far-fear, blow-below, bacon-beacon, lather-leather, fasting-feasting, wariness-weariness, pacemaker-peacemaker.

Just in time for Spring planting....a load of bat guano More...
16/Apr/15 12:31 AM
You sure produce a lot of guano, Batty! Are you still full of it?
16/Apr/15 12:36 AM
And for today....

Each of the following sets of letters can be made into a real word by adding three letters to the beginning, and the same three letters in the same order to the end.

For example, ANGLEM can have ENT added at the start and the end to become ENT + ANGLEM + ENT = More...
16/Apr/15 12:38 AM
I have an unending supply, Judy.
16/Apr/15 12:39 AM
Hope I can keep my eyes open to see it!
Didn't sleep at allll last night!
Isn't that a song?
Why'd anybody want to sing about that!
16/Apr/15 12:50 AM
All that grumbling on Shosho's number! Sorry!
(But I am still saving your luck for you!)
16/Apr/15 12:52 AM
Or ''Friends trying to look like they can ice skate.''
16/Apr/15 1:29 AM
16/Apr/15 1:48 AM
Thank you, Shiela!!! I don't mind at all. Hope your day gets better but just in case, here's flying your way!!!
16/Apr/15 1:49 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
16/Apr/15 1:49 AM
Just when I think the dust has finally settled down, the government throws me into another loop! No end to the list of things I must untangle and settle! I want so much to go on a vacation! Financially I think I can go but soooo many obligations, so many legal matters to attend, bog me down!!!
16/Apr/15 1:52 AM
CP!!! Now to deal with those new problems!
16/Apr/15 1:52 AM
Good morning, for a few more minutes, people of the world.
16/Apr/15 2:31 AM
What a difference a word makes. Sorry HalT.
16/Apr/15 2:33 AM
Thank goodness for a day. Which gave my girl some thinking time. Actually, I think she has been pondering this for a few days, but yesterday she decided she wanted her 4-wheeler more than she wanted to go play videos with some boy. Poor girl really had too many options. One, was to go to a b-day More...
16/Apr/15 2:37 AM
Other girl only had two options and she wants to do both. She is my solution child and has it all worked out. Go to party, then Daddy can take her to Grandma's, then the next day, Grandma can take her to church and Daddy can bring us home.
16/Apr/15 2:39 AM
I am dealing with head issues today. The beautiful sunshine is way too bright at the moment. I am surprised I am having head issues, I have not heard one lawn mower going this morning.
16/Apr/15 2:41 AM
16/Apr/15 2:42 AM
16/Apr/15 2:43 AM
Oh, I thought I needed one more gallump.
Here is to our friend.
16/Apr/15 2:44 AM
Re: ice skate - at least they're out there trying.
16/Apr/15 3:27 AM
Morning all, I wonder if they still have that skate rink at Penrith.
16/Apr/15 5:09 AM
Good afternoon to all! Skating is fun, but our Rideau Canal skating is over for this year. Spring has finally arrived!
16/Apr/15 5:34 AM
The site continues to be slow. Thanks for building Karen!
16/Apr/15 5:35 AM
1:15. Good morning everyone.
16/Apr/15 6:05 AM
I haven't gone ice skating in forever. My kids have never been. You would think they would have at some point, considering where we live.
16/Apr/15 6:23 AM
Good morning. Amelia the ice skating rink is still in Penrith. We also have the one at our local shopping centre (Macquarie).
16/Apr/15 6:33 AM

Grilled hamburgers out on the grill for the first time this year. Boy, did it taste good!
16/Apr/15 8:10 AM

Enjoy this - look out for rogue spaces.

https://www.youtube.com/embed/_LpMB1OZ53g?feature=player_detailpage%22%20frameborder=%220 %22%20allowfullscreen%3E%3C/iframe%3E&autoplay=1
16/Apr/15 8:48 AM
Is this a sign?
As the main pet carer of the family, I generally know when I open the door to let Shelby Lou out. The last transaction I remember having with Shelby was telling her to go lay down, so we could eat our dinner. As I was putting my plate in the FPA, I noticed Shelby was outside. More...
16/Apr/15 10:39 AM
How about some controversy to get the site bubbling?

Though I do not do religion or politics.
16/Apr/15 10:41 AM
We have not wrote a story in a long, long time.
16/Apr/15 10:42 AM
OK, if I must.
A Kitty Tale.

Pikachu was leisurely watching the evening activity from the window right next to me. A deer passes by and Pikachu perks up. Next thing that happened is the kitty zoomed over my head and went to the next window. In her attempt to get out of that window, she More...
16/Apr/15 11:05 AM

It was a beautiful day in east-central Texas. Temperature's in the low eighties with lots of sunshine. ''A great day to be outside,'' thought Shelby Lou. She knew that stormy weather was on the way, ''because the man on the TV said so,'' Shelby remembered.

She had wanted More...
16/Apr/15 11:27 AM
You can't write chapter 2 before someone finishes chapter 1, Karen.
16/Apr/15 11:31 AM
But more important tasks near...
16/Apr/15 11:32 AM
16/Apr/15 11:32 AM
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