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Easy Sudoku for 16/June/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Morning Worldly People.
16/Jun/09 12:00 AM
Are we there yet?
16/Jun/09 12:00 AM
Good Maen
16/Jun/09 12:00 AM
Yes it is tomorrow before today has finished.
Hows the wiggly one Karen any signs I'm going to win?
16/Jun/09 12:01 AM
Good Maen to Karen, GannieMo, and John
16/Jun/09 12:02 AM
Sorry GannieMo, the little seems to be stuck.
16/Jun/09 12:04 AM
Hello, Old Hickory! Great to see you posting.
16/Jun/09 12:05 AM
Never too early to crack open a good book ...
16/Jun/09 12:06 AM
Good Morning, Sudoku friends.
Wonderful weather out today! (Figured if I complained all winter, I need to give good weather its' due!)
16/Jun/09 12:07 AM
16/Jun/09 12:08 AM
Seems the word one disappeared.

Should have read--the little one seems to be stuck.
16/Jun/09 12:08 AM
Hello Everyone. I think summer might finally be showing herself. Gonna be 79F (26C) today which is a little above normal for this time of year. It's been so cool and wet that this is a real nice change!
16/Jun/09 12:09 AM
What was your favorite part of your recent trip, Cathy?
16/Jun/09 12:09 AM
Mornin' Twin. Haven't seen ya in awhile. Getting excited for your trip?
16/Jun/09 12:10 AM
2:22 to you all from beautiful Beijing. Maureeninoregon and our daughter Kate arrive here in about 65 hours, but who's counting?
16/Jun/09 12:15 AM
Hiya yep, its been a while.
Excited., yep you betcha, only 16 more days to go!
16/Jun/09 12:16 AM
Jiminoregon, we are so happy for you & the family!
Must be tTough to be away for such long lengths of time.
16/Jun/09 12:21 AM
Good Maen Sudokuland!
16/Jun/09 12:23 AM
2:16 Maen! Nothing like a good book on your own blankie! :)
16/Jun/09 12:23 AM
Wow Karen! Congrats onfirst post!
16/Jun/09 12:23 AM
16/Jun/09 12:24 AM
16/Jun/09 12:24 AM
Apparently I am the one counting. I specialize in counting the low 20's!
16/Jun/09 12:25 AM
And to you Jill for #22.

Must correct Angie. Hopefully, only 8 days or less.
16/Jun/09 12:26 AM
Noticed that "tagged" has been revived, great to see everyone getting involved.
A new game for those that want to play :)

Using the first letter of the last person who has posted, answer the following:

(my example - Jiminoregon)

1. A four letter word: More...
16/Jun/09 12:27 AM
Karen, Hun I hope your not correcting my post, because if you are then I have a very serious problem as my reservations at the hotel in Greece are booked for arrival on the 3rd of July.
16/Jun/09 12:31 AM

Safe travels Maureen and Kate!

16/Jun/09 12:32 AM
Well, I seem to be taking up more than my allotted space!
How did that happen???
16/Jun/09 12:34 AM
It appears that your bottom was too big, Kathy!
16/Jun/09 12:40 AM
Angie - by the time I get a list made, someone else will have jumped in and my answers will no longer be valid unless it's a common first initial. What to do?
16/Jun/09 12:42 AM
You must learn to not ask those kinds of questions.
16/Jun/09 12:43 AM
I'm considering Angie as the last person...

1. A four letter word: ante
2. A Boys name: andrew
3. A Girls name: anne
4. An Occupation: accountant
5. A color: amber
6. A country: america
7. Something you wear: anklet
8. A Beverage: anisette
9. Food: apple
10. More...
16/Jun/09 12:43 AM
You know, Judy, I was going to Tag you, but I thought you were off waltzing with bears. Has anyone Tagged you yet?
16/Jun/09 12:44 AM
& Plum, that just happened to me too, since I was commenting to Kathy about Judy's answer.
16/Jun/09 12:44 AM
Oh, look who's lurking!
Make an innocent comment.......
16/Jun/09 12:45 AM
Keith - was that directed at me, or at another, or is that thought just transcendant like a Thought for the Day?
16/Jun/09 12:45 AM
oh, okay. Case in point. (It still makes a lovely TFTD)
16/Jun/09 12:46 AM
Oh, PLEASE, someone tag Judy!!
She may be too busy to answer. I understand they are still moving in....
16/Jun/09 12:47 AM
and Keith, it seems I never learn!
16/Jun/09 12:49 AM

1 Your
2 Yannick
3 Yvonne
4 Youth worker
5 Yellow
6 Yugoslavia (former)
7 Yashmach (sp)
8 Yellow chartreuse (ask Keith)
9 Yam
10 Ylang ylang candle
11 Yeehaa
12 Yawn
16/Jun/09 12:49 AM
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