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Easy Sudoku for 17/December/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
curtailment — brief illness
And here's today's factoid:
Coughing can cause air to move through your windpipe faster than the speed of sound — over a thousand feet per second!
17/Dec/13 12:00 AM
A Thought For The Day:

If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you!
17/Dec/13 12:00 AM
17/Dec/13 12:02 AM
So, a cough is faster than a woman talking - I just don't believe it.
17/Dec/13 12:04 AM
Kayo - I think Neil has a valid point there. Surely that can't be possible.
17/Dec/13 12:07 AM
Why can't it be possible?
17/Dec/13 12:07 AM
17/Dec/13 12:07 AM
My god!!!! Another decision. Aaaaaaaargh!!!!!
17/Dec/13 12:09 AM
It could explain all of the sonic booms I've been hearing the last 2-3 days.
17/Dec/13 12:11 AM
Reminds me of one of the cats I grew up with. Sadly, the picture is too big to do as a jigsaw.
17/Dec/13 12:19 AM
Back to the cats. I feel like we are in a pattern. Maybe I'm just channeling my 4 yo.
17/Dec/13 12:20 AM

The local historical society has leased a castle to use it as a museum. The original lease was 99 years. I asked the curator how much time was left on the lease. His answer was as follows: two-thirds of the time past is equal to four-fifths More...
17/Dec/13 12:20 AM
Gives new meaning to, ''Turn your head and cough.''
17/Dec/13 12:20 AM
Yesterday was a little hectic around here. We got some snow but not tons. It seems like the snow plows in my town don't do weekends very much and aren't out much if it's actually snowing. That made the roads not so great. They're fine now but of course it has stopped snowing and it's a weekday.
17/Dec/13 12:23 AM
Little girl had her birthday party yesterday. Fortunately we have some very good friends with a large house who played host. Unfortunately, there was that snow thing.
17/Dec/13 12:24 AM
Good morning to all!
17/Dec/13 12:26 AM
No gold stars today. Answers:
1. tangle and angle
2. presents and resents
3. remote and emote
4. valley and alley
5. self and elf
6. Ranger and range
7. wroth and (Philip) Roth
8. plaid and Laid
9. Gibson and Ibson
10. Adrift and drift
Bonus: pizzaz (spelled with More...
17/Dec/13 12:27 AM
At this point I'm all done with helium balloons. I ordered balloons for the party with an Elmo birthday balloon and supporting balloons that matched the colors in the Elmo balloon. I picked them up yesterday and as I was putting them in the van, Elmo detached from the store. Went back to the More...
17/Dec/13 12:29 AM
Actually, I don't drink at all.
17/Dec/13 12:30 AM
Close enough.
17/Dec/13 12:31 AM
Nobody push me.
17/Dec/13 12:32 AM
17/Dec/13 12:32 AM
Wow! Already at 22!
17/Dec/13 12:34 AM
We don't have any snow up on the Queensland Gold Coast at present but we do have some surfing black swans.

17/Dec/13 12:34 AM
Will need today!
C-c-cold at 1F (-17C) this morning. Brrrrr!
17/Dec/13 12:36 AM
lite snow overnight and off to the warm pool to work this morning.
17/Dec/13 12:40 AM
Winter arrived this weekend a bit ahead of the official calendar date.
We finally have snow - about 7 inches, I think.
Makes it more Christmasy for us topsiders.
(Snow for the Aussies would probably not be appreciated!)
17/Dec/13 12:41 AM
I have a mouse in my wall chewing. Any suggestions?
17/Dec/13 12:58 AM
Chainsaw would be overkill.
17/Dec/13 1:04 AM
I had trouble with mice eating seed from my bird feeders, but the neighbor's cats took care of that problem.
17/Dec/13 1:06 AM
I suppose putting a cat in the wall is out of the question.
17/Dec/13 1:29 AM
Beehive, I didn't notice that space in my link yesterday until you pointed it out.
17/Dec/13 1:29 AM
Fill the wall with bird feeder seeds and let the mouse overeat itself to death.
17/Dec/13 1:31 AM
Yeah CG, sometimes they are buggers to spot. And they seem random which is a real pain in the butt.
17/Dec/13 1:45 AM
17/Dec/13 1:57 AM
Those silly weather predictors say it will be 60 today. They also think it will be in the 60's until the weekend.
17/Dec/13 2:01 AM
Peter, you never gave me your address, so I just put a picture of the cookies on my page. See what you are missing?
17/Dec/13 2:02 AM

Not too many Gibson drinkers in Sudokuland, I see.

Shiela, do you have a wall vent? If so, remove the cover and put a trap in the duct. Or, maybe a box of D-Con. We had to resort to the D-Con when we More...
17/Dec/13 2:09 AM
We have a tiny access panel in the top of a closet. Very inconvenient.
Advice: Don't read about getting rid of mice on the Internet... rather disheartening & disgusting!
I'm afraid he's going to chew electrical wires.
Hubby thinks it'll go away on its own.
17/Dec/13 2:44 AM
Kathy, the vent idea sounds better than the attic access and the outlet w/electricity...
17/Dec/13 2:46 AM
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