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Easy Sudoku for 17/March/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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17/Mar/15 6:49 AM
Good morning and Happy St. Patricks Day. I am about to make some green scones.
17/Mar/15 6:49 AM
everyone. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you Aussies & others living anyplace where it's already Mar. 17.
June, there was another article about Grant Balfour in our Tampa newspaper this morning. He has returned to FL & the Tampa Bay Rays team. The team did a nice thing in More...
17/Mar/15 7:10 AM
And the moment you've been waiting for, the answers to the weekend Rebus Puzzles! I'm actually going to toss out #9 - that stumped everyone (including me when I saw it).

pyramid scheme
think outside the box
mixed vegetables
right under one's nose
clean up
look both More...
17/Mar/15 7:13 AM
I changed my avatar to luggage in honor of Sue & Mo's travels in Australia this month & the trip to France that Rob & I will be making in May! Like Peter & Rose did last year, Rob & I will be spending a couple days with Fiona & family! We also hope to meet up with Mo & Claude during a later segment of our trip.
17/Mar/15 7:16 AM
Oops, hit Enter too soon:

Kathy's headbanging paid off with 9/9. I also liked her effort on #9 - 'they're going down.'

Judy, 9/9! Another good one for #9 - 'they all fall down.'

Joyce coming in with 8/9, Keith with 7/9 and Lonewoof 6/9.

For our winners and anyone More...
17/Mar/15 7:19 AM
Good morning all. Happy St Patrick's Day folks.
17/Mar/15 7:20 AM
As for 'why weren't they posted earlier'... I used to post shortly after 8am on Monday morning, right after the forum rolled over. Because of Daylight Saving Time, the rollover doesn't happen until 9am. I'm at work by then and can't get on until lunch break. If I can't get on at lunch, I can't post until later. Like now!
17/Mar/15 7:21 AM
Well, I'm glad I was successful with the rebus....my card playing left a lot to be desired today.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to those celebrating today!
17/Mar/15 7:36 AM
No need to explain yourself, Silvergal - they were just such stumpers I was eager to see the answers for #8 & #9. The explanation for #8 would also be interesting ... don't see how that translates into Bad Weather???
17/Mar/15 7:49 AM
Joyce, I had ''spell of bad weather'' for #8. My thinking was weatherr was ''spelled badly''.
17/Mar/15 7:52 AM
Thanks, Kathy. I just did a search for a rebus for 'bad weather' and found that very explanation, Kathy - a 'bad spell of weather' ...now I've got!
17/Mar/15 7:56 AM
After the winter we just endured, that answer should have been obvious!
17/Mar/15 7:57 AM
2:00. Good morning everyone.
17/Mar/15 8:02 AM
Good Morning.
17/Mar/15 8:50 AM
Joyce... bad spelling of weather, and that was indeed Kathy's answer as submitted. Yeah, it's a reach, and no, that's another one I didn't get when I first saw it!
17/Mar/15 8:55 AM
I *do* miss being able to post as soon as the day rolls over.
17/Mar/15 8:56 AM
One more post for the heckuvit, sharing that I'm heading off to a Pampered Chef Freezer Meal workshop, joining a Scout friend of mine there. Last time it was soups & chilis, perfect for the winter. This time it's 'Lighten Up' - all entrees under 500 cals. Looking forward to it!
17/Mar/15 8:59 AM

Seeing as it's St Paddy's Day.....something to be going on with.

17/Mar/15 9:34 AM
Oh golly, got to search for something green or I'll be pinched to death by little kids!!!
17/Mar/15 11:48 AM

+1 - Pub Trivia tonight - got to wear something green!
17/Mar/15 12:05 PM
Aye and begorrah, Peter.
17/Mar/15 12:44 PM
17/Mar/15 12:46 PM
Ya know, I really do enjoy getting out and working in the yard. Now, if I could get my body to enjoy it too, all would be good.
17/Mar/15 1:34 PM
Night all.
17/Mar/15 1:35 PM

Well lookey here.....clickety-click.
17/Mar/15 1:50 PM
Thx, whoever, for approving my St. Pat's Day clover just in time.

7/10- Tough ones this weekend. Bad weather, too obscure for me. They're all the same ... just bogus. I probably should have gotten ''Think outside the box.'' but it never came to me.
17/Mar/15 5:01 PM
LOL! Sorry Keith, I find these things and when I compile them they seem perfectly reasonable. Then I post them and wonder 'Where the heck did they come up with that?' ...I leave them as is for the challenge. Sometimes y'all come up with better answers, sometimes it's better just to throw them out.
17/Mar/15 10:01 PM
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